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2 Killed In Shooting Outside Empire State Building, New York

2 people are reported dead, and several injured, in shooting outside the Empire State Building in New York. The shooter is allegedly one of the 2 dead ______________________________________________________________ Join my facebook page to meet some great minds that share some really interesting stuff and keep on top of all the latest news … www.facebook.com
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24 Responses to “2 Killed In Shooting Outside Empire State Building, New York”

  1. geezusispan says:

    chris says - There is only one true version of Christianity.
    So what about the other 3.699 denominations?? hehe

  2. ChristInOurHearts says:

    There is only one true version of Christianity.

  3. geezusispan says:

    ALL religions are a mockery of god! Especially the christian religions, of which there are 3700 different versions.

  4. whitecigreviews confederate says:

    Gun laws do not affect criminals they can easily buy them on the black market so banning guns would not do shit plus it’s our freedom that you europeans would never understand because your govt brain washed you I own an AR15

  5. ChristInOurHearts says:

    The Christian God is the only “Real” God. Those terrorist believe in the mockery of God.

  6. Puchicas9 says:

    Of course you “know” without a shadow of a doubt that Christ in one’s heart is the answer. I have been teaching for two years in a Muslim country, and people there are thrilled that they believe in the revelation given by Allah through the last and final prophet, Muhammad. “Thanks be to God, who made me one of the Muslims” is one of their sayings. They believe this just as sincerely as you believe in the need for Christ. There is no objective way to prove one belief is superior to the other.

  7. geezusispan says:

    Looks like the real danger is the stupid fucking pigs!

  8. blkgirlblues5150 says:

    Who is the Christian God. You no how many have been killed and enslaved in the name of christianity. God is Love period not religion

  9. ChristInOurHearts says:

    No, I like the way I said it better. If you do not have the Christian God in your heart you’re screwed.

  10. ostube111 says:

    dude! you just kissed ass on all sides

  11. ostube111 says:

    very well said 

  12. Oriah says:

    The shooter was a 50 year old man who recently lost his job as a shop assistant.
    In a country where your work is your life, because you hardly have holidays.
    Where you have ten paid sick-leave days per year.
    When you get a serious, prolonged illness, then you have to pay for yourself, with plans to further cut down on assistance.
    To be Layed off in the U.S. is a much more serious problem than in many other developed countries. I can understand that sometimes somebody freaks out like this.!!

  13. ostube111 says:

    war with who? we have already fucked most of the world.. who is left now?

  14. scalesofjustice0 says:

    This is an attempt to condition the minds of the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, to accept marshall law; and to be slow to anger and obedient when the police and armay take to the streets… War is imminent…

  15. Puchicas9 says:

    You could also say other things that would make just as much sense:
    …if he were a true follower of Allah as revealed by his Prophet.
    …if he were a true follower of the teachings of the law and the prophets in the Tanakh.
    …if he were truly concerned with his karmic destiny as taught by the Buddha.
    …if he were a decent, psychologically well-balanced human being (as taught by people with no religious ax to grind)

  16. salvatore forza napoli says:


  17. billymaysproductions says:

    Wow big deal , u should see the shit that’s happening in Syria

  18. TBFMatii says:

    Okay, so what happens when you’re home alone and some guy with a gun breaks in? You just let him take your shit?

  19. mars2030earth says:

    fucking americunts!

  20. hotjama12 says:

    while strangers risk their lives to cover bystanders/kids,
    police shoots at them instead of backing off.
    nice job.

  21. realhiphop087 says:

    wasnt kidding, yuh gotta understand secret motives like this do happen…it has in the past.

  22. FlySheen69 says:

    Amendment number 2: The right to bare arms.

    Our country is based off of freedoms that Britain and other countries didnt allow. So why should we stop a 250 year old law? Peaople are so stupid, and are oppinated!

  23. ItzEthanDuh says:

    you’re an idiot lol…

  24. haxan33 says:

    To just ban guns outright is unconstitutional. There is a reason why there is a Second Amendment. And it’s not the guns: it’s unstable people with guns. I’m a stable person and have good reason to carry one for my own protection. Why should I have to give it up because of a few unstable people?


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