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BTC payments do not work. Have contacted Stripe and here is they’re response.

I was able to take a look into the error you’re receiving and it appears to be the related to the use of the old Bitcoin endpoint. Because v1/bitcoin/receivers is being deprecated in favor of v1/sources in the coming month, I’m afraid onboarding has been discontinued for this endpoint.

Now although this is the case, it does appear that you have successfully onboarded into the the new Source endpoint [0] and as a result will have the ability to create a Bitcoin receiver using this flow. In case you haven’t already found this, I would suggest reviewing at our documentation on how to implement this payment method here:

In the event you don’t have control over your integration and are using a third party plugin to create these charges, I would suggest reaching out to the team that created this plugin to see if they can utilize the Source flow for Bitcoin.

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