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**BREAKING NEWS** Are Gas Fracking Earthquakes Sinking USA Into The Ocean?

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21 Responses to “**BREAKING NEWS** Are Gas Fracking Earthquakes Sinking USA Into The Ocean?”

  1. Jason Sweet says:

    There might be a way to get an air sample, and water sample from the affected areas, and have the water and air sampled tested. To get an air sample, trap some in a jar full of water. the bad contaminates will settle in the water. If possible pump the air through water liduid, the water will filter out the contaminates. They can be tested that way, then you can compare the chemicals they use to the air sample. If they match then you have a case for pollution.

  2. UniqueLilBabi says:

    Kelli use change.org for petition making !

  3. Nancy Nuzzo says:

    Thank you for sharing this important information. Also… Your hair looks very pretty.

  4. Big30MasterShake says:

    found an article where the FBI cleared halliburton of any wrong doing by loosing that radioactive rod. what a joke. I bet a wild animal picked it up (or they sold it). Pretty soon we’ll have real Chupacabras running around. Along with a ton of really sick/mutant critters. Its probably in a creek some where, who knows. SOunds like Agenda 21 to me. Make all the land radioactive and contaminated so you have no where to run, and keep you in their system.

  5. Kim Feil says:

    I bet the 50 yr old scotch U R referring to is wood alcohol (methanol) and they use that as a corrision inhibitor…nasty stuff..our body metabolizes this into formaldehyde. That pricey device might be the radioactive rod they send down there? They lost one is south Texas the other day…still radioactive.

  6. Kim Feil says:

    They do not have to label as hazmat cause they were exempt as an industry!

  7. HereComesTheSun1111 says:

    Good Job Kelli, I’m really proud of you and your community. Never giving up and speaking the truth again and again will eventually make a change!

  8. Big30MasterShake says:

    Yeah that sounds about right.

  9. Teksasissa says:

    All you need to do is to watch the trucks that go to the drill site and watch the warning signs (skulls) on them trucks…

  10. Mindy Mindy says:


  11. KelliInTheRaw says:

    Oh, you mean benzene, toluene and xylene, and chlorine?

  12. HeartNancyWilsonFan says:

    We have a zero water filter pitcher and it seems to work pretty dang well, but I still don’t feel comfortable drinking the water… Maybe store bought bottled water would be better? What would you recommend Kelli? I can always tell when we need to change the filter in our water pitcher because it starts tasting weird and smells weird lol!

  13. HeartNancyWilsonFan says:

    Yep I agree with all of this! We got our water bill today (Oklahoma) and we also got a letter that long story short “the water supply has high results of uranium and alpha radiation. That’s strange you posted this today because I was about to PM you my story about the water. Oh not to forget what they said to us ” it’s not high enough to cause cancer or health problems” I’m like “WHATEVER!” Lol!

  14. Big30MasterShake says:

    (part2) 50 year old scotch, he said. And also he mentioned a 9 million dollar device at the end of the drill heads, its supposed to help find what they are looking for down there. BUT THEY DONT USE IT!! He says it cost to much to turn on. Something about satellite technology goes with it. And from someone else I heard that all the drill sites in Fort Worth are coming up dry. And there are 2 former drill sites within a mile, and our foundation is more jacked then I have ever seen it.

    water is*

  15. Big30MasterShake says:

    Kelli, back on April 3rd (I remember because of the tornadoes that ripped through DFW) An old trucker friend of ours stopped by to tell us he was leaving to go up north and drive the water trucks for the drill sites up there. He said he drove them down here too, but theres more activity up north. He said he’s seen 3 of the chemicals they put into the ground. Cant remember the names, one started with a C, B, and a T. He said our water to no good any more. Might as well be brushing our teeth with

  16. Sergio Amorim says:

    I could hear Kelli speak for years and years… I dont think I would ever get bored… XD

  17. curlyqpd says:

    I m impressed with your work, Kelli. ” So saith the me!

  18. angelloakira says:

    But kelli… If they can just dissable the war… Why not do it before the us even gets a chance? Bang problem solved.. What war is there to be had everything is done.

  19. MrRangoons says:

    lol love the intro you’re a real anchor lady!

  20. justincabell says:

    First. And proud. 🙂


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