BREAKING NEWS build up to WW3: US wants CHAOS in SYRIA they ALLY with al-Qaeda (TERROR) Al-Assad OUT |

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BREAKING NEWS build up to WW3: US wants CHAOS in SYRIA they ALLY with al-Qaeda (TERROR) Al-Assad OUT

BREAKING NEWS build up to WW3: US wants CHAOS in SYRIA they ALLY with al-Qaeda (TERROR) Al-Assad OUT

BREAKING NEWS build up to WW3: US wants CHAOS in SYRIA they ALLY with al-Qaeda (TERROR) Al-Assad OUT US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said that President Assad should “get the hell out” of power. Statements such as these, however, are symptomatic of a confused and contradictory foreign policy on Syria, expert Lawrence Freeman told RT. Panetta, currently on tour of the Middle East, said in a CNN interview that the US is ramping up economic and diplomatic pressure “to have Assad step down and to transition to a democratic form of government.” At the same time, the US Defense Secretary noted that it would be “important to maintain as much military and police” as possible after Assad leaves. Lawrence Freeman, editor of Executive Intelligence Review magazine, believes Panetta’s statements indicate that Washington lacks a comprehensive policy in Syria, making it all the more the possible that the war could spill over and grasp the entire region. RT: Is it too early to suggest that Assad’s days are numbered? Lawrence Freeman: Absolutely. What you have in the United States is, you really have a conflict between two policies. On the one hand, you have Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, President Obama in a very aggressive, regime change mode to get rid of the President of Syria. On the other hand, if you look at General Dempsey’s comments, he continues to say that this is not the right moment for the military to intervene, that we need to have diplomacy; we need to find other ways
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25 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS build up to WW3: US wants CHAOS in SYRIA they ALLY with al-Qaeda (TERROR) Al-Assad OUT”

  1. ezechi69 says:

    if Israel were to attack Iran will be ‘a war crime that will have to respond in international fora..the real danger to the Middle East is that Israel has an arsenal of 200 nuclear warheads, the real threat to the Middle East is Israel that threatens to hit europe if they lose a war in the Middle East,the real threat is that Israel considers Jerusalem the capital of occupying foreign territories killing women and children, while the real capital remains tel aviv

  2. xxFAMxxLOKi says:

    First rule of War is Deception, the Enemy of my enemy is my friend..Look at Russia and Germany in WW2, they were allies then turned on each other “thats an example”.History always repeats itself because the nature of men have never changed..

  3. xxFAMxxLOKi says:

    Amen lol…well said

  4. 08hotdevil says:


  5. revolllt says:

    WW3 IS going to be about good and evil.

  6. revolllt says:


  7. dudestube says:

    I suggest that those referring to “Americans” think twice about that reference. Feel free to refer to “American Gov.” as much as you want, but referring to “Americans” is so completely misleading that it borders on ridiculous. If you knew anything about how the Citizens of this Country felt you restrain yourself from that reference. More than half of the US has ZERO interest in ANY of the Military engagements going in right now ANYWHERE in the world.

  8. kressly1 says:

    not,, do ur research and u’ll see they are putting out the news, not like our news “shows”,…

  9. kressly1 says:

    u got that right

  10. kressly1 says:

    Russia #1

  11. kressly1 says:

    Yea, the rabbit hole runs dip and needs to be filled and caped off.

  12. pinkylieder says:

    you are correct Americans are hypocrites & the big guys on the block also .test us and see why

  13. Justin L says:

    RT news is nothing more than Russian propaganda. Let’s face it, Russia isn’t a democracy, it’s a dictatorship that supports the worlds worst tyrants, including Assad.

  14. JoebenProduction says:

    @SPOTROY you think America is that stupid to Nuke all Asia i would think by just doing that there will be more Bombings in USA for more buildings there are Asians everywhere in the world, Also If you Nuke Asia Asia will use Terrorist to blow your country up…

  15. spotroy says:

    If one nuke hits usa, America will go into deafcon 5 and nuke all of Asia. Just sayin

  16. 14sJakeB190 says:


  17. kobidobidog says:

    Anyone who plans to war has a dead soul. Who in their right mind wants to have a dead soul?

  18. 150cantona says:

    i bet ill be here in another 50 years at the age of 65 and there will still be no world war 3

  19. jackofblades94 says:


  20. Leny1777 says:

    America the biggest hypocrites.

  21. acircusmidget7 says:

    Share your opinion about what is going on!

  22. mikespg says:

    good luck with that

  23. davidh3536 says:

    ever taking a look at our countrys ? aka the west ? maybe syria and these other countries did and thought fuck that we are building our defences ? im not backing them i back no flag or country having a goverment will always fuck things up if theres no geverment ? theres no need for an army to protect them ? if theres no army there no troops to fight wars if theres no wars people and econimies dont die

  24. Tonilious626 says:


  25. MrObamaisawhore says:

    agreed, we’ve failed as species


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