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**BREAKING NEWS** Consulate in Benghazi, Libya Does NOT Exist/New Military UFO Threat

I have been telling you about this for years now. The last card is about to be played. Are you going to buy it? The only extra terrestrial vehicles in this conflict have been made at Lockheed Martin. This situation they are creating is following the “script” shared by Werner Von Braun decades ago. All of this was made public in 1985. Everything he said would happen since then has happened. Now the only thing left is the alien threat. It is so easy to see. The attacks in Egypt and Libya were planned far in advance. Researchers report no consulate exists in Benghazi, Libya. Check out the dates on this news article. The whole thing was scripted, and planned. The people of Libya are filling the streets pointing at their own government for staging the attack. There are hundreds of videos, and Google news stories and images. The people are awake. CORRECTION: In the video, by mistake I called the consulate an embassy. My apologies. I changed the title of the video to correct this error. BREAKING NEWS Intro Provided By: Jade Eden www.facebook.com BREAKING…White House Lied About Benghazi Attack! www.youtube.com AMTV | Greenewave cgreene34 www.youtube.com US Department of State www.usembassy.gov UPDATE 1-Bomb targets US embassy offices in Libya’s Benghazi af.reuters.com THERE IS NO US EMBASSY, CONSULATE, OR ANY US REPRESENTATION OF ANY SORT IN BENGHAZI LIBYA. EMBASSY KILLINGS NEVER HAPPENED www.jimstonefreelance.com The Last Card – UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco
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25 Responses to “**BREAKING NEWS** Consulate in Benghazi, Libya Does NOT Exist/New Military UFO Threat”

  1. g0sth4ck3d says:

    Correction CIA outpost.

  2. KelliInTheRaw says:

    The list included embassies, consulates, and missions. There is no embassy, CONSULATE, or mission in Benghazi. Who’s the idiot now? Check your facts before you start calling names.

  3. jesterjason2003 says:

    The people working at the embassy were moved due to civil unrest but the embassy was not moved.

  4. jesterjason2003 says:

    You are an idoit. The reson you dont find Benghazi on the US embassy web site is becouse it is not an embassy, it is a consulate. Consulate is not a different name for the same thing. An embassy is a permanent diplomatic mission in a country’s capitol. The ground that an embassy is built on is anexed from that counrty. So the US embassy in Libya is in Tripoli, the capitol of Libya.

  5. xterminatorSD says:

    Folks- Alien life would come from evolution- DNA is coded so evolution is impossible. They dont tell you the word evolution when they speak of aliens and how DNA cannot make itself.

  6. tonefrog says:

    She is one beautiful woman I must say. Xoxo

  7. H1X2N4 says:

    She is right, I checked the U.S. Department of State website listing U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions and under the Middle East and North Africa section, there is only one listing in Libya – Beirut. No Benghazi.

  8. TheJUNGLESURFER says:

    Check my videos on the fake consulate

  9. Projectinsighter says:

    Are you in a closet ? maybe come out of the closet and you can breath better..just an idea..

  10. BAGHEAD1995 says:

    Not only is she yummy, but she’s also super clued up…. Ah…. “swoon”

  11. xBloodXGusherx says:

    Dam what a cutie

  12. Thebrohouse says:

    profit. its all about money. why do you think the US Gov. has most of their money pooled into their mil;litary. take the war on terror for example. create a phony terrorist and possably terrorist group (Osama Bin Laden, Al Queda) create panic and fear threw a fake attack(911) and then the people turn to the highest point of power to protect them(the gov.) then wage a phony war. and where theres war theres people who will donate to “help out” and it all goes to the government.

  13. Dhiren Fairchild says:

    Maybe this has something to do with the gov not funding any more space missions…

  14. Dhiren Fairchild says:

    I live in California… Lets do everything we can to keep California above water!

  15. Kaytea Lane says:

    It’s my understanding that during the civil war the embassy was moved from Tripoli to Benghazi. But then again, why isn’t it listed like that?

  16. wonderful543 says:

    I’m gonna pray more for our planet with the help of the Goddess and God asking for a change of heart for those who enjoy creating war and poverty, the Archangels will help. I won’t fight for nothing. War is unnecessary

  17. 3rdThreshold says:

    omg !! did any one just read ObiWanGinobiliTopFan ? I’ve
    a degree in the field of metaphysics which allows me more
    discernment with regards to speculation and that comment
    my friend is as true as your <3 is use too!

  18. ObiWanGinobiliTopFan says:

    If you don’t want to see a world that’s torn apart by conflict and all kinds of utter chaos, then don’t. Don’t PERCEIVE it that way. Your external reality may APPEAR to be chaotic for some time even if you have the perspective that the world is just fine, but if you keep persistently perceiving, being and acting positively and with Unconditional Acceptance [Love], the external appearance of things will eventually change and match your positivity. THAT’S the nature of reality. <3

  19. DanandDonna1 says:

    If anyone has ever listened to Darryl Anka channeling Bashar, he said one time that the ETs have been there to disable the nukes that they’ve tried to shoot off from Area 51. He said that they did that to their world and now they have none. They want to help us to not lose our world. I know that’s ‘out there’, but it sure ties in with this subject. We also know that our gov’t. is not FOR us so they will not tell us the truth, Ever.

  20. madtish says:

    yeah, we’ve been fed on lies since forever…. did you know human beings have NEVER landed on the moon?.. it was all a montage just to win the space race against the Soviet Union…

  21. katrinasolis15 says:

    Why are u teaching people to see spirits dont u read ur comments, people have to pray alot cuase they summoned a demon… Blasphemy… and wrong

  22. HereComesTheSun1111 says:

    My big question: WHY?! WHY?!?! It does not makes sense(I know that what you say is right!), why, why governments wants war?! It’s so wrong…

  23. Expitaly says:

    Well done, I love the truth, pity there is so little is about. Peace, Light and Love to ALL.

  24. FourSeasonsGal says:

    many thanks for your insight!

  25. deka360 says:

    Why don’t you bookmark your sources so you have quick access when reporting.


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