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Published on Sep 23, 2012 by traitorsbeware Heavily-armored DHS vehicles seen on road latest in a series of sightings across Main Street(s) USA, sightings of heavily armored military vehicles! What makes this latest report unique is the fact that this time they are clearly marked for HOMELAND SECURITY! They are really not afraid to put all this in our face!!! Best prepare for what lies ahead, our government is piling up on us while we sit back and just watch in utter amazement! Where are the Sheriffs and Local authorities, these actions are CLEARLY unconstitutional and without any lawful authority!!
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  1. picklehead743 says:

    I’ll put a chip in my ass as long as I am not attacked. NWO, New Money The Amero and killing most of you all will be worth a f’n chip in the ass. Especially all those God quoting scripture posting types.

  2. picklehead743 says:

    Sweet looking truck

  3. Andy jostack says:

    C’mon lady. “They are obviously going to use these on the American People.” Really? Just because you show some pictures and half strewn facts with no corroborating evidence to prove said facts? Why even waste your time just copying someone else’s video and doing a lame voice-over on it? Research that shit and get back to us with FACTS!! Your heart is in the right place but this presentation is just sorry propoganda.

  4. cads2880 says:

    I agree with you. Im in quebec, Canada and you have probably see some news about the students against the provincial gvt. so yes there is more and more violants events who involve the police and other Law enforcement. stay safe my friend. greetings fron QC, Canada.

  5. dynaboy1964 says:

    That is true, but have you been paying attentioin to more police brutality and more pushing from them all over country.I am not saying they should not be ready but military gear on civilians not cool .When everyone else has been dealt with they will come fore you same way in nazi Germany look into the history

  6. dynaboy1964 says:

    How in the world did our founding fathers ever believe Paul Revere it was all word of mouth now you have photos and stories from all around USA and still head in sand well you can be a slave not me and better to be prepared then to wish you did so 20 20

  7. dynaboy1964 says:

    I will shoot back and if I die I die but kneel fore no man only God I am a christian soldier,,and if our military guys do this they will never have public support again and they will be lost they have families as well need to know where their families are .Vengence is sweet say the Lord.I could give a rats ass who see’s what I write

  8. MrSoundofsilence says:


  9. cllamas1 says:

    What did you have to gain from challenging a old man???? The blACK DUDE WAS ON AUTOMATIC pilot and paid for it.. You have to know your limitations cause even a so called OLD man can take you out!!! Eery lion has a bite!!!

  10. HENJAM48 says:

    Maybe it’s because FINALLY the government has realised how many of you motherfuckers are armed and dangerous!!

  11. Tanks309 says:

    saw one yesterday in San Diego

  12. 754GLENMORE says:

    @helias314 All Sheriffs and Local authorities were replace with NWO, Agent death is the only way out.SEEK THE LORD,AND DO NOT TAKE THE MARK ON RIGHT HAND….

  13. mweizenblut says:

    Who are you to say what the goverment is doing. Do you have any facts? Just because these are out there, does not mean that the goverment is out to get the public. They exist with the purpose to protect our Homeland against all enemies, foreign and domestic who wish to do harm upon us. Without law or Goverment, out country would fall. We do not want to become like a certain country located to the east of Africa, where there are no laws and piracy and killing are the answer. God Bless the USA.

  14. Stephen John says:

    so true! she treats us like we are deaf and dumb

  15. cads2880 says:

    ho wow, nice truck lol. you ask why they train and get all this heavy gear and weapons???? there is so many strangers inside our borders now, strangers who likes to blow things up like if they where in their contry. so gvt agencies need to be ready to react to all kind of situation.

  16. Layna8 says:

    if you don’t like, go elsewhere…she has the right and we will listen.

  17. Danafondo says:

    OMG!! You can’t be serious. Reading to us, word for word? What a waste of time.

  18. riseupnowamerica says:

    Join the national Militia. If we had the man power we would be setting up roadblocks to I.D the passengers of these aggressive vehicles in our neighborhoods. Join a Growing movement.

  19. Classifiedsec6 says:

    This is prep for an issue they believe will happen on a wide scale radioactive contamination . there for turning people to what u call zombies !

  20. secretsquirrell13 says:

    No, they want a civil war so they can have an excuse to brinv in the U.N. chinese/russian which are already here…..God help us all.

  21. jamesandchante says:

    I think this economy collapse that is putting these other countries in an uproar is going to soon affect us. American protesters will hit the streets. Americans feel more inclined for their rights to free speech more than others, because of the way this country became founded. So, they will fight harder and be even more unruly. They’ll have to lock people up to prevent a civil war I think.

  22. jamesandchante says:

    I think you’re right.

  23. Julian Randolph says:

    no body is going to say or do anything until a solider from our millitary kills someone in the US, once that happens it is all up in the air

  24. fee1fee6 says:

    Sounds like the government is preparing! For what?

  25. froggleggers says:

    The link should be

    fellowshipofminds x wordpress x com/2012/09/20/ heavily-armored-dhs-vehicles-seen-on-road/


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