Breaking News: Flooding In Brooklyn New York ( Super Storm Sandy) |

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Breaking News: Flooding In Brooklyn New York ( Super Storm Sandy)

Hello, This is the No face movement with rare video of flooding in Brooklyn ny. This is the movement moving a movement facing off.
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24 Responses to “Breaking News: Flooding In Brooklyn New York ( Super Storm Sandy)”

  1. Phillip Anselmo says:

    I wish nothing but pain and misery unto you and your loved ones, you brainless, soulless piece of cow dung.

  2. Rich patriot says:

    Obama stopped by for a couple of minutes and left town. This is a tghousand times worse than Katrina

  3. Sumit Kalia says:

    u do not worship anyone u r slave to coperations and u die like a slave u r a sheeplets who get slaughter everyday when u go for work as u r a slave minded people…. whole life is in debts…and it is caucasians who are responsible to make this world go wrong all abrahmic religion suxz

  4. jjlinert says:

    CNN or FOX or some major news channels should get this footage. This is historic.
    Terrible and tragic, too. It’s quite disturbing to see this happen to NY/NJ etc. Is it global warming? Whatever it is, it’s hell on earth.
    : (

  5. s8peed says:


  6. dj8800dj says:

    How come when disasters hit ppl always start talking about god and not the poor bastards that live there. You ppl are fuckin sick.

  7. 02h31ao519 says:

    Who told you New Yorkers worship Satan pee drinker? We worship one God but not Thousand God’s like you Hindu’s. You have no right to kill humans for eating Cows. All animals are creations of God but not God thats why we don’t worship creation we only worship the CREATOR. You People in India kill Humans for eating Cows, what about your own Hindu people who eat cows?

  8. shashashashin says:

    Holy cow man…these are some funny comments…..about hurricanes and cows…

  9. ohmyglobohmyglob says:

    To any “Cristians” feeling the need to comment about god… Pls stop, your making us look like maniacs.

  10. Sumit Kalia says:

    new york is 666… and satan deserve to get a bash and new yorkers are satan worshipers they breed in new york and they raise that beast… new york suxz like hell ………… all mighty is prooving that truth triumps eventually satan/new york will be defeated…..

  11. lucy gladwish says:

    over 7o people have died now from the whole storm they are living with out electicity, these poor people are finding hard to live i feel so sorry for them. and sumit its not just new yorkers over there its also full of torists and people who are on holiday and cant get back home.

  12. aca3151 says:

    Big Like from Serbia 🙂

  13. 1sprangerdave says:

    Just a thought, Sumit if people die because they eat cows, my question is why do so much people die in India because of typhoons and perenial flooding??? Did they eat cows there??? Did any of the Vedas or Ramayan say to hate and take joy in death??? You are no Hindu, you are but an ignorant and sad person……..You sound as though you are Ravan

  14. john eric santiago says:

    Since 2010 im always commenting about that Jesus is near in this will happen that will going to happen etc.. Look 2012. Its happening now. (people: ofcourse its a climate change its normal). No its not normal its written in the bible. And this will goin to continue and continue no one can stop and the world will goin to bad and bad. So soon the savior will come and Hes name is Jesua

  15. Sumit Kalia says:

    U r a chritian and i’m a hindu u eat cow my mother so if u people die my holy cow will be saved …. simple logic so destruction in beef eating countries is necessary… U eat innocent animals u r insane not me u all are murders of those animals not me

  16. 02h31ao519 says:

    Sumit… I think you are insane.. you don’t have any feelings for the fellow human beings. Thousands are displaced, powers cuts, property damage, flooding and hell lot of destruction due to this storm. you better watch some Bollywood movie in India for your entertainment and clap like a eunuch.

  17. xANTiGURUx says:

    Your words are disgusting! I hope you experience much more than we did where ever you are!!!!!!

  18. PAMAROSHOUSE says:

    this is good storm its washing away all the new york piss and shit

  19. amjad ali says:

    3000000 people been evacuated from low lying areas 270000 houses are powerless living in dark 7 states are on emergency alert 9000000 newyorkers are preparing for mass evacuation america lost 37 bill$ this is really not a super storm

  20. amjad ali says:

    16 americans died 200 houses went into flames all the subways and tunnels are full of flood water 10000 flights were cancelled 10000 calls on 911 answered every 30 mins 4000 calls waiting to be answered all the trains & busses abandonded till no expected time to reopen wall street is shut down after 27 years 26 nuclear facilities are on high alert two of them are shut down

  21. figkong0197 says:

    That’s is terrible ,a lot of work now,

  22. Sumit Kalia says:

    new yorkers deserve this and lot more destruction …………

  23. Andrew Minnich says:

    this is not a super storm

  24. padstar999 says:

    looks like wellington boots might be a good idea


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