Breaking news – Irelands Bankers being Arrested and Charged! |

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Breaking news – Irelands Bankers being Arrested and Charged!

The former Chief Executive and Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank has appeared in court in Dublin charged in connection with financial irregularities at the bank. Seán FitzPatrick was charged with 16 offences under Section 60 of the Companies Act. He is accused of permitting Anglo Irish Bank to give financial assistance to Patricia Quinn, her five children and ten senior clients of the bank who became known as the ‘Maple 10’, to enable the 16 to buy shares in the bank. He was granted bail to appear in court again on 8 October for service of the book of evidence. Mr FitzPatrick was arrested by arrangement at 5.37am this morning after getting off a flight at Dublin Airport. The 64-year-old was then taken to the Bridewell Garda Station where at 8.08am he was charged with the 16 offences. Mr FitzPatrick did not speak during a brief hearing at the Dublin District Court this morning. Detective Sergeant Brian Mahon of the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, on secondment to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, told the court that when he arrested Mr FitzPatrick he cautioned him and asked him if he understood. Mr FitzPatrick replied “I do”. The detective told the court that Mr FitzPatrick replied “no comment” to each of the 16 charges. His solicitor Michael Staines told the court that when Mr FitzPatrick became aware the gardaí were looking for him, he contacted his solicitor and organised to meet them this morning. There was no objection to bail and Mr FitzPatrick was
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25 Responses to “Breaking news – Irelands Bankers being Arrested and Charged!”

  1. maliciousfishes says:

    Yea fuck yea. Go Ireland. Go Iceland, all of those brave little countries making their timely changes. Anyone find it odd that this is happening right around 2012?

  2. AceOfHeart2012 says:

    Coming soon to an America near you! What’s it going to take?

  3. SaltVinegar2010 says:

    This is rubbish.Just bread & circuses for the masses to make them think something is being done.Where is Seanie fitz at this very moment in time 24 August 2012?The elites run everything now get used to it peasants.

  4. ahamatmabrahman says:

    hope ireland will be next to go the icelandic route . according to max keiser 2 of the biggest banking fraudsters have been left in charge of cleaning up the banking mess over there now, hope mp’s will have have the moral fiber to boot them out

  5. EVGAGTX480 says:

    @MrGchiasson Amen brother, AMEN!!

  6. Ballyhook says:

    it all depends on what happens when he goes to court. best the other bankers be shitting themselves

  7. bulletproof2353 says:

    you know what his biggest mistake was? being born, sean fitzpatrick and not sean cohn , or he wouldnt have been arrested

  8. TrueInLight says:

    wahooooo!!!! get ’em.. ALL OF ‘EM!

  9. Suq Madiq says:

    It is? Was not aware of that I thought they like to do the chop chop.

    Regardless, I honestly do think even a couple of dead bankers would do more good than any amount of ridiculous fines.

    I.e. It would scare the shit out of those criminal pansies, imagine Blankfeins charred corpse hanging from a bridge by one foot, fallujah style: you think those cunts on the wall street balcony would still be sipping champagne and laughing at us peons?

    nuh-fucking-uh bradda

    A trial would be nice as well

  10. Suq Madiq says:

    Well put. I am not a religious man but we need to put the fear of god back into these parasitic scumbags.

    Why do I never see replies when they are good? Youtube obviously doesnt want me communicating with like minded folks…;-)

  11. ironbar1000 says:

    This is Irelands news propaganda at its best
    8 mins past 8 most likely handed him a cup of tea.
    Good man Sean do not worry notting will happen you might spill the beans.
    Remember this is Ireland were certain people are above the law.

  12. MrGchiasson says:

    Hey! When are we in the good old USA gonna start handcuffing the thieving bank owners & investment bank ‘scammers’???
    I want to see a parade of handcuffed bankers & associated politicians being marched down Wall Street, headed to their new homes.. Jail!

  13. Irishandtired says:

    There’ll be a nuclear war before the boys at the top of the pyramid are put in handcuffs. Don’t get too happy about this sideshow. The pain is yet to come.

  14. WesternInfantry says:

    St. Patrick is back to clear out the few snakes he missed!

  15. ahamatmabrahman says:

    I send him my blessings Do you know if the Garda had anything to say for themselves regarding this failure to do their job?

  16. SaltVinegar2010 says:

    Well said.I agree 100%.This is just a show for the masses to make it look like something is being done.Where was fitzie not long after this “arrest”?.Well off playing golf of course.But if it was someone who hadnt paid their tv licence ot car tax well they would probably be looking at a 5 year stretch.

  17. 88kmitchell says:

    I am friends with the man who delivered them papers.

  18. ahamatmabrahman says:

    Kissinger wanted in Spain and France to face charges of crimes against humanity. Kissinger was in Ireland, activists delivered papers to the Garda enabling them to arrest him, they did nothing

  19. pighunt62 says:

    get them all

  20. 88kmitchell says:

    They should have arrested Lord Rothenchild after the French Revolution, i hope his time should be up soon.

  21. 88kmitchell says:

    So true, well-come to the New World Order.

  22. 88kmitchell says:

    Rothschild controls every Government & Bank on earth, and every country is working for the same goal, World Government.

  23. 17seventySIX says:

    If you stole even 100 euro they would have you in handcuffs and face down. You owould have to appear before the judge in an orange jumpsuit, or black & white stripes, handcuffed & shackled, these fuckin bankers friends, nothing ever happens these kinds of guys & nothing will happen to this bloke either, they assured him of this fact out he wouldn’t have even showed up. Its all for show. What a joke.

  24. sculldog83 says:

    Should get life..greedy cunt…and the cab leave him with nothing not even the clothes on his back

  25. kameocamme says:

    Intentional crimes against Humanity and Universe = Death Penalty


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