Breaking News: Mike D’Antoni Hired as New Lakers Head Coach |

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Breaking News: Mike D’Antoni Hired as New Lakers Head Coach

Description: Join the Largest Lakers Fan Site in the World | Follow http | Become a Fan The Lakers have a new head coach in town, and it’s not Phil Jackson. In breaking news, as first reported by Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times and later confirmed by Lakers spokesman John Black, Mike D’Antoni has signed a 4-year deal with the Lakers. As rumors were flying that the team was very close to bringing back Phil Jackson, it appears that his asking price was just too high. Several hours before the news broke, both Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant endorsed D’Antoni. D’Antoni most recently coached the New York Knicks and acted as an assistant this summer for Team USA in the Olympics. He won NBA Coach of the year while in Phoenix after posting 33 more wins in 2004-2005, than in the previous season. According to Bresnahan, he will officially take over the Lakers within a week or two, depending upon how quickly he recovers from knee surgery. Bernie Bickerstaff will remain the team’s interim coach. Reporter: Serena Winters, Follow @SerenaWinters Editor: Michael Hain Music: Brix Productions

25 Responses to “Breaking News: Mike D’Antoni Hired as New Lakers Head Coach”

  1. souljasai says:

    lakers will, with that kind of perception, I dont know how you consider yourself a laker fan atleast your not a true one.

  2. evelynpadilla1 says:

    Fucking gasol stupid piece of shit thats exactly y power fowards dont shoot gamewinners!!!! Give the ball to kobe in crunch time!

  3. migidx says:

    My choices were 1.) Phil Jackson 2.) Jerry Sloan 3.) Mike D’Antoni All of them are smart, great coaches with different styles. I think Mike will really fit in though and do some damage. Especially with Steve Nash back at 100% and for defense, hopefully Dwight can back us up on that 🙂

  4. lakerstr8killurteam says:

    so how come you say to accept d’antoni as coach? i dont accept cause he isnt gonna win us a championship.
    lol you said he knew kobe since he was a kid their is a difference from meeting somebody and knowing somebody bud.
    lol offensively yes but defensivly no.
    we hired another mike brown xpt toni is good at offense.
    this personel doesn’t fit la. jim is stupid for chosing this man over phil

  5. MeL-LoW DiCe says:

    What’s your point?

  6. armin38822 says:

    people call him Mike Antoni for a reason.

  7. Jayson Shih says:

    thunder and lakers in the conference finals due to this hire

  8. MatthewArceRevilla says:

    shut the fuck up you bitch ass fake fan
    believe in the lakers dont doubt them

  9. CheckMyReviews says:

    Keep Bernie lol we won 2 straight with him lol

  10. Cryptically says:

    I think the lakers should have gotten rid of the princeton rather than fire Brown immediately. You can see from last year, Brown was decent given the condensed schedule. The bench is another problem, but I think mostly due to the new system. And why the hell would they rush the coaching decision? They should’ve given Themselves more time to negotiate with Phil, given what’s at stake a few more games under Bickerstaff wouldn’t hurt. But what do I know, I’m not an NBA owner. Man, this weekend was

  11. MeL-LoW DiCe says:

    Well 1st of all i would have loved to have seen Shaw be the coach instead of brown, so no! you shouldnt have been ok with it just like how a lot of others weren’t.
    2nd of all im guessing you don’t know everything about Kobe, because yes D’Antoni was ONE of Kobes Favorite player as a kid (along with Magic Johnson), and Kobe actually met D’Antoni as a kid, that is why i said that.
    Everybody! wanted Phil!, but we still havent seen D’Antoni coach the Lakers, but he will become way better than brown!

  12. NBA VEVO says:

    We Want PHIL.

  13. Alyn Mearns says:

    Go and fuck yourself? Fucking child.

  14. Casino123459 says:

    Phil Jackson wasn’t going to travel to all the teams away games and he would be the highest paid coach… did u honestly think he would get the job? Not a chance

  15. TheWorldIsYours4Life says:

    32 dislikes? Smh.

  16. MrMrblackops1 says:

    i was hoping brain shaw would get the job only if phil didn’t want to come back tho.

  17. lakerstr8killurteam says:

    ok so when the lakers hired mike brown over shaw should i have been ok with it just cause im a true laker fan?
    and btw kobe hasnt know d’antoni since he was a kid.. d’antoni was kobe bryants FAVORITE PLAYER as a kid…
    this guy is gonna fuck up everything we dont need exciting basketball we need CHAMPIONSHIP basketball and thats what phil would have brought ive been a die hard laker fan since a kid but i dont approve of this move

  18. Damien Singer says:

    Still has a great resumé, probably a better fit to make steve nash do his thang better.

  19. Andrew arquiza says:

    She’s hot 😀

  20. ZeppelinWolf87 says:

    looks like hes *puts on sunglasses* bringing showtime back to LA! ah yeeeeeeaaa

  21. HappyFolkPinoy says:

    If Phil didn’t overreached, he would have gotten the job.

  22. quikflow says:

    He was ranked bottom 3 consecutively in defence for the knicks. He is known to be offensive, but artest and gasol are not able to make many shots outside, they are inside guys. Kobe will score lots of points though. I guarantee that the lakers will not come close to winning the championship. Clippers rule LA now and heat,okc and spurs are going to be a real problem in the playoffs if they make it. Some other teams also give the lakers problems. I’d prefer Bickerstaff over D’antoni.

  23. 1974yellowman says:

    Phil  Phil Phil Phil

  24. ItsTheJoeJoe says:

    He was going to hire Brian Shaw and Scottie Pippen. Brian Shaw could have easily coached the games he missed. It’s not like Phil would miss the playoff games. The playoffs is all that matters.

  25. ShaneFM says:

    Well, let’s hold out on judging off assumptions before the man can coach his first practice. lol. Wait for January. If we are still sloppy then we can hit the panic button. But it’s waaay too early to say we’re fucked or screwed and any type of word describing vaginal penetration. lol


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