BREAKING NEWS! October Surprise! Russia Test Fires Nuclear Missles! |

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BREAKING NEWS! October Surprise! Russia Test Fires Nuclear Missles!

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24 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS! October Surprise! Russia Test Fires Nuclear Missles!”

  1. TribeOfGadIsraelite says:

    Will the east coast of America get destroyed?

  2. robj89 says:

    Freaking keyboard , I meant to say I mean

  3. robj89 says:

    Ever wonder what is gonna hit us first, sinkhole new Madrid explosion, being killed by a huge posse of rioters, getting shot by a barrage if hollow point bullets, getting nuked, starving to death, being beheaded, IEAN JUST REALLY…..ANYTIME LORD YOU WANT TO SNATCH US AWAY, SOONER SOUNDS GOOD, AMEN


    The day before the “foreign policy” debate. :-/

  5. its12midnightbrdy says:


  6. its12midnightbrdy says:

    You mean the munitions storage in Louisiana that took a direct hit from a meteor???

  7. likeyourvidz says:

    October 21, 2012 10:45:17 AM EST

    Like :-)

  8. SpaceMan131326 says:

    as well as cell regeneration for longer lasting life, God is never wrong about the truth of life and God showed me that in a Vision

  9. SpaceMan131326 says:

    It was more then enough damage they have done to our planet, clay absorbs nuclear raidation so they can cover Japan with a thick layer of clay, Do not lose faith in God, God also shows us you can slow down the energy partical

  10. L4JRapture says:

    Okay, now that is really chilling thought, PD — that all these meteors people are seeing could possibly be missiles and maybe we’re at war and just don’t know it! Yikes! COME, LORD JESUS!!! People, get ready! ARE YOU SAVED? DONT WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE TO REPENT AND RECEIVE JESUS!

  11. 10cannons says:

    WOW!! Thanks for Sharing!!! shalom!

  12. ThecuttingEj says:

    wow thank you!

  13. cantore35 says:

    i have just started to feel like. jesus has set my anixiety free! i am afraid no more!

  14. trusteelguru says:

    what do you mean WAS!!! do some research it has never stopped & is sinking into the earth every day on its way to thermo-nuclear meltdown!… I hope you ALL like tumors!

  15. simpletruths10 says:

    In case you dont know Mendenev said months ago that it is going to back off the nuclear proliferation agreement, it is going to start rebuilding its nuclear weapons, because it has to protect its interest…..this is just to show that they are serious, America is losing global power….China and Russia to join together and build strength…….Russia no longer needs America…..China no longer needs America…..

  16. SpaceMan131326 says:

    we dont need more nuclear waste in the world, Japan was more then enough

  17. sammyanddaiana says:

    I am watchin Jesse Ventura on it now thx bro

  18. goscott4 says:

    Then, a Mighty Angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill Stone, and threw it into the

    Atlantic Ocean,

    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!

    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!

    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  19. goscott4 says:

    I’m getting ready….hope everyone else is?

    REV 18

  20. hyungs says:

    HAARP is a government project where they have towers set up that beam waves into the atmosophere and can control weather patterns, cause massive tital waves, tsunamis, mega earth quakes just by simply turning up the frequency, well they turned it up to the danger level…mag 5 through 7 which is off the charts aimed at the east coast and new Madrid fault lines. Look up your redemption draws nye

  21. GospelTruth37059 says:

    Testing… what.. to see how far they can make em go ??? I don’t think this country has been in such peril, since the Cuban missile crisis! Explain what you mean about harp readings please, because not everyone knows about harp , pastor. God bless

  22. hyungs says:

    Just go to my channel also in th video link is a video explaining exactly what HAARP is.

  23. sammyanddaiana says:

    what are haarp readings and can you link me the site ?

  24. Redbirds1100 says:

    Hi Pastor Dave thank you for the update. God Bless Doug


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