Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround UFO Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012 |

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Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround UFO Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012

Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround and Observe UFO in Broad Daylight, Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012 Enhanced footage and Closeups of What Appears to be A Saucer Like Object Hovering in Mid Air! Captured off the slopes of the Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype
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25 Responses to “Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround UFO Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012”

  1. maxomouse says:

    It’s great to see some footage that made everyone who drove past stop and look .Also you caught this great footage and continued filming for at least 10 minutes until the UFO disappeared. Just glad it didn’t go for 1:11 .That would be a shame if you did because everyone would know it was a fake otherwise. Yes! This is genuine as Mitt Romney.

  2. tapoutlocos4eva says:


  3. hope4world3000 says:

    UFO and remote mind reading/manipulation technology is very real and was created by the Nazi scientists by the end of WW2 with no alien help.
    there is a war being waged against the general population by a criminal organization that works within high ranks of the US military and many other governments. the game is depopulation by means of war, famine, disease, and natural disaster. the ones who get close are made to believe we are in contact with alien civilizations. some from other dimensions

  4. 5Sybon says:

    Check out Alaje From The Pleiades, a pleiadian starseed, at his channel 777ALAJE.
    He explains the nature of ETs, consciousness, spirituality, and galactic society.~

  5. gohstdog23 says:


  6. gohstdog23 says:

    Is third phase like “the onion” of u.f.ology ?? The Flying onion

  7. powerman5000ca says:


  8. basil jones says:

    i know were the real thing is at

  9. SuperKenh says:

    I don’t know. That is what military guys called it. I imagine its a type of rocket or jet engine?

  10. froznic says:

    Can you explain what you mean by ‘propulsion system’? Not quite getting what you mean.

  11. Lytsout193 says:

    Al third phase videos are fake, dont believe this bs!

  12. Lytsout193 says:

    Everything from third phase of the moon is fake, they are trying to put out disinformation, making it harder to find the real ufo videos

  13. gabrielcactus says:

    Ok, Now i believe that the government is hiding something of us.

  14. crustyclips1 says:


  15. nglashaw says:

    Either that or a beach ball gone wild…it is Hawaii

  16. matywaldy says:

    Im clarvoyant,my thirdeye is wide open.You guys are so fake!How do you sleep at night?

  17. GabrielDBO says:

    só digo duas coisas:fail wars e sayajins…

  18. MissCicaMancs says:

    Wonder why do not you put more text everywhere, for example to the center ,…. ?!? lol….

  19. Lukechief7 says:

    It’s the Death Star!!!

  20. lenilson3000 says:

    É um aerolitos!
     Oh! E agora, quem poderá me defender?!

  21. Ghostman113 says:

    Weatherballon? You must check my channel on youtube. Have fun stuff there!

  22. MrJhonnyFOX says:

    Goku veio salvar o fim do mundo *–*

  23. Thiago Lewek says:

    é um saiajin !!!

  24. TheStormPride says:

    OMG one Ovni? Baloon!!!

  25. thiagosousasilveira1 says:

    É um balão. Vou soltar pipa ali na esquina, mas tenho medo das pessoas confundirem minha pipa com um ovni.


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