Breaking News UFO Sightings Witnessed by Hundreds Over Myrtle Beach August 26, 2012 Watch Now! |

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Breaking News UFO Sightings Witnessed by Hundreds Over Myrtle Beach August 26, 2012 Watch Now!

More Amazing Footage shot by Joe Kiernan North Myrtle Beach,SC dusk around 8pm of what looks to be a Mothership hiding in the clouds! Also notice the small Object Disappear as it Zooms Underneath the Unusual Lights! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype! To watch more of Joe Kiernans Videos Click Link!

25 Responses to “Breaking News UFO Sightings Witnessed by Hundreds Over Myrtle Beach August 26, 2012 Watch Now!”

  1. McFlySwatter says:

    thirdphase of ballsack lickers is more like it. What a couple of fags these two homos that run this channel are

  2. nickcassettes says:

    auto-focus sucks so bad, dude
    (*as does this lighter! i’m gasping!*)

  3. CCLJunky says:

    “I think you lost the logical argument”

    Off course you! It’s called being delusional 🙂

  4. CCLJunky says:

    I hear and see what i want? LOL! Nonesense. YOU are doing that. I’m not the one ignoring Pye’s work, YOU are. I’m not the one running with this bullshit hydrocephalus explanation, YOU are.
    I keep evading your questions? Realy? Which ones?
    Anway. I dare you watch the link i gave you in which Pye details his arguments. Look at that and then come back and explain to me where he is wrong. Because unless you do that, you’re just proving to everyone how much of an ignorant idiot you realy are 😉

  5. sawmassacre13 says:

    I personally think that taking advantage of naive people is not ethical, Pye obviously thinks different since he is very much taking advantage of naive people like you who hears and sees what they want to. Such information and ‘proof’ would lead to his fame, following wealth anyway, His book sale would not even compare to that. Lloyd Pye is a crook !!!.. You kept evading my questions and gave really weak arguments, I think you lost the logical argument, And plz stop your illogical one too.

  6. Sambo98199 says:

    A huge number of people have seen them, ask around. The reason people don’t talk about them much is because they’re afraid of the judgement that is so prevalent in society. I know, as I have seen one and some people don’t open up unless I tell them first. I don’t understand why people think it’s unbelievable for extra terrestrials to be here. Is it because they haven’t seen one themselves? People once thought the world was flat too simply because they couldn’t see the bigger picture.

  7. bonscott2012 says:

    I really like this music.. what is it? cheers

  8. CCLJunky says:

    “How convenient for Pye to have proof in his books which he sells.”
    Well *duh* off course he has the proof in his book because that’s the entire point of writing it! It’s not like he wrote a novel or something!
    What’s the matter with you people?! Are you so messed up in the head that you can’t understand why researchers write books about their work?! How else are they supposed to make their work public?!
    And *duh* off course they sell them! Why should they have to offer them to you for free?!

  9. CCLJunky says:

    Nor does hydrocephalus explain why the bone of the skull is more tooth enamel like and why it has these fibres inside of it.

    Fact of the matter is that people like you, who do not have the capacity to understand E.T. related research, usually go for the explanation that you DO understand, regardless if that explanation is closer to the truth. You just love to hide behind authority and laugh at anyone who questions it.
    Now if pointing that out to ppl like you makes me a troll, then so be it 😉

  10. CCLJunky says:

    Please stop using logic as an argument for your deluded views because you are NOT being logical, you’re simply being ignorant and naïve. You ignore the work of Pye because you think he’s making money off of it and you’re naïve enough to trust your authorities.
    Just because the skull has some similarities with a case of hydrocephalus, does not mean that is the cause. Hydrocephalus doesn’t account for the differences in the eye sockets, the throat or the neck.

  11. sawmassacre13 says:

    Plz tell me that you are only a troll. Forget about Wikipedia for a sec and focus on a logical hypothesis. Compare the images of the starchild skull with a skull that was affected by hydrocephalus. Google it. I’d be baffled if you would fail to see the similarities. I have a good reason to think what I do, You on the other hand feed off of fantasy. How convenient for Pye to have proof in his books which he sells. Documentaries ? ,who he made ? C’mon. Ancient aliens series also tell truth ? HAHA

  12. CCLJunky says:

    “The burden of proof lies with the person who claims….”
    Well, Pye claims that the starchild skull is of E.T. origin and he has made documentaries and has written books in which he presents his evidence that prove this claim.
    You are claiming that the starchild skull is just a deformity. So, where is your proof for that claim? Do you have any other than wikipedia? I doubt it.
    I doubt you can even formulate in your own words, an argument that proves this skull to be of a human. Prove me wrong.

  13. CCLJunky says:

    “I am not a paranoid person who believes in conspiracy theories and speculation which have a clear motive($).”
    No, you’re just a naïve ignorant person who blindly follows authorities, believing they are telling you the truth.
    I never said wikipedia is an unreliable site. If you want to know how to bake a cookie or something irrelevant like that then that site is great. Just don’t rely on it to be truthfull when it comes to the big questions, like the existence of E.T.

  14. sawmassacre13 says:

    There is an official account available and I choose to believe it. I am not a paranoid person who believes in conspiracy theories and speculation which have a clear motive($). Were the world wars real or just a conspiracy ? Is, what we know about our history true ? . I, choose to believe in our ‘apparent’ reality. If Wikipedia was an unreliable site, It would not be so popular and would be shut down, unless it’s part of a conspiracy, Lol. The burden of proof lies with the person who claims….

  15. CCLJunky says:

    “But the thing is that the skull ‘was’ tested and confirmed human. How do you know that the examinations did not happen?”
    I can turn this question around. How do you know if they realy tested it and if their conclusions are correct? Just because wikipedia says so? How do you know wikipedia is telling the truth?
    If i wanted to i could go visit Pye and ask him to show me the skull and show me all the raw research data. Can you do the same with those who claim it’s all a hoax?

  16. CCLJunky says:

    It’s also illogical to label truth as speculation, just because you lack the knowledge to confirm said truth.
    You seem to believe that our authorities would tell us if they would know about E.T. right?
    Well, not me. Over the years I’ve learned too much to be fooled any longer by their lies and decepetion.
    They don’t want you to know the truth, because that would end their rule of power on this planet, so they don’t want to change the status quo on this.

  17. CCLJunky says:

    Oh he will, we just have to wait. Once he has got the money to complete the research, he will go public with it. Last thing i heard is that he’s fundraising a few million dollars to do the final analysis to answer the last questions. They are for 100% sure that both parents were alien, but they don’t know exactly to the decimal how much the aliens are different (on a DNA lvl) than us humans.
    Pye isn’t alone on this, he’s working with a team. Once they are ready they will release their work.

  18. sawmassacre13 says:

    It’s logical to speculate but it’s illogical to believe that a pure speculation is true. Illogical people are the losers……….

  19. CCLJunky says:

    Btw thank you for mentioning wikipedia, I just looked at the article. Seems like btessed’s “follow up” didn’t go any further than looking at what wikipedia had to say about it. I guess that’s why he didn’t mention the source of his cut & paste text. Hahaha. What a loser. lol
    But anyway. I guess we live in a time where sites like wikipedia are the new Bibles of the day. If you want to know the truth, just look at what wiki says, that HAS to be the truth because why would people lie.


  20. sawmassacre13 says:

    Well, It would be very interesting if the skull turned up to be a real E.T, I’d like that to, But the thing is that the skull ‘was’ tested and confirmed human. How do you know that the examinations did not happen ?, Also, If Pye is so adamant about his claims, Why doesn’t he make the skull available for a transparent, unbiased, multi-nation research ?. You say that Pye is the only one who done a ‘research’,..Why believe one person ?…… Your arguments are based on confirmation bias.

  21. CCLJunky says:

    As for your question on how they determine if something is of E.T. origin; they do it by looking at the DNA.
    Basicly it works like this: they have a huge database that contains DNA information of all the plants and animals that are found on this planet. They’ve compared the DNA from the skull with that databsae and found that a huge portion of the skull’s DNA is unknown. Hence it has to be not of this planet.
    But for a better explanation i suggest you listen to the man himself.
    If you dare.

  22. CCLJunky says:

    Oh i see. The guy who actually HAS the skull and who actually HAS done the research, HE’s the biased one. But all those “experts” who never even layed hands on it, who never did any research on it but just say that they did, they are all telling the truth? LOL! Sure buddy, whatever.
    Why would “experts” lie? This skull is the smoking gun that scientificly proves that E.T. life is real and has found it’s way to our planet. When Pye is ready to go public, this will change EVERYTHING. That’s why..

  23. sawmassacre13 says:

    Look, ultimately we won’t know for sure but I choose to believe (wikipedia) and the unbiased experts. Why would those experts lie ? . Lloyd Pye was an author who found the skull, And who fabricated this whole farce, It brought a lot of attention which in turn translated into increase in book sale. Also how would anyone know or prove that a given biological composite is from outer space ?. Lloyd Pye is biased so his opinion should not matter.

  24. CCLJunky says:

    Sorry, but “everything you know is wrong” is not the presentation on the skull but the one on intervention theory.. Also a must see.

    Here’s a more recent one on the skull watch?v=WIYgxpLPpbM

  25. CCLJunky says:

    Watch the presentation “everything you know is wrong” in which Pye explains IN DETAIL why it is not a deformed human skull. They eye sockets are totally different. The brain volume is much bigger. The neck, throat and mouth don’t even come close to looking anything human. The bone is also nothing like human, it’s composition looks more like our teeth and it has natural occuring fibers that strengthen it.
    But the irrefutable proof of it’s E.T. origin is it’s genetic makeup, it’s DNA.
    Look it up.


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