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It just so happened that they said it couldn’t happen here! For many years it has been widely known among those that are well informed on the inside that, the most ideal time to attack the American families is during Thanksgiving. Why? Simple, the most widely traveled time of the year when everyone displaces themselves and their worries as families gather together for this holiday. It is our MOST VULNERABLE time of the year as a Nation. Please be thoughtful and careful this year, rumor and info have it that TSHTF this season. May God Bless us all.
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  1. 711phillyphil says:


  2. papucho lacosta says:

    Guatemalans don’t die they multiply… at the end we will be the few and the proud muhahah

  3. papucho lacosta says:

    Guatemalans lol they will conquer the world 😛

  4. binzsta86 says:

    Chinese is fucking weak! they got their asses handed to them by the Japs!

  5. CHRIS SMITH says:

    How would you know there dressing up in wearing american kits and not all look Chinese they just look like you and me.

  6. SubZero1703 says:

    You wouldnt know.

  7. HerculesRockefellerr says:

    If that your way of saying “no China has not taken back those uninhabited islands from Japan yet”?

  8. ShannonCole888 says:

    China will gain power in the Asia Pacific Region… China will prevail in being the dominant power in the Region.. Yes, China will overthrow powers like Japan, and the United States…

  9. HerculesRockefellerr says:

    After all the big talk and threats has China taken back those uninhabited islands from Japan yet?

  10. lsgunn02 says:

    Ya. Damn that was stupid. I am mad that I just listend to the dumbest story. ” Lets park a bunch of military vehicles were the U.S can drop one bomb and take care of us all. What about food? Lets order takeout from America.”

  11. Wawin Fauzani says:

    Martial Law For Cabal Member And Freedom For The People !! Just Simple As That Don’t Be Deceived !! Chill Out My Friend !!!

  12. patrick terrill says:

    People don’t start wars in the fall. Almost no fighting happens in winter. Wars usually start in the spring when they’re planned. I seriously doubt Russia and China are part of the NWO. They oppose the NWO. Russia paid off its debt to the bankers and China keeps it’s debt low so as not to become enslaved by the bankers. If anything, WW III will break out in the middle east when we invade Syria and/or Iran.

  13. ShannonCole888 says:

    ” There is about to be a war in the Pacific, China is setting a trap for the United States…

  14. TheRealSimpleSimon says:

    Pure, unasulterated, BLOGGERCRAP from long ago.

    He mentions Jesus – maybe if y’all actually worshiped him instead of @zzhat alex jones your brains would start working again. :/

  15. This1Dude00 says:

    Damn dude, this sucks lol

  16. Gooksrunfast says:

    I am a Canadian and I can tell you this there are no China military in my country at all …..

  17. going4u2 says:


  18. PoppeeLeepe says:

    Old news

  19. wisejaner says:

    Oh my yes, I see a bunch of chinese and russians right now walking down my. . . wait, wait, its just Guatemalens. 🙂

  20. ISurvivedOaklandCo says:

    While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
    But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

  21. anticapitalist10001 says:

    sooner america gets hit by asteroid, better it is because america has killed hundreds of millions o people all over the world and going to destroy the earth eventually by their chemical weapons.we need china and russia to save the earth from imperialist fascist use and eu.

  22. whatsanme says:

    China is not attackn the U.S. I would think that Mexico is about to get there ass ripped open.

  23. moverling5 says:

    This is true, and there are many Chinese bases in Mexico and Canada. Our Govt knows this. This is also very old news. There really isn’t much to worry about here. There is much more to worry about, when it comes to the US bases that were closed during the Reagan Admin. Some of them are occupied by……………yep, the Chinese. The Chinese also own a huge percentage of the US infrastructure too.

  24. mariamole011 says:

    is of the western countries inteligence and logical sense not to fight both any way directly.. i think,,, if the situation gets bad to china i guess they will invade an african country , the same for the US, they shall avoid confront for obvious reasons.

  25. going4u2 says:

    I said it the day Obama was elected, that he would let the chinese and russians walk right in to our country. That’s ok with me, because there’s too many chinese in the world, better to bring them to us to cut their population down. Thanks obama


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