Breaking News, Warning For A Ufo or Angel Invasion November 2012 |

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Breaking News, Warning For A Ufo or Angel Invasion November 2012

Breaking News, Warning For A Ufo or Angel Invasion November 2012

hello, this is the no face movement with breaking news of a possable alien or angel in vasion next month or project blue beam the proof is in the pudding. This is the movement moving a movement facing off

24 Responses to “Breaking News, Warning For A Ufo or Angel Invasion November 2012”

  1. antiincumbent says:


  2. retic67 says:

    Didn’t that article come out in 2011?

  3. Silvertrea says:

    vision dont come through the obvious people, they thought jesus was crazy

  4. nofacemovement says:

    Cause the one that came in the that comes in the father name told you but you and I or the choosen are all part of the son sport are body is hosting till the end and change teach ur kids right and not wrong you get judge off the fruit of ur labor so beloved the time is coming you can see the signs in the heavens sky and earth wars and rumors of war the mark in the hand and forehead cell phones the one world city the internet the image of the beast t.v computer cellphone gateways through yourmimd

  5. nofacemovement says:

    Sports is spirits and can’t. In other post

  6. nofacemovement says:

    Hello, I’m about to do a video that will answer ur comments UFO aliens and not military secret plans but UFO they are sports and angels like dajvu u see your body or machine can really travel. Through space or time but spirits. And angels can you travel to the future or past to warn ur self its call dajvu more coming. This is the movement moving a movement facing off the fallen or aliens look like you but are kings rulers of this world

  7. KlangTaktiK says:

    before the real aliens coming in ” peace” we will attack by ” fake aliens ” our goverments have since years ufo’s..and the will attack us and the stupid people will think aliens will attack us…wake up!

  8. joecane6340 says:

    Only 1 problem. Aliens aren’t spirits.

  9. joecane6340 says:

    I agree with you that it is not right to be rude to people just because they disagree but I have done the research. 20 years of it and I have never found 1 good reason at all to suggest that aliens are demons or fallen angels of any sort, however, there is VERY good reason to believe that a lot of the angel sightings and supernatural events of the Bible can be credited to ET’s being misidentified due to the technical and scientific ignorance of the men who wrote the Bible.

  10. CHRIS SMITH says:

    You mean fallen angel invasion

  11. Joshua Jardim says:

    to the people calling him a “nutter” or “psycho,” or telling him to get off the drugs.. it’s okay to disagree with him and think he’s 100% wrong.. but to call someone crazy just to dismiss something you don’t understand is ignorant and childish.. do some research and maybe you’ll discover that there are things in the world that we don’t understand and that the life you know inside of your safe little box is not the true reality.

  12. MouseOnFilm1 says:

    Thanks for the vid….but dude….you need to tidy up your desktop! Categorise them into folders or something, that is a heck of a lot of icons in one place! 😉

  13. MrTrig84 says:

    i’ll read you about you in the papers when you go into a school at shoot a load of kids, you fucking nutter, get outside and get sime fresh air

  14. laurenandfamily1 says:

    #stealfish417 do idiots like you not see this on the news channel. The reason things are put on the internet is because we know how many people use it so more people can.see the info. This was on tv stop thinking its just a made up youtube video you penis and get some knowledge ffs!

  15. Dumisani Pangidzwa says:

    Sounds like John Carter ya’ll..

  16. stealfish417 says:

    why do some idiots , believe that if they have seen it on the internet .. ITS PROVEN ..

  17. leonardo989 says:

    Couldnt u just give the link intead of this video -.-

  18. brandonbalistx says:

    Sa Sa Sa Sa Psycho

  19. Mr10inchnail says:

    get off the PCP dude

  20. Rob187ok says:

    Jesus tells us to test the spirits,, and “aliens” fail.

  21. BeLEAF17 says:

    some are man made

  22. bertoness77 says:

    The Evangelion movie event, now become reality event ( if this really happen), but without those robots, human try to fight for their existence from the angels send by God .

  23. Charles Walton says:

    In 2007 I captured some amazing images & videos that directly relate to UFO’s & Aliens! On 3-2-2007 I captured an image of an animal on a road here in Louisiana that Zoologists cannot identify! All evidence of the occurrence vanished within 10 hours of the occurrence & 3 UFO’s are in the sky above. A circular pattern is on the road below the animal. (UFO landed?) **Recently I have captured more UFO-ALIEN related images! Aliens are making contact with me for some reason! C my videos & Sub..thanks

  24. rodney collinsworth says:

    prove it weirdo.


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