Car Chase Suicide Aired On FOX News [LIVE on FOX] |

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Car Chase Suicide Aired On FOX News [LIVE on FOX]

Aired on FOX. Sad. Please be advised of what you will be seeing here. (Man, kills himself.)[unedited]
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24 Responses to “Car Chase Suicide Aired On FOX News [LIVE on FOX]”

  1. OhMy5cience says:

    in all honestly we are an overrated species comprised of mass amounts of morons, why kick up such a fuss when one of them decides to end his life?? surely there are better things to report on the news

  2. wendyinflorida says:

    FIRST… This is VERY SAD!! I hate that people get so messed up that they think this is the only way out.. The people that are the ones that hurt isnt him… But his family.. My heart feels so bad for them…… And NOW… to all you heartless little bastards laughing at the loss of someones life… May I please you every last one of you for THE POSTER CHILD/IDIOTS SHOWING WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BROTHER AND SISTER HAS A CHILD TOGETHER… We really need to start giving examples of what is produced!

  3. Caelia7 says:


  4. DiamondsOf2 says:

    not much of what fox does has a basis in reality though.
    and they dont seem to be able to control that either.

  5. russh1956 says:

    I think they really tried to keep it off-air. Systems aren’t perfect, and people DAMNED sure aren’t. Let’s accept it and move on. However, the controversy of how a guy ends up in this mental state and this situation is a whole other issue. Some folks on here seem to have a complete rap sheet on this guy, but that’s just what they claim. I would like some OFFICIAL truth an proof!

  6. milam661 says:

    it’s funny cuz he died

  7. FilmTommy says:

    Having worked in TV News, I can say the delay we were on was only a few seconds (3-5) and is generally more for language, and even that was hard to catch sometimes, and sometimes there are delays in the delay, as happened here. Bravo to the anchor for risking seeming “unprofessional” and trying to encourage the crew to switch off the shot. I agree it looked like he was getting ready to surrender and there was no warning for what happened, so the delay did very little to save the broadcast.

  8. StillJammin says:

    Have you ever heard of a delay? Most live streams are delayed to prevent shit like this from happening. Any news station worth their salt would not put themselves at the mercy of the footage when something extremely violent is not only possible, but likely. Fuck them, they were going after the story and they got it.

  9. Sek101 says:

    Good point, I don’t like Fox but clearly they couldn’t foresee what was going to happen. Though Smith sensed it.

  10. normajean716 says:


  11. DukeDuke79 says:

    Fox did have a delay on it, that’s why Shep was saying get off it because he knew what happened. The producer who was supposed to switch feeds messed up and waited too long. Do a little bit of research before making false accusations.

  12. zekuhryuh says:

    I get death. It’s part of all of our lives in some form or another, so we all have to come to terms with it. I’m not taking this video lightly, but I do believe that very many people are completely blowing it out of proportion. People die every single day, whether it’s through suicide or starvation or age or what have you, but people want to make this video out to be some kind of special thing (it’s special in the sense that it’s live T.V I suppose…), but it’s nothing new at all.

  13. russh1956 says:

    You’ve missed the point… and don’t take it personally. I just hope that I can get even one more person to not take this stuff lightly. If you’re not the one, that’s okay. But don’t pretend that you can read my mind. I’m not afraid of jousting with you, but I won’t waste my time any more. I get paid by the hour to do that. Going to bed. Here’s some free professional advice… never be afraid to not know, but be damned afraid to not be willing to learn.

  14. XxIronManxX3 says:

    I was thinking the same thing XD

  15. santaclause1029 says:

    @korno96 fox chose to stream it live instead of waiting for events to unfold. They could have averted it if they had a little patience.

  16. russh1956 says:

    I had testicular cancer, and it tends to change your love life. I’ve found that “get off” is hard to do with one testicle. However, that hasn’t made me want to take anyone’s life (including my own). They’ve got all kinds of things to help solve problems. Some people just need to know & admit they have a problem, seek help, and then be willing to use it. I’m also bipolar, and I lived with that for decades, self -medicating and seeking a solution. Help is out there for those who ask, folks!

  17. tomgornitzky says:

    They can, they have a 5 second delay between the recording and transmission.
    So just to prevent such a situation like this.

  18. russh1956 says:

    You might be VERY RIGHT!

  19. MuRDa5108 says:

    go suck a homeless mans dick under a bridge u troll

  20. johnnyr2211 says:

    That’s the sounds like me when I’m about to bust and my girlfriend hasn’t gotten hers yet!


  21. MuscIeBound says:

    I think you meant to diagnose me as a sociopath rather than a schizophrenic. Nice try tho.

  22. Dudemag says:


  23. n00btube45 says:

    too late bro…

  24. zekuhryuh says:

    Any time I can be helpful, my pleasure :3


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