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GEOMAGNETC STORM — BREAKING NEWS: 3 September 2012 MY PLAYLISTS: Global Warming Quiz 1: Global Warming Quiz 2: Other Climate Videos: Other Solar Videos: Formore details go to my channel: Where you will find links to earlier editions of “THE SUN TODAY” as well as other solar related videos and a series of quiz questions and answers on global warming (sometimes with tongue firmly planted in cheek!). Enjoy! If you liked this video please vote thumbs up and pass it on to friends and relations who might find it interesting. Subscribe if you want to track daily updates. If there is something you did not like either leave a comment or send me a PM and let me know how I can improve the service. These videos are a hobby for a retired scientist; I receive no funding for them. Also check out the excellent NASA solar information and videos at: http For up to the minute websites go to the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center: Also an invaluable resource, often with interesting pictures at space There is a wealth of information and background on the various satellite and observatory websites (and links therein), eg, If you want to play with the data you MUST check out:
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25 Responses to “GEOMAGNETC STORM! — BREAKING NEWS: 3 September 2012”

  1. drkstrong says:

    No nothing to worry about, just to be interested in! 🙂

  2. MegaTriumph1 says:

    Ah nothing to worry about.

  3. shupismom says:

    Top Notch !! Thank You, and many regards for you’re insights AND updates!!!!

  4. nearthend says:

    music had me shit myself. no wait that is due to other disturbances. lol

  5. Dawn Eve says:

    I like the music too….just too much drama for this…no biggie…you do good work.

  6. drkstrong says:

    KP stands for the Planetary K index. The K is from a the German word – Kennziffer – meaning “characteristic digit”

    It is the average of the disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field measured at a number of places round the globe

  7. ger1ist says:

    the music fits just great!

  8. drkstrong says:

    Of course, Already planning the ghost and goolies.

  9. drkstrong says:

    ur welcome

  10. drkstrong says:

    It is possible that if you live at high latitudes the power company reduced the voltage levels to prevent spikes from tripping circuit breakers

  11. drkstrong says:

    ur welcome

  12. drkstrong says:

    Glad you do - expect many more as we head for solar maximum

  13. scarletteshadow says:

    I apologize if I implied you are actively trying to scare people, that is not at all what I meant. 🙁 I meant it is an important and educational subject, which, by its very nature is a little intimidating and that the music is, quite frankly, a triviality…I suppose I can’t understand why they don’t just mute it if they feel it makes your video ‘scary’. I apologize if I offended, that was not my intention. I love your videos and the variety of music you use and felt the need to defend it.

  14. drkstrong says:

    Were you actually scared? Most comments I get say they like the music.

  15. drkstrong says:

    Glad you liked it.

  16. drkstrong says:

    I am not actually trying to scare anyone (except the whole country about global warming) – the music is supposed to match the content. Jazz for the Sun Explained, New age for Solar Snippets, Dramatic for breaking news, and classical for The Sun Today videos. All from the YT audio library.

  17. drkstrong says:


  18. Loveoldies7 says:

    whats up with this music? is it some kind of fear mongering u trying to do?

  19. Skyywatcher88 says:

    Yes…It (SDO) wasn’t down long…Thanks for the reply!

  20. drkstrong says:

    All I found out was that the problem was fixed at Stanford so it was a problem with their data system but dont know if their cooling system broke again but give them their due unlike last time they worked into the night to get it fixed. So good on them!

  21. drkstrong says:

    You are wrong. NASA didnt name it. “Tyche is the nickname given to a hypothetical gas giant planet located in the Solar System’s Oort cloud, first proposed in 1999 by astronomer John Matese of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.” that from Wiki. 13 years on and still has not been found.

  22. allen sentell says:

    The anti nibiru Flaming I find misleading also. It is a binary star. it is real. Nasa Has named it Tyche. It is visible in Leo on Google sky by selecting Infared. Your ” proof it dosent exist” only accounts for bodys between Earth and Sun. Tyche is out of leo. the sun is in Virgo. a binary star would be retro grade coming right to left or west to east. The Suns south pole is 90° opposite of our relitive thinking. Ie our right looking at a riseing Sun. If Im wrong please correct me. If not….

  23. Skyywatcher88 says:

    What is up with SDO…Cooling problems again?

  24. forestsoft says:

    thank you, my best source for SOL info.

  25. scarletteshadow says:

    Love the music…It’s quite appropriate. This ‘don’t scare anyone’ nonsense isn’t helping anything or anyone a bit…and frankly, it’s the doc’s vid, not anyone else’s. If you are easily frightened, then perhaps you shouldn’t watch these types of vids. If you don’t care for the music you should mute it, turn off the computer, or go to another channel and keep your heads buried in the sand awhile longer…those of us undeterred by fear want all the information we can get.


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