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UFO Sightings UFOs Over Las Vegas Breaking News Multiple UFOs Over Vegas Strip! Aug 20 2012

Incredible UFO footage shot by Steven Johnson of Las Vegas Nevada! Mass UFO Sighting! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype
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25 Responses to “UFO Sightings UFOs Over Las Vegas Breaking News Multiple UFOs Over Vegas Strip! Aug 20 2012”

  1. RogerPodacterMurder says:

    so what. some people like his videos. where are your videos? you talk shit man. i dont care if he makes money from from this he is earning a living at least.

  2. RogerPodacterMurder says:

    leave hi alone he maes it fun! blake for president

  3. fucknow333 says:

    Holy fuck ive seen this! I live in las vegas i was in a casino with my dad just walkin throu to get to the car though. i was walking out and i saw this.

  4. hope4world3000 says:

    UFO and remote mind reading/manipulation technology is very real and was created by the Nazi scientists by the end of WW2 with no alien help.
    there is a war being waged against the general population by a criminal organization that works within high ranks of the US military and many other governments. the game is depopulation by means of war, famine, disease, and natural disaster. the ones who get close are made to believe we are in contact with alien civilizations. some from other dimensions

  5. 5Sybon says:

    Check out Alaje From The Pleiades, a pleiadian starseed, at his channel 777ALAJE.
    He explains the nature of ETs, consciousness, spirituality, and galactic society.~

  6. lee Te says:

    lmao Blake ur over acting LOL so funny

  7. andrewgeo says:

    Blake - less fake tan, less constipation and less of that arrogant unqualified attitude….not doing the cause any good

  8. Bassboy1972 says:


  9. KillRothschilds2012 says:

    is this guy a reptilian hybrid?

  10. Chursha Sopay says:

    guy is creepy

  11. Michael Brown says:

    Government experiments

  12. juanandresuribe says:

    ALIENS are DEMONS ! ! Read the truth in Google with these words

    “truth about aliens ufos demons and new age”

  13. Ripptyde64 says:

    less of this guy running his mouth…more footage

  14. jurikoolstra says:

    I see that Now outside but to far for à picture

  15. TheBowelsofChrist says:

    My names Blake Cousinsssth and I speakkkthhp with a lispsses innnth everyyyth singlethh syllabless anddth wordpth I speaktthp fromth myyth lipsths. If you have any videos of ufos please send them to BLAKE COUSINS at THIRDPHASEMOON.

  16. Killstrike6660 says:

    Dose Blake remind any one of Doug in the movie Fifty First Dates.

  17. Kylemccabe17 says:

    Alien theory
    How can a monkey go from picking bananas to discovering flight, electricity, and so much more?
    The theory is that since earth began there has always been one species ment to control the world, humans.
    We started off as apes/monkeys, but we were designed in a way that evolution happened faster than any other species. This way we could be controlled and influenced. Back to the theory…
    How does one species gain so much knowledge so fast? Each time man has made a step into the futu

  18. lewiss1100 says:

    After all that Sin, Drinking, drugs etc no telling what kinda crazy Shit people might see.

  19. OpShun519 says:

    What he doesn’t tell you is that once you let blake review your footage, your rep goes down 3phases

  20. MrTF2videos says:

    LOl this guy is an idiot he fakes all his videos rofl and he failed at his intro he just said :Welcome back to Third phase-a-moon rofl fail…man LOl

  21. bboytekken1 says:

    I think it fits his character, reminds me of late 80’s early 90’s Miami Vice
    it’s cool lol

  22. bboytekken1 says:

    It seems Blake doesn’t need a Job, he seems wealthy already lol

  23. bboytekken1 says:

    Hey Blake don’t change the way u perform ur presentations..
    keep it up!!
    Reminds me of late 80’s early 90’s Miami Vice
    it’s cool bro!

  24. rcturboboost says:

    Stop your bullshit Blake!! people have obviously had enough! yeah you got like what 2 good videos?
    As for ‘Breaking News’ do you even know what that means!!??

    That means it BROKE NEWS. How bout getting a real job huh? Just cause you are so desperate to be anally probed.

  25. mobstarr says:

    lol…i agree. why does he have to be so dramatic and animated. like a scary magician. i like his website and videos. some of the best on youtube, but damn dude. don’t start turning into a creepy alien yourself and scaring folks away…lol.


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