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Empowered Health News | Low Carb Diet For Diabetes

www.empowereddoctor.com Have you ever wondered how low carb but higher fat diets actually work? Surprisingly, one answer may lie in your liver. Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) have identified a liver hormone known as FGF21 which is required to oxidize fatty acids – and thereby burn calories. Story is produced and provided by Empowered Medical Media, LLC Visit www.EmpoweredDoctor.com to see the full story And if you are looking for a doctor check out our local doctor directory at www.empowereddoctor.com

8 Responses to “Empowered Health News | Low Carb Diet For Diabetes”

  1. Jay Towie says:

    If you are eating low carbs because you are diabetic, you should check out diabno (search online for “Diabno”). It might help you with your diabetes like it did me in that it stimulates natural insulin production in your body!

  2. nama raja says:

    Sup, have you thought about this program called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look it up on google). My sister says it helps people shed fat. What do you think?

  3. Himal paul says:

    Hey, have you considered this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it). My friend says it helps people melt fat.

  4. jonish143 says:

    Good video! by the way my daughter applied this well known diet named: Impact 790 Diet and reduced 14 pounds within just a month. I cannot really remember the exact website just Google it.

  5. LilyBladgfc says:

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  6. HealthReport says:

    Interesting video! Thanks for posting!

  7. Neal Jackson says:


  8. madmax200769 says:

    Really great video but the researchers mentioned seem to have gone “all the way around the houses” to avoid acknowledging the more fundamental mechanics of insulin. One day the realities which have been known to science for years will no longer be buried by “anti-fat” propagana.


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