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Empowered Health News | Pomegranates Reduce Prostate Cancer

www.empowereddoctor.com A type of antioxidant found in pomegranates may contribute to prostate health, according to a study by researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles. Antioxidants known as ellagitannins and their metabolites accumulated in the prostates of mice in this laboratory study. The researchers then grafted prostate cancer cells onto mice whose immune systems had been deliberately hampered. One group of mice was then treated with ellagatannins and their metabolites. The treated mice were found to have significantly less tumor growth than mice in the control group. Story is produced and provided by Empowered Medical Media, LLC Visit www.EmpoweredDoctor.com to see the full story And if you are looking for a doctor check out our local doctor directory at www.empowereddoctor.com
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  1. dizzy885 says:

    What a fat mouse between- .20-0.25 ! the scientisrs must have fed him bigmac’s and pizza’s…No wonder he had no friends in the video!

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  3. Chews4HealthJB says:

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