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Empowered Health News | Symptoms For Ovarian Cancer

www.empowereddoctor.com The notion that ovarian cancer is a “silent killer” without early warning signs has changed. The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation has announced a national consensus on symptoms for ovarian cancer. Symptoms that women should consider as warning signs include: bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly, and frequent or urgent urination. If women have these symptoms daily over the course of several weeks they should consult with a gynecologist about them, particularly if the symptoms are new or unusual. Story is produced and provided by Empowered Medical Media, LLC Visit www.EmpoweredDoctor.com to see the full story And if you are looking for a doctor check out our local doctor directory at www.empowereddoctor.com
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6 Responses to “Empowered Health News | Symptoms For Ovarian Cancer”

  1. Michael Taylor says:

    No Truth is Greater than Mine. 

  2. Bethan Spendel says:

    God bless you. your in im prayers.xxxxx

  3. tomfulery1 says:

    How you feeling? I am an aussie that has to have the c12 blood test. You ok?

  4. Sphinell says:

    No, you don’t understand what I mean exactly. There is no preventive exam possible since examination is NOT a prevention, it is a cure already. Women have been traped into magic circle when they were “forced” to mistook cause and effect. Real prevention is healthy life(style) in all means, avoiding the toxification, living without fear and stress, and absolute self-confidence about being healthy now, and in the future. It is some kind of beatitude and peaceful.

  5. SandraLondon63 says:

    You are partly right , the only way to diagnose ovarian cancer is only through a MRI scan (not even ultrasound shows cancer and it is often misdiagnosed.).

    If everyone had a whole body MRI yearly, we would catch every disease in very early stages. Vaginal exams are only to check the cervix or infections. You are right.

  6. Sphinell says:

    How can women be so stupid to allow this humiliation? Those exams ARE NOT preventive of cancer and other pelvic deseases at all, it serves to its own purpose and those of gyneacologyst personaly. Women are overwhelming frightened and pushed to a total ignorance.


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