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FDA Investigating Whether or Not Monster Energy Drinks Kill People

The FDA is investigating 5 deaths in the last year that have been linked to Monster Energy Drinks

25 Responses to “FDA Investigating Whether or Not Monster Energy Drinks Kill People”

  1. L337DOODE says:

    its not the companys fault. she voluntarily drank the energy drinks KNOWING she had a heart oproblem. she died due too her own stupidity!

  2. Eziostriforce says:

    I personally think that the parents of the teen should have told her to not drink energy drinks due to her heart condition

  3. jacob goff says:

    she fucking had a heart condition. A HEART CONDITION! She drank like 400mg of caffein shes fucking stupid.

  4. TheFourohsix says:

    that she didnt know she had……

  5. TheFourohsix says:

    the problem is, the heart disorder she DIDNT know she had untill afterwards.

  6. baydude1982 says:

    Monster energy drink taste like a thick watery sugar

  7. cookieman10able says:

    I think they should lower the caffeine, because it is extremely high.

  8. ShakeToTheJunt says:

    I personally like the taste of Redbull but Monster is way too sweet.

  9. englandstillhasit says:

    Wow you guys really love your energy drinks huh, thats it ban it make it a tax grabber like every other craze lol. I love monster as a brand there cool as fusk for the motorsports, but i wouldnt drink the shit I’ve tried redbull and its nasty even after a hard vodka sesh.

    Lol look at the advertising red bull gives you wings ( to heaven ) monster energy ( a monster you should fear ) relentless ( in its attack on your immune system )

  10. englandstillhasit says:

    Its a monster in a can, BOO I don’t need expensive pop to feel energy but if i did ide drop some proplus in coke its the same thing. The founder of redbull was on a long flight to India or somewher near and for jet lag they use some kind of wake up thingy so mr redbull though mmmm and used it to make his fortune crazy but true. Never mind the sponser deals these companies get now fags and booze is taboo, lol they’ve fukd up its taboo for something that slowly kills to something that just kills.

  11. MultiG1989 says:

    It doesn’t say 1 can per day. It says limit 3 cans per day. But it also say not recommended for children, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine. I mean, does that means anything to you?

  12. alvinestibar27 says:

    Illuminati..product ..period

  13. deka360 says:

    Their own employees are discouraged from drinking it, wonder why? Kidney stones for one

  14. EternalChaosBringer says:

    Please tell me the government isn’t going to start banning energy drinks over this.

  15. EternalChaosBringer says:

    Oh, so that’s why that girl died from drinking a simple 2 cans of Monster… Because she had heart problems.

  16. leef0324uk says:

    @jKiNG282 its because its a beverage and I’m a cardiomyopathy sufferer and I love the stuff. I don’t know I feel its trying to pull monster off the stock exchange. Or red bull are at it again nice words man respect.

  17. leef0324uk says:

    Mmmm I’ve got cardiomyopathy maybe I should stick to Pepsi but that fucks me up. Meanwhile canabis

  18. ReviveMyHopes says:

    I have a friend same age 16, rank 46 monster cans in 2 weeks and hmmm>? how is he alive? Yet this of course a Huge problems over drugs

  19. BAKERB360 says:

    Pure media hype, love how its only aimed at Monster Energy (the most popular brand) when there’s a lot more stronger energy drinks on the market. I’ve done 7 cans in 1 day and still here to tell the tale. If you believed everything the media said, you would be frightened to eat or drink anything

  20. ChurchOfNotNothing says:

    Yeah how many die from alcohol thought?

  21. CrushNazT says:

    doesnt the can SAY “not for 18 and under” sounds like shitty parents.

  22. ChadMaestrodotcom says:

    Meanwhile, cigarettes. 

  23. ryanwashere21 says:

    I know people who drink a monster almost every week and still living.

  24. jKiNG282 says:

    Funny how you never hear of the 5000+ deaths per year by coffee in the news, but one incident happens to a child with a heart condition (which is a horrible tragedy might I add) involving an energy drink and it goes news wide.

  25. jelliott1458 says:

    Wait a minute. Monster shouldn’t be getting sued for this. The parents should be put in jail for not taking care of their kid. They let their daughter have a monster when they know she has a heart condition??? The parents are the ones at fault here. Its like letting your kid eat a whole cinnabon if he has diabetes! Why does this not make common sense to everyone?


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