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Makeup Sale, Health News and Baby Avalon!!

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25 Responses to “Makeup Sale, Health News and Baby Avalon!!”

  1. Ladykittendarkness says:

    Just, I don’t know.. It like its “the” perfect baby at my opinion lol you must be pride ^^

  2. Ladykittendarkness says:

    Oh-my-god… Your baby must be one of the cutest babies ever!!! ^^

  3. Gidget Stivala says:

    Ur baby is beautiful, I kno ur videos and stuff are over a yr old. But I just found you by luck and I am a big fan already. I hope ur pain free by now. Best of luck… Hugs!

  4. HUGZnKIZZEZ224 says:

    I love ur baby+ur make up

  5. amina2334 says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. Defiance84 says:

    She has a sense of humor, your little Avalon! So stinkin’ cute!

  7. Benny Jenny says:

    the babay is mashAllah so cute

  8. GreyWolfEyes1222 says:

    what a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!

  9. klindsdey29 says:

    OMG…..your baby is so precious!!! That was so adorable how she was talking to you and looking at you.

  10. BeenaBop says:

    aw, you’re baby is so adorable ^_^ makes me smile

  11. PetraAlbazi says:

    God Bless you baby Avalon, your beautiful just like your mommy!

  12. pepitinaa says:

    love it, love it, love it, tha Baby is soooooooo Cuteee :)) You both are amazing laughing, LOVE IT 🙂

  13. Shell675 says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, and your baby is adorable!! Makes me want another for a split second and then i get over it!

  14. LyraSpan says:

    you look so beautiful when you are laughing with your baby, who is soooo adorable.

  15. queenb891 says:


  16. hwgirlinfl says:

    I suffered with a pinched sciatica nerve while I was pregnate. It hurts soooo bad!!! The only thing that helped me was the chiropractor…… Ever since I had my son If I dont see my chiropractor on a regular basis it starts back up!!! Hope you feel better!!

  17. eugenia pavlakos says:

    SHE IS SO FUNNY…. lovely baby, good luck and so glad you are better.

  18. Claire Juliet says:

    i take 800 mg of ibuprofen. i have back issues. your doc can give it to you usually.

  19. MetalDyers says:

    5 kids and not even 34. You’re absolutely amazing and Avalon? Oh hell she’s beautiful!!
    Glad you’re starting to improve, just be careful on painkillers not to do more damage while you can’t feel it.
    Take good care,


  20. elsvlog says:

    Feel better soooooooon ! Hope the exercises will soon make the difference. Here we get ibu or paracetamol 1000 (500×2) to take every 4-6 hrs (no more than 4times a day)… Aaaw, isnt it great your little one making you laugh like that 😀 .. She’s adorable. Happy 3months ! – Love the pic of Brian also ^___^

  21. marlacali76 says:

    oh my God i love this video, your baby is adorable!!!  you look so beautiful when you smile =D take care have agreat weekend bye

  22. Deathmoniia says:

    omg ! your baby is soooadorableee!!!
    happy 3 months baby (;
    hope you feel better  mom <3

  23. seabury says:

    Baby avalon is SOO adorable!

  24. nataliyanataliya333 says:

    wow , the baby is so adorable 😀

  25. katrinxpurinton says:

    My husband is in the army and they prescribe 800MG pills. Never had any luck with back pain and the IB Profen though. But I’m glad it’s working for you. Good luck.


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