Men Wearing Skinny Jeans Could Have Testicle Complications, Study Warns |

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Men Wearing Skinny Jeans Could Have Testicle Complications, Study Warns

Men Wearing Skinny Jeans Could Have Testicle Complications, Study Warns

Medical experts in England are warning men that skinny jeans may cause “twisted testicles” if they keep wearing them. Other possible injuries include urinary tract infections, lower sperm count, bladder problems and fungal infections. Source: Like OMN on Facebook: Follow OMN on Twitter: Check out

23 Responses to “Men Wearing Skinny Jeans Could Have Testicle Complications, Study Warns”

  1. cannibal151 says:

    I have worn skinny jeans for a few years now and my sperm is strong as ever. I would be able prove to this butter-face how strong it is with a little one on one time.

  2. Felix Clifford says:

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  3. ZariiIm says:

    This is a lie. this cant be real. its a myth

  4. nigh8t says:


  5. paaltjepaal says:

    I tthink girls are always glad they don’t have testicles

  6. Dong Geul says:

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  7. AddictiveKidHD says:

    i think its because your fat thats why you say its for fags cuz you cant fit in em

  8. simonedeschler says:

    dude it looks nasty.. not a good look on men.. only fags wear skinnys

  9. aa brown says:

    A pair of boxers and Jordan basketball shorts are the testicles best friends.

  10. Nnnarekkk says:

    Maybe you wanna show your package?

  11. zurect says:

    gangstar will have no problem

  12. johnny usaf says:

    Shese soo hot

  13. Ricoh6502 says:

    I’m sure all the girls who wear these are glad they don’t have testicles 😉

  14. RawrrImaBunnyxD says:


  15. mindstormsabrewin says:

    ANYTHING to prevent hipsters from reproducing is fine with me.

  16. krize604 says:

    yeah fuck lame ass skinny jeans.. who the fuck wants that ???? Never skinny jeans!!!

  17. JBGrimey says:

    I always told them skinny jean wearin dudes they gonna fuck around and catch a yeast infection in them hoe ass pants

  18. AddictiveKidHD says:

    Thats why i wear Skinny jeans Below my balls Hahahaha
    so they can take a quick Breatha

  19. TheEaglesfanindc says:

    im not a doctor and i knew

    balls + skinny jeans = not a great combo they wasnt made for men we have things between our legs women dont

  20. wachmyvids says:


  21. jaalul says:

    1:11 now thats F%$ked up….looks like a ……what does it look like?
    Her face afterwards is priceless.

    im in love..

  22. blackmetalgoat says:

    in glad i wore overly baggy pants all my life…

  23. PanJam98 says:

    so they want our penis to have room to wiggle? i can make that happen!


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