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My Fave Truther Website – Plus! Trailer of New Documentary from the Intel Hub

Here is a list of the top 5 sites that I go to for breaking news, conspiracy topics, health news and more. Also, Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas from the Intel Hub have produced a rocking new documentary called ‘Shade’ on the globalist elite’s depopulation agenda, which will be released in early December, 2012. Their trailer is at the end of this vlog- enjoy! http http http
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24 Responses to “My Fave Truther Website – Plus! Trailer of New Documentary from the Intel Hub”

  1. TheKimrob says:

    thanks for the info

  2. mrfreakband says:

    TEXAS Heavy Metal, Punk Rock and Roll R3V0LUTION and FREAK! PLEASE Listen to the 2 Songs i wrote and recorded here on this YT Channel im commenting from mrfreakband, i really think you will dig them because of our natural love of liberty that is also conveyed in our music. my kick ass activist videos are on these channels texasvideotruth and depravity0

  3. macaroon666 says:

    this is so stupid

  4. maurizius27 says:

    my gutt feeling re. Alex Jones is that he is less than genuine in his motives. His success, his guests and associates lend him some credibility, but if he is a phony then it makes him a very dangerous man as he is actually in league with the tyrant Illuminists. Bottom line is he cannot be trusted and everything he does and says should be taken with that perspective in mind

  5. trevor123698123 says:

    LMFAO yeah if you wanna be brainwashed

  6. trevor123698123 says:

    What does that have to do with anything? THe government killed him because of waht he was saying. Alex jones and all these other liars are still alive. I wonder why.

    PS – Bill CLinton illegally obtained his FBI file while calling him the most dangerous man in America. I suggest you listen to bills tapes on whitewater to know why he said that. I will upload them soon. if I had the time it would be done already

  7. Chad Warren says:

    Forget about the shootings if you wish, what about the small arms gun ban treaty at the U.N. that Obama is set to sign which follows the Bloomberg victim creation scenario? There is a statue at the U.N. of a handgun twisted in a knot…not a nuke broken… the arms the many use against the few. We would have been taken over fully by police if it wasn’t for guns.

    Why don’t you suggest some quality left sites? What is left today? U.N. Environmental stewardship and communal chevy volt villas?

  8. TheUnknownGrower says:

    thats why hes dead

  9. trevor123698123 says:

    William Cooper is one of the only “truthers” in existence that deserves any recognition whatsoever. Mae Brussells as well. You people are being spoon fed nonsense and everyone you know looks down on you whether you know it or not.

  10. NWOrDREGS says:

    Try information clearing house dot info. And the Raw Story.

  11. RevelationMediaCo says:

    every shooting is staged psyop to gun control or to push further destabilization between cultures. yes both the right and left are satanic liars, especially alex jones and jason burmas complete cointel you will never get real information from them. its a joke.

  12. Jazzaconda says:

    Holy Testicle Tuesday? and you believed this?

  13. CmdrSoCal says:

    Corbett and liebowitz are MIND OP.

  14. euro944t says:

    Sheriff in Aurora worked for gun grabber Mayor Joo Bloomberg.

    Galatians 4:16 — So have we become your enemy by telling you the truth?

  15. TheTrueJusticeMen says:

    there is no media without an agenda. Thats why im saying you have to get your information from many different sources. If you only get your information from right wing alternative media like infowars, than your are not better as someone who only watches maisntream media.
    And the most important thing, you will never find any (so called)truth.

  16. WAPTek2 says:

    the confusion of cause & affect touted by conspiracy nuts

    that immunization causes reduced fertility,,,rather than

    less disease & death causes less of a need for large family’s

  17. my12steptruth says:

    Truthergirl — I just want to tell you that it concerns me that of about 21 alternative health videos I randomly saved to my favorites from different people — over the past year or so five of them have quietly been removed from YouTube for unstated reasons. I’m thinking that eventually your videos/site will get pulled as well. Just a matter of time…they are moving slowly but methodically.

  18. my12steptruth says:

    To TheTrueJusticeMen –What about the agenda of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA ? Your so-called “complete coverage” routinely “forgets” to report anything that could hurt the extremely powerful pharmacutical industry. Alex Jones has often stated that it DOESN’T MATTER WHO YOU VOTE FOR — because if you get to vote on someone they are already under the thumb of the powerful. Do you think because Steve Jobs died of cancer it must be complicated and incurable? Of course you do. I don’t. Anymore. : )

  19. Gilgamesh73 says:

    A few more goodies…

    topsecretwriters. com
    beforeitsnews. com
    thetruthbehindthescenes. org
    theglobalistreport. com
    activistpost. com
    rumormillnews. com

  20. 73marbren says:

    People knowing some truth is not enough to stop the coming destruction of the USA.

  21. 73marbren says:

    “How to Serve Man” its a cookbook

  22. DarklyHelixAspersa says:

    People breed like fleas. Something needs to be done.

  23. firefly19731212 says:

    This may sound terrible to some, but…aren’t people mindlessly popping out babies? The poor drag down the world with alcoholizim, drug addiction, child abuse, the list goes on forever. The rich are no better than the poor. They have the same issues. However, money has always ruled since it’s invention. The poor will never have any power over these elite. That’s why they’re the elite, and the rest are sitting ducks. We’re very easy to conquer, and always have been.

  24. monadbornslippy says:

    cool! awesome info!


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