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Romnesia – Obama Speech – Romney Amnesia

Romnesia - Obama Speech - Romney Amnesia

Part of Listitude’s 2012 Campaign Ads Collection. Subscribe For More!!! View Collection: Following up on the debate debacles, President Obama rolled out the Romnesia campaign theme in this web commercial of a speech he made in Virginia. What he is referring to his his meme that Mitt Romney has changed positions as both candidates moved to the center at the end of the 2012 election campaign. The word Romnesia is a play on the term “amnesia”, which of course is a memory disorder in which you cannot remember the past. Here Romnesia was coined as a cute term for a politician flip flopping on issues. On the other hand, supporters of Mitt Romney contend that rather than talk about the issues and what he would do in a second term, President Obama’s approach is small. What do you think?
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10 Responses to “Romnesia – Obama Speech – Romney Amnesia”

  1. 2michieu says:

    Moving forward baby!

  2. 2michieu says:

    haha!…to all you haters .. I love it!

  3. julia24cardenas says:

    Obama 2013!

  4. emi nash says:

    All you idiots out there that are voting for mitt Romney the only reason you are is cause you don’t listen to politics or you’ve got ramnesia

  5. MsVanillaSugar says:

    Haha… My President is so cool! Definitely…Obama 2012!!!

  6. abdiiism says:

    OBAMA 2012!!!

  7. livingisaight says:

    lol, nothing but a bunch of women in the background

  8. djcreates4you says:

    @James H. Warrinton – cut it out – we don’t have to be serious all the time. This is nothing but humor. There is a big difference. Look it up!!

  9. James H. Warrington says:

    So, this is how the President carries himself. This is what bullies do & what is the President teaching our kids. (name calling). Is this our leader? If re-elected…we are in trouble.

  10. TheGrap1st says:

    Mitt ’12


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