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75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police

Wtf I’m sick of this police state
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25 Responses to “75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police”

  1. WeezeRapture says:

    It’s true. A quick google search could have easily confirmed this for you.

  2. Trent Elko says:

    Oh thank God. I hope you’re serious. This is so gross.

  3. jackwidow1 says:

    Thank you for tell us! I happy to hear that!

  4. onlythewise1 says:

    wake up its going to get worse judges send thousand of innocent ever year . wake up remove all of congrees and make ron paul president or die .

  5. onlythewise1 says:

    obama wasnt born in usa why wouldnt he continue to destroy your rights he doesnt repects the constitiuiton so why would he follow anyhting else

  6. onlythewise1 says:

    wow does this idiot ever stop the shit , obama is no good obama has done nothng to make usa better he has borrowed and blowed so much shit

  7. ajna100za says:

    NEWS FLASH Obama has just signed into law: It is now illegal to video tape a skyscraper that has been attacked by the Taliban unless you are a member of the mainstream Media. Violators will be apprehended without warrant and locked away for indefinite amount of time.

    ———————— flash more to come ———-

  8. smalltownman73 says:

    This is an OUTRAGOUS miscarriage of justice! More and more, our country is becoming a police state ruled by an iron fist! The laws are made to protect corrupt officials instead of the citizens of the country. I guarantee that so many people will complain about these unjustified and unconstitutional laws that they will be abolished! Police actions OUT IN THE PUBLIC are NOT PRIVATE! THEY ARE PUBLIC!!!! What a bullshit, fucking law!!!

  9. catmar1944 says:

    Let me get the straight, the state can eavesdrop, watch us all day and all night, but if we do the same, we are criminals, thought the law applied to everyone, hmmm something is wrong with this picture, and the police love it, they can maim, kill, assault to their hearts content and nothing and noone can stop them. Rod Class has discovered that title 1 to 50 have not been approved there is no enabling act for them, look up Rodney Dale Class on google see for yourself, don’t take my word for it.

  10. Ryan Garris says:

    Welcome to 1984 bitches. Revolt or this non-sense will escalate until you are a terrorist of voicing your opinion. Or is that now.

  11. TheFreshmayker says:

    wow how can this be illegal? this shit is fuckin bogus…i’m moving to fucking Antartica

  12. TheAlienFishbowl says:

    Complete misinterpretation of wire tapping and eves dropping laws. There has to be present a reasonable expectation of privacy. Glick vs. City of Boston makes it completely legal to record in a public place without notification or consent.

  13. spiffyJ498 says:

    video taping cops is the only way the people can expose the bad cops. in court its your word versus a cops and 99% of the time the cop will win. video taping is the ONLY way to prove anything, video never lies. one of the many things wrong with this goddamn country

  14. gabymunteanu says:

    America is a free country?NOOOO The ppl of USA they don”t have right they can”t say shit in front of a cap and you ppl call that a free country?:))))

  15. 3dgun says:

    America, America! what a country

  16. TheBoxingCannabyte says:

    It’s America, “land of the free, home of the brave” It just occurred to me how pretentious and condescending almost everything about this country’s slogan to it’s money is. Maybe that’s why we’re not even in the top 30 in education yet we’re #1 in confidence (overconfidence, obviously) This country is collectively mentally ill. I want to go to saner, safer places, like Burma…..or Canada, I suppose 😛

  17. TheBoxingCannabyte says:

    Unfortunately it takes things like massive media-pressure to get that done

  18. Ajinzem says:

    Two fucking years for shooting someone in the back who was lying on the ground? Two years for a fucking murder?

  19. Ajinzem says:

    It’s not about what happened after the video was released … it’s the fact that he got charged in the first place. Who knows how many times it happened and how many innocent people sit it prison.

  20. John McLane says:

    WTF is a band name?

  21. mrkrabz1991 says:

    #1. If it is public, there is a clause that states that if it can be audibly heard by someone in a public area, then you do not need consent of the person to record. So any lawsuit like this would be dropped.
    #2. In Texas, you can record anyone you want without their permission, weather is in a public place or not. . YAY TEXAS

  22. SarahCandyfication says:

    When the government tries to hide the violation of rights by public officials, it is time for everyone to video tape.

  23. cardigan3000 says:

    this douchebag is giving good honest rapists a band name - spying on the police force indeed

  24. Ted Fryman says:

    You know these charges were dropped 2 weeks after this video was posted?

  25. Platypus Sting says:

    Beat the living shit out of the Poo lice week starts today


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