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A Warning To America-The coming police state

(Footage from Spain) POST THIS TO YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK MAKE THIS VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PREPARE NOW CLICK THIS LINK worldeconomiccollapse.com For original content subscribe too:Alexander Higgins POST THESE VIDEOS TO YOUR FACEBOOK GET THE WORD OUT
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23 Responses to “A Warning To America-The coming police state”

  1. duke charles says:

    i dont want to do that with a video that doesnt belong to me

  2. josephfrost66 says:

    just do it please i cannot find it on his channel.:o

  3. duke charles says:

    not my video just a mirror the original author is listed in the description

  4. josephfrost66 says:

    make this a creative common please.

  5. Stevan Gucu says:

    This is the new USSR, but on “civilized” way.

  6. Ian Mangham says:

    If a cop hits u with a bat , u smash him hard , u abandon all hope , u smash him so hard he has to think , and he aint use to thinkin.

  7. Johnny Knoxville says:

    Payback is coming!

  8. KYKIN44 says:

    When SHTF the police will not have a place to hide pay-backs are coming.

  9. Voodoo8648 says:

    You already need a permit to assemble and protest.. Thats what makes it so ineffective :

  10. VonBraun87545 says:

    ….are you getting this D.O.D.? Good, then we’re not wasting our breaths then. Long live counter aggression…..

  11. VonBraun87545 says:

    ….however don’t hate the CIA too much for within their own ranks lie pockets of real men who will wait for the right moment to sabbotage certain un-humanitarian orders on a massive scale. These men are known as sleepers for our society and will help us win the war against the asses seen above in the vid. Things are already being placed where they need to be for jack in the box suprises against the murderous morons, these bullies will be short lived and their agendas swept away like nazis

  12. VonBraun87545 says:

    ….and I’d like to remind everyone of something the U.S. Govt is afraid of and that is that half the U.S. military population has already vowed to side with the people in the comming conflict, some will stay in the ranks of the military to provide us with intel, some will sabotage their brigade’s missions and orders and many will act as assasins against those that give murderous orders, meanwhile, the malitias will fight on the grass roots level. CIA will break ranks attempting to hide

  13. VonBraun87545 says:

    Everything has a natural ballance mechanism, especially societies. The harder they push the more hate builds up in the people to a saturation point of MASS COUNTER AGGRESSION and since we out number them 100,000 to one, these bullies and their commanders will be destroyed militantly. You getting this, NSA? It only takes a spark to ignite the imaginations of all those who need a leader to follow into battle against oppressors. No amount of tanks can save the bullies. Join your local malitias now

  14. kingg213 says:

    No, its way too late to stop this train dude! Why do you think they are just doing this crap right in our faces? Because they know their agenda is too far along to stop it. You’d have to have a lot of people wake up and thats not going to happen. I’m just gonna watch it happen and enjoy the ride! Face it we fucked up and fell into a coma thinking these assholes could be trusted! Its all over but the crying.

  15. monjiaitaly says:

    Yes and very ripe for a dictator, with a smooth voice and a big smile.

  16. etbioentity ebe says:

    Soundtrack from the movie Sunshine.

  17. dontxspeed says:

    What is the name of the song played from 2:40 to 5:44?

  18. TrueHamal says:

    Thank you so much, duke charles, for spreading these images from Spain. This is what is coming and all we can expect.
    God bless you.

  19. TheRemedy2012 says:

    Victory is ours people we’ll win Good always prevails over evil regardless of how many lives are lost in this upcoming revolution Let’s prepare

  20. William Greer says:

    Revolution is a Beautiful thing!

  21. smoore47212 says:

    What if we said no more? And ment it !!

  22. NotoriousEid says:

    its the european countries people that inspire me. Americans are pussies

  23. 3num3ration says:

    What if we all stood up together, those in the video out number the cops 10 to 1, I think 3 to 1 is good odds but people wont unite, until we do, we’re all fucked.


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