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Alex Jones Movie (1999) – Police State 1 – 2000 – Full version

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22 Responses to “Alex Jones Movie (1999) – Police State 1 – 2000 – Full version”

  1. Armwrestleraa says:

    we better wake the SHEEP up or we are all fucked!!

  2. UnpacifiedResistance says:

    His voice was way easier to listen to back then. I don’t like that toad voice much and i believe this was before he began attacking protest tactics known as “BLACK BLOC” calling it a “government insidejob” not knowing anything about it or its origin or how it may be the only hope left for American protests to break free from total conformity that is promoting total slavery. Funny how he wants everyone to buy his stuff yet at the same time expects everybody to follow the law. FAKE!

  3. paarsefrikandel says:

    when i saw the trophy cabinet with the trophies still in it and I knew imediately that that police station was not an “conventional” “abanded” building
    And it hit me hard cuz this was the US in 2000

  4. paarsefrikandel says:

    That nazi soldier got no medical treatment
    he is clearly suffering from shell shock, to me that is unjustifiable
    What ever he is accused of, they have arrested him and from that moment on is it to his judges to determine what the punishment will be
    Denying him medical aid means punishment by letting him purposely suffer
    we don’t even know what he supposedly did
    Shell shock has some pretty unpleasant causes and symptoms, both mentally and physically
    To me this is down right torture

  5. davjan4 says:

    We are supposed to be free to travel in this country, and NOT subject to “checkpoints” with no warrants!!

  6. tainorebelde1 says:

    Amazing….he said it long ago, and its all coming fulfillment.

  7. thelb1977 says:

    It is funny here that he says GOVT is the most dangerous thing on earth. What he doesn’t talk about is how he ran for political office and withdrew because he had no chance of winning. He is just a disgruntal moron.

  8. thelb1977 says:

    This POS is giving Cops a hard time at a DUI checkpoint? WTF is his problem. He is guilty of being a dumbass!

  9. AwakeDude911 says:

    I dont know about you but i like the new world order!
    when im hungry they will feed me ,when im cold they will give me BLACK boots and black outfit to keep me warn.
    they will give me a place to live and friends to help me out on the job !

    when it all goes to crap will you say no to a BLACK OUTFIT ?
    you say no but americans have never been more than a few hours without food now try days on end..YOULL SELL OUT YOUR MOTHER FOR 3 bits of food !
    dont think so WE’LL SEE !
    AUG 16th 2012 or sept 23

  10. zeushammerfist says:

    There comes a time when you’re going to see government manufactured things on TV… 2 years later, 9/11. Hmmmmm

  11. 86Eugene says:

    “I’m just doin’ my job…”

  12. Xxgunrunner88xX says:

    With all that has happened since then, i don’t think we have much time left.

  13. catspawo6 says:

    Very frightening 12 yrs ago…….this what the Uk has been gearing towards with all the civilian security transfers from redundant policing peoples…..the military are basically being consolidated. There are designated areas of the country for army, etc training but on the excuse of terror and cuts I can see this style of ops being brought into the public domain backed by private companies under the guise of national government at the tax payers expensive.

  14. Juntahh says:

    your either really stupid or are very sarcastic… once the police state is in full effect then will come in the slavery and death camps…. i bet youll be free and safe then

  15. Tommy Deen says:

    So I just about finished the police state series and I want too say thank you Alex Jones.

  16. UndercovaFilms says:

    Jones asks a lot of loaded questions too….

  17. UndercovaFilms says:

    the production value of his early films is terrible haha

  18. GHOSTpssrby says:

    We don’t like it…

  19. GHOSTpssrby says:

    Living in Texas, where Alex is from, suits are very uncomfortable in ninety to hundred degree heat.

  20. abec5s says:

    “Look at that aggressive behavior.”
    – Best of Alex Jones

  21. shnawdude03 says:

    i figured if any state Texas would be the last to let this stuff happen lone star state and all. its crazy.

  22. damienski says:

    Wake Up. The Police Always consider You GUILTY until You are Proven Innocent. That has been my experience.


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