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Alex Jones Movie (2000) – Police State 2 – The Take Over – Full version

Visit: Run by Kurt Nimmo Run by Paul Watson Run by Paul Watson Run by Aaron Dykes Run by Steve Watson Run by kurt Nimmo 911truth….
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24 Responses to “Alex Jones Movie (2000) – Police State 2 – The Take Over – Full version”

  1. getwise88 says:

    29:00 they kick a woman sitting on the curb doing nothing wrong, definitely keeping the peace

  2. MrSaka420 says:

    hell yeah!!! thanx to them i finally woke up! fuckin sick of people buying into this fake ass system and then try and call the TRUTH a conspiracy. no the fuckin news the fuckin movies they watch and the lies their being told is the conspiracy!!!! llol

  3. CardinalSinga says:

    A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. ( Gerald R. Ford )

    I think the Empire forces have come home to take over America in the name of homeland security!

  4. Odinswardog88 says:

    L cant understand this you have a demo of 60-70.000 people yet 30 or so ‘nlack bloc’ anarchists can cause mayhem and the rest of the protesters cant stop them, you outnumber them for f**k’s sake , when they start their destruction beat the living shit out of them and move on with your peaceful protest problem solved, if they’re undercover cops you will be arrested for police assault but at least they will be exposed.

  5. HerbalJah says:

    These “black bloc” anarachist nonsensers are just under-cover cops or ex-cops. Why do you think they wear masks and just break windows and shit like that which isn’t very expensive to fix… If they were real crazy anarchist on a rampage they would be doing a lot more then just smashing windows and tipping over trash cans. its almost funny watching these agent provocateurs at these protests like G-20 and other events where protesting is big.. It just gives the police a reason to arrestprotestors

  6. BenGoldking says:


  7. TheFreedom115 says:

    I am doing this right now I am showing my major thiw and I will see if he will support a city millitia

  8. TheFreedom115 says:

    Please go to your city councle and plea with them to create a town millita to defend your city in case the country falls, please save your town and save our fragel country

  9. TheFreedom115 says:

    The men at the start of this film will be the first that die in the battle befor us. I promise you the government will declare war agaisnt you

  10. pspcraft says:

    They did that crap in Palm Springs, – turn in your guns and get a $20.00 gift certificate. Only the dummies complied.

  11. unsheepled says:

    If you look at the boots as the ‘rioters’ of in this clip… they wear the same gear as popo..
    I KNOW popo boots !

  12. gx0x0xgxlxescrewedus says:

    May Allah lick my sack lol. Fuck Allah.

  13. TuesdayMorningInSept says:

    Over 2 hour wtc attack video on my channel

  14. SemperFi4496 says:

    Alex Jones for President (after we overthrow the evil empire)…

  15. islamictvdotcom says:

    May Allah destroy the satanic zionist regime


    At 1:56:00 You can see the pigs intimidation tactic of flashing multiple flashlights at the interviewers, they try to scare them by blinding them & obfuscating their view of the offending pig officers! I’M NOT SCARED, BRING IT ON!!!

  17. a2zhandi says:

    they’re using you, the tax payer(s) to protect their own cartel NOT from the terrorists they claim.

    Anybody saying their gov. has been working in their behalf in the last 30 years

    are either brain dead or one of the organizations protectors.

  18. WTF87182 says:

    At 150:30,,That’s the new average American thanks to the poison put in the water and food, And as you can see from the looks of her that nasty dumb pig eats more then her share making her the nasty thing that she is,,And theirs millions of those breeding and eating and breeding and eating and! were doomed?

  19. ChicagoPatriot1776 says:

    shutup assface, its so obvious what you are doing.

  20. unsheepled says:

    At 22 min the answer is clear… IT SUPPOSED to be bad – to justify this crap !
    Hegelian dialectic ! Problem reaction solution all by the same bankster paid thugs!!

  21. TheAtheistworld says:

    kill police!!!! now!!!! go slay police and hang them on trees!!!!! now!!!!
    kill police!!!!! now!!!! go slay police and hang them on trees!!!! now!!!!!
    kill police!!! now!!!! go slay police and hang them on trees!!! now!!!!!
    kill police!!!!! now!!!! go slay police and hang them on trees!!!!! now!!!!

  22. MrSpan0701 says:

    Its mostly necessary that people wake up and think carefully about who we elect or its going to lead to an armed revolution or we all get enslaved in darkness by the evil.

  23. MrSpan0701 says:

    When the police state has been overthrown there should be medal for Alex Jones.

  24. AdrianGLawson says:

    FEMA (Federal End Militarily of America)


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