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America, Police State, FEMA Camps in America

This is a video about the growing number of FEMA camps in America. Plus what are they for? Does it have anything to do with us and our loss of liberty and the growing number of black clad police officers at every peaceful protest and rally that are ready to crack open heads the first chance they get.

25 Responses to “America, Police State, FEMA Camps in America”

  1. Alicia Banks says:

    ndaa proves that hobama is the new hitler

    that fascist bankster hobama is a peace prized racist global warlord

    wwiii looms…


  2. lilmean12 says:

    i wish u people would stop falling for the government lies.all of them is the same it doesn’t matter WHO you vote for,matter fact your vote dont count.they already know who their putting in office,all of them are puppets working for the same puppeteer WAKE UP

  3. DarkRenaissance2012 says:

    What a joke that turned out to be eh? 🙁

  4. bdbd258 says:

    The devil is losing and at the end will be judged for all the crimes. LIVE AND ACT IN THE FREEDOM OF GOD (praying in a right form, following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the prison and deception of devil. Through Jesus Christ everybody can do a change for the better 🙂

  5. jon3371 says:

    1:13-does anyone who trained in STEM village on Ft. Leonardwood recognize the mock prison facility that the 31E’s train at? i sure do cuz its where i trained

  6. src438 says:

    THE RED-BLUE-LIST Sound like a holicaust-The Illuminitti (they are behind that-unbelievele)-They jews (MAFIA-& RABINICALS CONNECTED)-are behind that -They are originly the one that created it-I can’t belive it!-THE ashkenazies-europians- JEWISH CREATED THAT HORRIFING THING-UNBELIEVELE!

  7. piglettetoy says:

    In Clarification:
    Fema camps are for the internment of all corrupt leaders of society. Corrupt politicians, monarchies,global elite, bankers, judiciary, corrupt secret societies, institutions, governments, pharmaceutical companies, corrupt religions and all other degenerate leaders of society who have tried in vain to place the World into slavery. Legally Processed within the constitution.
    jsf 25 2 2011

  8. MsMihailescu says:

    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
    (The Jew,December 1925,Zinobit
    The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands.This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people
    Le Peuple Juif,February 8,1919
    If you want the whole truth,the future of America,what is coming your ways,please read this book for free on internet
    Who Is Esau-Edom,Who Is Esau-Edom

  9. Joe Araya says:

    Thank you for not adding music to this video! The words and pictures are powerful enough without some heavy metal or ominous music diluting the message. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  10. entrapment68 says:

    I did the research and here is the truth:
    popularmechanics. com/technology/military/news/4312850
    There are plenty of facts that are enough to make me hate the government but they aren’t present here.

  11. entrapment68 says:

    I did the research and here is the truth:
    popularmechanics. com/technology/military/news/4312850
    There are plenty of facts that are enough to make me hate the government but they aren’t present here.

  12. Bleeding1408 says:

    no don’t join a governmental party join the zeitgeist movement and really help get ALL of us the people placed back in the drivers seat and be rid of this greedy government that kills everyone that trys to speak the truth or seek it!!!just typing this could get me killed someday and thats the stone cold truth and if people don’t wake up we will be doomed if not already!!

  13. y0ungunz says:

    666 can suck my dick

  14. jazzmanbop says:

    the slogan for all thinking people should to bankster created planned economic downturn,no to bankster planned world war three

  15. bisstube says:

    heres what i think….everyone should not rule out anything. because anything can happen. this can be true, or fake. or whatever. however, it doesnt hurt to be informed of both sides. you should have a plan of action either way. like insurance…be prepared ahead of time so you can make the next step. whether martial law takes effect or not.. vote for the right direction, for all of us.

  16. rmweav11 says:

    same here me my boys all have 12 guages.. once they come, we’re dropping a few and then disappearing into the thick woods of east texas.

  17. jp7464 says:

    Well for a start you all can join Campaign for Liberty, it was founded by Ron Paul and is over 200,000 strong now. When they write you and tell you to write your congressman about a sneaky bill they are trying to pass in congress then do it.
    When Congress gets flooded with letters and calls from hundreds of thousands of people they usually don’t ignore it.

  18. Renee Pickett says:

    TACMARS – Secret Military Codes
    Discovered In Our Road Signs

  19. Greenhornet270 says:

    I have my 12 guage under my bed….and after I send some FEMA people to the Happy Hunting ground…I will disappear deep into the swamps of Louisiana…

  20. bosboz says:

    So…what are we supposed to do?
    Die? Leave? Vote (lol)? They can’t be stopped.

  21. kenneth mabie says:

    also , FUCK THE GOVERNMENT, bunch of punk ass old white bitches

  22. kenneth mabie says:

    row row fight the powah! viva la revoltion! i’m with you on standing up for are freedoms, even if this isnt true , which i know it is, the government is not the people it says it represents, and yes in know the danger of using my real name and voicing this opinion but in all honestly they would fine out any of our real information anyway, i’ll just save them the work and when they come knocking i’ll ask for their warrent , if they dont have one aint comming in if they try ill protect my family!

  23. JCyrelle says:

    this is a big problem that most people need ALL THAT just to see something that is so clear. They havent given us websites, audio, video, news footage, etc. proving Barrack is a US Citizen but everybody believes that. But in order to believe a concentration camp could exist in america, you need to see a body burning in an oven… I am not attacking you at all, because there is no more time for division and fighting. we HAVE TO come together now or we will all perish… all of us who arent Rich..

  24. yvell says:

    With the prejudice and discrimination that is resurging nowadays I doubt the united we will stand in a revolution. To whom will they shoot? To the hispanics? To the U.S. Army? To the congressmen?

  25. 00587649 says:

    Yes,what most people fail to do always is their own homework.


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