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Australia – Police State

This is a breif glimpse at the draconian measures that have been imposed on Australians following 9/11 and other subsequent false flag ‘terrorist’ attacks. It shows some of the laws the Government now has at its disposal, examples of desensitisation to a police state like Blackhawk helicopters doing unannounced ‘routine’ training exercises in the middle of the Sydney CBD, and the Orwellian measures imposed on the Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory (which are enforced by the military), under the NTER (Northern Territory Emergency Intervention) which are in direct violation of the RDA (Racial Discrimination Act) and the opinions of some of the people who are effected by these laws. This is to show people just how far gone our country really is. If we think we are safe from the NWO, and our government wouldn’t possibly subject us to laws such as un-warranted search and seizures, then think again. Have you ever made a threat against the government? You are a terrorist according to our laws. Have you ever made a threat because of religious beliefs (eg A Christian telling someone they will burn in hell)? You are now considered a terrorist by the Australian Government, and a whole range of brand spankin’ new opressive laws can be used against you. Please wake up and look around you, I have tried to squeeze in as much information as I can in this 10 minute time slot, but there is so much more information. Australia has no Alex Jones to give them the information on a
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25 Responses to “Australia – Police State”

  1. bringitbackclean says:

    i know karl o’callaghan’s son russell o’callaghan. he’s a mechanic at savage motor cycles in perth. he’s druggie scum and he used to beat up his girlfriend while she was pregnant with his own kid. he gets a pass for every crime he copmmits because he’s the commissioner’s son and he informs on dealers to perth detectives.

  2. BenjiMC1993 says:

    Wow, you are a true asshole, you need to give the government the appropriate powers to be able to protect you. If you don’t like it, fuck off out.

  3. ihaveagaydar says:

    they’ve publicly announced in america that they want to start civil war and their doing the same here. youve gotta stop paying tax

  4. 2dingodogs says:

    So true we are loosing our rights every bit of our life’s are controlled u name it everything these new bikeie laws are to crush the only people left who can mount a resistance with the guns and man power they have there our only hope these bikkies should counter act and open a political party all redgster to vote in the same area and win a seat that would put a cat with the pigeons

  5. ihaveagaydar says:

    If their trying to stop child abuse, why teach kids about killing in school at about 7 years old. I had a kid walk past me pretending he had a shotgun, I said hi and then he pretends to shoot me and just keeps aiming. Is there a crime this terrorist gov hasn’t committed yet?

  6. thebaskill says:

    Wow badpanda84, just listen to yourself. You sre clearly indoctrinated by the New World Order. Those crime rates are just bullshit made up your nations governmant. I would know, it happens here in the US almost constantly.

  7. sean sullivan says:

    its all about the money have u any idea what fear is worth well some one knows

  8. badpanda84 says:

    Not really — shooting are still not that common in Australia compared to the US — and more important if the cops find outlaws who have guns — they can be confiscated without too many problems ( because they can’t hide behind the 2nd amendment)

  9. badpanda84 says:

    It has nothing to do with guns — the only reason why no one invades switzerland ( at least not in WW2 is simply the terrain)

    you cant drive tanks up onto mountains…

  10. asmodeus87 says:

    You’re a nut.

  11. aussie john says:

    check out youtube ( why no one invades switzerland ) these intelligent people have the right thinking and enjoy true freedom and a very low crime rate. they are the proof that having firearms for defence works.

  12. aussie john says:

    those mongrels already have guns , its the law abiding citizens who have been disarmed

  13. SuperOusie says:

    even three out of 7 police stated oswald you have been wronged, but its the sitem they claimed.

  14. SuperOusie says:

    incitement of conflict comes from our own incompetent government .

  15. SuperOusie says:

    like to contact you write to PO Box 20 thung Fon Thailand 41310 I will travel there in October and posibly not be able to retern to Australia after that time. just becouse our goverment fails to acound for there asumbtions as they call it today.

  16. SuperOusie says:

    So familiar

    why do YouTube believe I no longer have U tube videos.? because its baned. I can not promote , draw, and use media of any kind to expose our governments wrong doing. by judicial decisions.

  17. Logan Anderson says:

    5:16 not a blackhawk see the shape.

  18. IdaSputum says:

    Off-shore bankers who run fascist govt WANT an unarmed populace who cant fight back when govt sends them to death camps.

  19. badpanda84 says:

    Sure if you were the only one allowed to have guns and no one else then sure you might have a piont

  20. IdaSputum says:


  21. IdaSputum says:

    Bad panda, life without guns is much harder than life with  guns. As a 5.5ft female in UIK, i know

  22. MrHajicat says:

    Hey i dont really care to disscuss the topic any further, however a fact to consider, to date 70 shootings have taken place in Sydney just this year. The last massacre was in 2007 at a uni. The point i cant get my head around is that the statistics on gun murders haven’t changed since the 80’s they have been on a steady decrease since then and the laws of 1996 have had no affect on them. So why restrict shooters more?

  23. badpanda84 says:

    “”these mongrels have no fear because they know most people are defenceless””

    And you really want to give those mongrels guns..

  24. badpanda84 says:

    But Australia is full of drunk idiots — in Northbridge drunken brawls happen all the time — you really want those people to have guns

  25. badpanda84 says:

    But its such are rare occurance in Australia its not a big deal — you probably have a much bigger chance of getting eaten by a shark than getting shot in Australia


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