Barack Obama’s Martial Law Plans Revealed!! |

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Barack Obama’s Martial Law Plans Revealed!!

Rise of the 99% Part 1

25 Responses to “Barack Obama’s Martial Law Plans Revealed!!”

  1. Courtey Jones says:

    But no one is really allowed to control their money/tax….only a small portion, but the system and everything behind it, bankers..don’t they have almost all the control?

  2. Courtey Jones says:


  3. baddad59 says:

    Such a crock of shit !..lolol..You right wing fags can believe whatever they want you to,I mean you are such great sheeple,I’ll trust common sense and facts.

  4. ilegalsoy says:

    Oh boy, 2012 almost ending, nothing happened, how is your face now conspiracy guys? Guys, there are better things to worry about. Go out and grow a tree.

    Wait if Romney wins, his mormonism will a source of so many conspiracies. You watch out…It’s going to be funny!

  5. Wally Bastardo says:

    There are fags everywhere! but if you’re straight like me, there’s nothing like California, I screwed a Chinese chick last night, last week I got laid by 2 beautiful Russian girls, and tomorrow I’m going out with German twins, What a life! My dick takes abuse like a champ
    You probably haven’t been laid .lately, move to California if you want some.
    Shame, that you would die in the near future and not get lucky like I have. It’s not too late.

  6. kallistiX1 says:

    Ok. From the top. The NDAA isn’t martial law and Obama isn’t the first president to sign it. It’s a budget that gets signed every year by every president since before my mother was born. Now, the one for 2012 was different because it affirms the presidents right to do what he could already under the Patriot Act. The reason why it was signed on New Years Eve is because that was the earliest time he could do it and it had to be signed before 2012 started.

  7. SuperDeluxe80 says:

    just admited you live in a cave. you didnt even search the government sites. or any other. he did do a such thing on new years eve of last year.
    look up -> NDAA, obama signs ndaa, obama 12/31/2011
    only a dirty mother fucker will sign something like this on a day everyone is partying

    do your self a favor and look it up. not hard to google search its all over the place

  8. kallistiX1 says:

    Exactly the childish response I’d expect from one of you NWO morons. You let me know know how that final conflict turns out, sweetie.

  9. Millard Huff says:

    You go vote for your master obama the muslim communist pig that he is and i will see your ass on the battle field

  10. kallistiX1 says:

    Do you have something to say or do you just intend to swear at me until I see your point? Here’s the problem with you people, you folks are fundamentally divorced from reality with the exact same level of faith-based nothing that religious morons have relied to scare people for centuries. This video makes a claim and does not support with evidence but instead with propaganda, which I always thought you people were against. Grow up and make an argument or fuck right off.

  11. Millard Huff says:

    Stop writing stupid shit when you don’t know jack shit what you are talking about.

  12. Millard Huff says:

    Dude get your head out of your ass will you and wake moron. 

  13. kallistiX1 says:

    You wake up. These idiotic notions of a super competent government with unlimited power and infallible plans bankrolled by a shadow elite bent on killing people because they want power and hate life is absolute fantasy. This world has REAL problems, if you want to make actual difference climb out of your homemade bunker, pick a project and get to work.

  14. kallistiX1 says:

    No, I live in the real world not the delusional word of on-line paranoia which is why I know he did no such thing.

  15. SuperDeluxe80 says:

    lol you live in a cave?
    obama signed it 12/31/2011

  16. Millard Huff says:

    San Francisco is full of fags thats why they are to busy blowing each other cocksucker.

  17. Millard Huff says:

    IT’S happening now dude wake the fuck up

  18. britman41 says:

    What a load of bollocks

  19. harveytexarkana2 says:

    anything the goverment wants to happen will happen one way or another

  20. Wally Bastardo says:

    It’s nice in California, San Francisco to be exact. Nice weather, no gun nuts like most of you people, nice views, economy is good. And food you ask, all kinds of diversity. I can eat Japanese food for breakfast, Mexican food lunch, French cuisine for dinner, and this is within 3 blocks from where I live. I don’t freeze on Winter and not bake during summer. What a life!!!

  21. 143LadyMindless says:

    o it will work don’t worry all the citizens will have the mark of the beast and the non citizens will get beheaded

  22. 1010232ful says:


  23. jim man says:

    why the gulitines wouldnt it be cleaner to do it some other way a bullet maybe, but if marshal law it will because of a economic colapse and following civil unrest. the government would confiscate all farm animals and food for distribution this makes more sense then killing off it’s people. maybe the fema camps are for the people on the list who knows, but to kill your own people off would only make more enemys of the survivors.

  24. Luke Treuter says:

    Jesus is coming soon! You American’s better wake up! I know there are few out there who are aware of what is going on but things are about to get real bad! Obama is a eveil sneaky man! Turn to Jesus!

  25. kallistiX1 says:

    Joseph’s films are a collection of NWO/Jew banker rhetoric that has indeed been around for ages. Nearly every other claim is based off quotes and events taken way out of context or made by folk who were crackpots. Much of the banking portion stuff was debunked before I was born. The film is wrong about the cause of the American Revolution, UTTERLY wrong about the forming of the central banks, JP Morgan, Jekyll Island, clearly wrong about the Fed, Black Tuesday and what lead to it. For starters.


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