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Clayton Ruby defends Charlie Veitch, second person charged under Public Works Protection Act To watch a multi-part episode, click the link Below: www.therealnews.com
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  1. Getoutnow74 says:

    Is Charlie Veech a fucking retard?  He got what he deserved.

  2. ultimatevil111111 says:

    1 month ago a Judge in Florida took a decision

    to take a little 3 year old girl away from my

    sister and give her to a lying Hippocrate with a

    history of abuse, the police officer, a friend of

    that judge arrested my sister after her husband

    ATTACKED her and claimed she kidnapped

    her OWN daughter!! The judge apparently was

    a werewolf and did not care about the Law or

    Constitution. The law system in the US is a

    scam!!! Wake up!

  3. ultimatevil111111 says:

    There IS no Law in the United States in a true

    meaning of the word. Politicians and law

    enforcement adjust their system according to

    THEIR ambitions and life expectations. They

    have no Empathy, the system is SOOO screwed

    up, it’s well beyond the “Good and Evil” and

    this point. While obedient slaves are distracted

    with daily non existent problems, the Nations in

    general are about to lose the FREEDOM in

    itself, and start living in a prison State. Wake


  4. jackchorn says:

    IYou do know this happens all the time. If you don’t think it does then you are not paying attention and only concerned with you and your immediate souroundings.
    This apathy toward these laws being passed is what is erroding our countries. For some reason you don’t hear about these things happening at tea party protests and I don’t think thats because they arent doing the same things.

  5. pratsch42 says:

    Careful on your exposure if you are 4 real man . I have seen tons and tons of proxy bloggers trying to gain info on ppl.

  6. Libertytreeradio says:

    Vote with your wallet and buy more ammo and mags ASAP. Watch the latest vid posted on Libertytreeradio and share it. Organize, arm, equip and train as a Militia/Team. Don’t wait until the last minute. MGK/GDW!

  7. luckyluckdragon says:

    Scary but it is the new administration. Yep he was nice at first; I guess didnt like routine. That is scary. Maybe later in life we will get someone better. Maybe two years or four years after.
    I hope I survive this age; this is just too much.

  8. TheSADVeeto says:

    You should not insult people’s intelligence/ignorance. hehe I’m having a tough time understanding you but it’s the internetz so I understand that you may not be entirely sincere.

  9. jack91x says:

    If you know the number of citizens of working age in a nation (2010 census, anyone?) and the number of people with jobs (from taxes) you know the number of unemployed people. As for being tough, his comment, which is now deleted, was him claiming that he would attack me on sight, or shoot me if I ever went to Philly. You didn’t know that because the comments are gone, but you probably shouldn’t come into a conversation halfway through and insult people when you don’t know what’s going on.

  10. TheSADVeeto says:

    Dude Unemployment that you hear of is only the people on welfare. The real numbers are unknown to the public so it would not surprise me if it passed 20 in the near future. Beating someone up does NOT make you tough. Just a BULLY. Even if someone does deserve it. SO slow down your happy MMA ego and get over yourself.

  11. MAD43652 says:

    To sum it up people ( i do not condom ) BUT the only thing that they will respond to is violence, and to my understanding this is not to far off. I,m an old man from Northern Ontario. You trap a fox or a wolf or bear in a leg trap, when you get there they will lash out at you cause there freedom has been taken away ( they can,t escape ) That is where we are at

  12. halo9372 says:

    well of coarse their gonna detain you dumbshit your required to have identification. the only real question is what jurisdiction are they operating in and why is this footage so chopped up. sound like a bunch of bullshit to me.

  13. smellyfooty says:

    in canada, you will not get a day in court unless you have ALOT of money.

  14. smellyfooty says:

    do what you’re told and watch your t.v.
    there! now it’s a peaceful society

  15. smellyfooty says:

    the police hold a “gang” mentality. they are really above the law 90 % of the time

  16. KYKIN44 says:

    it takes law enforcement to have a police state. Police are lapdogs for the rich & ruling class. They are the rich and ruling class private army, that’s why they get by with anything they are not your friends. Their job is to arrest you put you in jail or kill you when the ruling class wants to have a police state. The police will do as they are told, the police are armed and retarded they will hurt you. The police love kill people for fun they are the enemy of the people.

  17. bobafettfan32 says:

    When seconds matter the police are minutes away. I live in the United States and if a person decides to make the mistake of breaking into my home then they are in for a very bad day! Folks be it in Canada, France, the United States or where ever you better wake up!!! A one world government is on the horizon, mark my words.

  18. GoCo77 says:

    Don’t impersonate, even in jest! It comes under criminal code acts.

  19. jack91x says:

    Riiight. Is Lexington close enough for you? And I doubt you even own a firearm with that talk. Even if you do, you lack the years of training to use one effectively. Having lived in Southwest Philly I can say from experience that nobody there can aim worth a damn. If you’re too scared to meet me and fight face to face, you’re not worth my time. Go back to your pathetic life.

  20. jack91x says:

    I do live in a city, one that used to be known for its crime and unemployment, before the city paid for large gentrification projects, such as having security companies assist the police and enforcing curfew. And no, the national unemployment rate is only 8.3%, nowhere near 20. And if you’d like to prove that you’re so tough, I do travel to different gyms around the country for MMA fights, I would be glad to break your spine for you. I’d be doing the world a favor.

  21. jack91x says:

    I’m an idiot because a man was arrested for breaking the law? AMAZING! You know what? If you hate the cops so much, don’t bother calling them the next time you have a problem. Maybe that’ll teach you some gratitude for what they do.

  22. jack91x says:

    So a man breaks the law and is arrested. Are we supposed to be outraged? All he had to do was show ID and not impersonate MI6. He deliberately put himself in a position to be arrested, and then acts like a victim. I’d take a bet that if he was a victim of a crime, he’d be quite grateful to have the police come to his aid. They’re just doing their job. Get a life.

  23. n0tthej0nes says:

    @chaosmew161 eventually you will see that the conspiracy theories you believe in are the ones that people like rmoeoehokimike369 and myself are afraid of. But you go ahead and keep thinking there is nothing to see in everything that people are trying to scream about for people to hear. you, sir or mam, are the lost cause.


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