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Gibson Guitar; Raw Milk; lemonade-=Police State; regulations and “free market” The Stench of Truth Radio show every Friday 7-9PM Eastern time. http Also airs the show. http www.tenebroust-populist The Stench of Truth (486).mp4 There is no such things as too much regulation on corporations, period. Police state tactics are being used in the instances cited it is not a regulation issue really. Free market is a race to the bottom, PERIOD. Austrian economics is a failure but even so you can’t prove it since they accept no statistics or evidence. Austrian School economics SUCKS, PERIOD. Here’s a sample of Austrian lunacy from their own mouths

25 Responses to “Gibson Guitar; Raw Milk; lemonade-=Police State; regulations and “free market””

  1. UCSDEngineerDoctor says:

    FUCK THE UNIONs & FUCK YOU OBAMA. REGULATION NATION. To make everybody slaves to the bureaucracy so OBAMA & his democratic cronies profit off our miseries.

  2. snowfallzz says:

    3:00.. Egypt and Dubai are players in this. I looked up investing in Kurdistan and a few other places that are still unsecured.. You SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LIST! Hotels, waiting to be built. Hospitals and Resorts and shit. Egypt has a lot of resort stuff they’re putting in. Construction..Germany.. England 2. man o’ man. And the city even have a panel set up as recently as 2002! Now this is places like Kurdistan etc. The places Zig Big talked about in Grand Chessboard. I LOL@ skeptics

  3. allianceFiLifeDotCom says:

    did you see one?

  4. coolintensity1 says:

    “It just is that way and it works because we say it does”…That’s pretty much
    the Austrian School of Everything. But underlying it all, there’s a method to
    the madness. And I’m not just saying that because I’m part Austrian.

  5. KYKIN44 says:

    it takes law enforcement to have a police state. Police are lapdogs for the rich & ruling class. They are the rich and ruling class private army, that’s why they get by with anything they are not your friends. Their job is to arrest you put you in jail or kill you when the ruling class wants to have a police state. The police will do as they are told, the police are armed and retarded they will hurt you. The police love kill people for fun they are the enemy of the people.

  6. unabonger777 says:

    in other words, instead of raising the minimum wage, abolish it, and cut the work week as much as necessary to drive up the cost of labor to the desired level. this also incentivizes people to work because they get fairly compensated AND have more leisure time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  7. unabonger777 says:

    also I want to say as far as free markets are concerned, technology is in direct opposition to full employment because the purpose of technology is to do more with less, that means more capital and less labor. we are at a place where computers and robots are providing massive productivity gains but labor share of the wealth is being cut out. the answer is for the government to mandate shorter work week, that has the effect of reducing the supply of labor and raising wages. rinse and repeat.

  8. unabonger777 says:

    not sure if austrian economics sucks really but the fact is you can’t get there from here. we are in a different place and time than when those guys were proposing their theories. there are some interesting truths to be found.

  9. djdnauk1977 says:

    seeing as austrian economists were the only ones able to accurately predict the economic crisis & have made further predictions that the stimulus used will only make things worse… its pretty safe to say theyre right, or at least if you dont beleive them now at least look at their predictions to see if they come true & compare that to other economists

  10. djdnauk1977 says:

    corporations are by definition (under the state) legal entities, they cannot exist in a free market, in their current form, without the states laws (ie: people must use violence against peaceful people in order for corporations to exist & monopolise via corruption, like they do now)

  11. AussieGriffin says:

    The trick is money and credit. Private corporations can issue credit and governments or their chosen private concerns can print money with or without interest.

    Why can’t you issue credit against your promise to repay it? Isn’t this what a bank does when it monetizes your signature? When people can do that for themselves then banks will become building societies that fund local infrastructure with an interest people care to allow.
    I just might work.

  12. QuantumBunk says:

    Why is this guy speaking with a background full of broken glass?

  13. tenebroust says:

    Yeah it sucks. I don’t like taxes either. I’m not “for” taxes but as long as this is the system we have then I am for everyone paying their “share”. That means tax the rich more, tax corporations more, etc. I’d be very pleased to see a system that would work, that did not put the burden on the poor and middle class and did away with taxes but I am referring to what we have now.

  14. tenebroust says:

    Actually Ron Paul supporters think they have all the answers. I never claim to be smarter than anyone but spouting slogans and having no idea of ultimate outcomes is just stupid, sorry. I am making no such confusion you are refusing to see what is plainly apparent. Deregulation that. according to you, would “allow” poor Joe’s Market to get into business and compete with Mega-Markets Inc. would also allow Mega-Markets Inc. to expand and force Joe out of business.

  15. tenebroust says:

    I disagree. Other economic systems are equally able to predict market actions. Austrian economics is pseudoscientific. I don’t support Keynes either.

  16. johnnyangel26 says:

    I work as a slave 4-6 months out of the year to pay my taxes now. You do too, you just haven’t done the math yet. Also I hear you may be losing your job soon, sorry about that. I hope you find a new master to serve real soon..

  17. carriellbee says:

    Most of what I have are skills… Computer repair, sewing, cooking, cleaning, proofreading, and many more…. What do you have?

  18. johnnyangel26 says:

    I’m sorry, is there a question in there?

  19. johnnyangel26 says:

    I love how you liberals think you are the smartest person in the room. Not only do I think for myself, but unlike you I am capable of analytical thought. You are confusing free markets with corporatism. Or maybe you think they are one and the same. Get a clue!

    So according to you, it’s better to keep on doing what we are currently doing because at least we know what we’re going to get, is that right? A vote for anyone, other than the doctor, might as well be a vote for Obama.

  20. disclosurenow9 says:

    you might want to look at the Food Safety and Modernization Act. It is a direct assault on small farmers and sellers of organic produce.

  21. disclosurenow9 says:

    yup that is the truth I still remember the econ professor who ridiculed me in class for buying 250 gold. I wonder how his diversified stock portfolio is doing?

  22. disclosurenow9 says:

    What was that big sucking sound I just heard? Haha. Remember Ross Perot?
    Instead we got Clinton the globalist who repealed Glass-Stiegal and signed NAFTA.

  23. disclosurenow9 says:

    the more things change the more they stay the same. what we have is modern day slavery. somewhere along the line they discovered that it was more efficient to let your slave fend for himself rather than have to tie up capital, and feed and clothe him (or her)

  24. disclosurenow9 says:

    Looks exactly like my basement. I like the natural stone look. I would, however invest that skim coat money if I had it, in some nice replacement basement windows. I’m hoping I can before winter.

  25. disclosurenow9 says:

    Cows are not supposed to eat corn. It causes a lot of problems and suffering for the cows. It is also why there is so much E-coli. and they have to keep the cows on big pharm drugs to counteract the infections. HOWEVER. Corn is heavily subsidized in the US, so it is the cheapest way (for BIG AG) to feed the cows. Scam upon Scam upon Scam.


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