Is America A Police State? The Role of Psychiatry |

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Is America A Police State? The Role of Psychiatry

Is America A Police State? The Role of Psychiatry

Dr. Breeding discusses the use of psychiatry as method of social control. Is the USA becoming a police state? Our freedoms and civil liberties are being stripped away. Obama is working hard to put in place mental health screening programs to screen all military personnel, children and mothers. Laws are being pushed in the US and the UK which allow people to be institutionalized without having committed a crime. Are we headed to a totalitarian state? What’s the role that big pharma is playing? Related Video Mental Health Screening, Psychiatry & Pharma Marketing Scam Mandatory Psychiatry Screening Scam, Mothers Act MOTHERS Act Seeks to Drug Expectant Mothers with Antidepressants to “Treat” Postpartum Depression Visit Dr. Breeding’s Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http Copyright © Wildest Colts 2009. All Rights Reserved.

25 Responses to “Is America A Police State? The Role of Psychiatry”

  1. GENERALLEE27 says:

    Yes, the year the Federal Reserve was implimented. Then Roosavelt took America into bankruptcy in 1933 (making the Constitution void as America is now a Corporation, NOT a Republic) and,

    Nixon ended the Dollars link to Gold in 1971 (he then floated the Dollar against other currencys rather than fix it). This in turn led to ‘Regonomics’ – maintaining the high standard of living by pumping people with debt, which has led to 2008 – 2012’s Wall Street’s Financialisation war (vs) real economy (us)!

  2. spystyle says:

    Can’t we have this read by one of the women ? (LOL)

  3. joanarc1111 says:

    Please watch my story”TIFFANY LEBOUEF SEEKS JUSTICE”. I have documents to prove my innocence yet no one wants to even acknowledge it. My life has been destroyed.

    Look up PRISON STOCKS….very lucrative….WHO ARE THE INVESTORS???


  4. khamsin1948 says:

    This info and relevant material should be repeat. Pass it on.

  5. darrenritt27 says:

    All Politicians and Public Officials should be required to undergo an MRI and a mental health evaluation before employment. The results should be made public along with the usual profile.

  6. dgareea31swtg says:

    Amen, my friend.

    I’m very glad that, at least, some people are awake. God help these shitbags when the American public gets a hold of them!

  7. dgareea31swtg says:

    My friend, I completely agree with you.

    Call them ‘freemasons,’ call them DHS. Hell, call them CIA, NSA. They’re ALL FASCIST PIGS! I used to work for these commie s***s…I know how they work, and what they do. They’re SCARED of TRUE AMERICANS. We believe in FREEDOM!

    When the American people figure out what these subhumans have been doing to them – robbing them of their Constitutional freedoms at every opportunity – God help them….

    They will kill me for posting this. So? FCIA

  8. Mattothee says:

    what happened ?

  9. moomen100 says:

    Great video

  10. TheDemeted says:

    Bro, we’ve been in trouble since 1913…

  11. tomisp68 says:

    Thank you for your insight wisdom and truth. Real news and views you can trust unlike the big 3 you see on TV.(full of rhetoric and propaganda)

  12. draphaelc says:

    I wish I knew what you actually said. Google’s translation wasn’t any clearer.

  13. dgareea31swtg says:

    Sounds like Nazi eugenics to me. Very severe danger indeed!

  14. dgareea31swtg says:

    It’s not torture anymore; that doesn’t exist. Call it ‘enhanced interrogation…’ The most mentally ill people of all run our world and our communities!

    Dr. Breeding has NO idea just how correct he is. I’ve recently experienced the very things he speaks of in this very prescient and accurate video. Pre-crime policing is here! We are in deep trouble, America.

  15. smartification1 says:

    Bless you for doing these videos. I lost years of my life as a prescription pill head. Then more years after getting off of that crap trying to get the fog to clear. Let’s face it Michael Jacskson died from prescription drugs.

  16. wisdomtrek says:

    Amerika with a K not a C!

  17. StarkeyRK says:

    This needs to be watched by every American on this planet.

  18. burmanhands says:

    As Thaddeus Golas described, consciousness is at best only about ‘probabilities’ of communication between people – with different agendas all our relationships are potentially wild. So all cultures try to ‘domesticate’ their citizens to manage them – cultural norms. Europe and USA being are just better at doing it – but to excess. Even it leads to alienation and ultimate madness. Look at people in the street, either they have that dead cow look – or the slowly going crazy look.

  19. spectacular775 says:

    there are things we input into our bodies that if not cause this shit make it 25 times as worse.i don’t beleive in these terms you use.

  20. spectacular775 says:

    there are things we input into our bodies that if not cause this shit make it 25 times as worse.

  21. 8erfromdec says:

    interesting, but what does one do when they have some sort of mental disorder then? i know that bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia are real because i have friends and family with it.

  22. mba2ceo says:

    USA is a fascist entity.

  23. wwwtotalitaerde says:

    Then I would like to propose that the muggers may be snitchers….

  24. Annu1tco3pt1s says:

    I smell scifags here!

  25. John James says:

    I was robbed age 13 in a metro station and naturally the cameras were offline, attacked by gangs of chavs at age 16 and 18 and on both occasions cameras were facing the wrong direction. I know of two murders in my local area by chavs who went to my secondary school where some of the individuals involved got away Scot free.

    I’m a Techno-Anarchist but Christ I wish the fucking police state would at the very least get the policing bit right.


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