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Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory – Police State Part 3 of 6

“Police State” It’s been said the government has a plan to declare martial law and round up millions of United State citizens into concentration camps. Jesse may have found a conspiracy in plain sight as he investigates the proliferation of law enforcement Fusion Centers around the country. And they may be connected to hundreds of detention centers ready to accept prisoners at the stroke of a Presidential pen.

24 Responses to “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory – Police State Part 3 of 6”

  1. sinaustralia says:

    good vid well done

  2. 6296england says:

    Its all the illuminati they are setting all this up 🙁

  3. Nkereal says:

    the secret society are satinists. they are the most elite people in the world and form a group for the new world order. they control the government and police that’s why you see 666 on highways, cop cars, buldings exc.

  4. teinesocity says:

    Jesse is my hero

  5. BeulahLips says:

    Depending on one’s perspective, ANYTHING can be a conspiracy.. for Jesse, everything is.

  6. DNormanJames says:

    NO THERE AREN”T.Shelters he was gawking about at the end of that video!haha,what a load of4-eyed-extraterrestrial animalshit if it ever existed and was never published for aknowledgement!Any country with a fragment of intelligence has established a barracks for worse case scenario events!Its only plausible to protect what matters most,above all, EXISTANCE!And its a guarantee that all tax payers have invested a percentage of their bottomdollar towardsuch ashelter claimed tobe non-existant period!

  7. ShadowNinjaClan1 says:

    We are the ShadowNinjaClan! We stay in the Shadow’s! We are no one! We are here! Protect the world! Show now fear!

  8. delano31326 says:

    This have really to be a wake up call too American people about this because this is so unamerican for what they are doing.

  9. photovoltaic2010 says:

    most likely that’s the police car unit number or asset number. most police cars have thier number on the roof so police helicopters can identify them from the air.

  10. JaykFX says:

    i know it seems odd but surely it’s ‘999’ – the emergency service number in England – I know it sounds like I’m hating but I’m not just ‘Doing-a-Jesse’; asking questions.

  11. Bob Dole says:

    a number?

  12. mmx13 says:

    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety .

    Ron Paul – Jesse Ventura 2012

    news infowarrior76(dot)com

  13. Warex06 says:


  14. wakeupurdreaming says:


  15. 1livingdeadgrl says:

    so if you oppose isreal that automatically makes you a terrorist? so what if isreal opposes other countries is the favor returned? that kind of childish favoritism makes me wonder if the jews are not behind alot of satanic/occult/terrorist/genocide/911/moneygrubbing activities in the world :-/

  16. PeoplesGeneral says:

    “This guy is a fucking screw-job. He must have taken one to many knocks to the head when he was in the WWF if he actually believes all this crap”

    Coming from a British guy who enjoys bowing to his some old woman with a crown…

  17. orange70383 says:

    coming up Jesse exsposes his–self in front of top officials and gives each of them a good peter thump on the forehead.

  18. HenshinHotties says:

    This guy is a fucking screw-job. He must have taken one to many knocks to the head when he was in the WWF if he actually believes all this crap

  19. cyclingheroify says:

    are you nuts? She’s part of Tony Blair’s cabal

  20. will1129 says:

    Damn June is a piece of ass.

  21. ValkyrieAlexis says:

    And your saying this online why? lol

  22. ValkyrieAlexis says:

    Jehovah witnesses? =l do more research bud

  23. UFCMania98 says:

    I bet the one dislike is a homeland security agent lol….it’s funny but probably true

  24. mfckemall says:

    this shit is crazy and i new this would happen in due time.The bible fortells of this happening especially to peopole like the jehovahs witnesses, who dont salute the flag just like christians in roman times would not support the romans. look who pierced jesus in the side while he was on the cross. the romans and the romans did what they did to jesus and so they will do the same acts 5 25-30 and psams 2,also rev.17: 10 – 14 the beast is the un &the7th king is the us, and britain.


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