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Lost in the American Police State

Lost in the American Police State

▀█▀ █▀ █_█ ▀█▀ █▬█ BeKnown www.facebook.com – video montage of militarized police around the United States. Featuring the track “Lost in Las Vegas” by Two Steps From Hell

25 Responses to “Lost in the American Police State”

  1. mario G says:

    ahh the soldiers of Romney And Obama.

  2. anonymousleakswiki says:

    I will stand for my country if anything tries to take away our rights or tries to hurt our people, but if the Government starts to hurt our people an stake away our rights, you’d be damned strait I’ll fight them too.

  3. anonymousleakswiki says:

    Exactly. I would also like to bring up the line “dressed and equipped like the military”

    Dressed is the right word. The only thing that separates them from us, is a uniform, and their despise on us.

  4. MarlenaCarrillo says:

    We are in this video at 9:37….
    The Anaheim Protest…
    We are keeping the PEACE

  5. MarlenaCarrillo says:

    Justice for Kelly Thomas…

  6. Zwitchcore says:

    united states of america the free contry.. yeah I can see how free you guys are over there, i feel sad for you guys over there

  7. bashfulbrother says:

    About a year ago it became apparent that the police are beginning to act as a civilian controlling arm of the military. They are becoming more and more militaristic and using deadly force to counter civil unrest. The original role of the police was to serve and protect. They worked the job knowing that they may be called upon to surrender their life. Now, they kill before they face that threat. They no longer do anything but protect themselves. Pussy cowards.

  8. devouringfate says:

    damn that last pig was pissed hahahaha

  9. ken henderson says:

    dude how bout what police and military are capabble of doing to innocent folks just because someone n authority told them too…check out te movie Anonymous it tells a story of the experiments they did with this…its a movie not the group

  10. 93and99 says:

    3 corrupts cops didn’t want to be filmed and had to dislike the video.

  11. kloomin8 says:


  12. AnnieMowse says:

    Heartsick. I’m heartsick for my country today.

  13. SOSLICK22 says:

    Or, you know, they are there to try and counter what can often and easily occur when you get a large group of people together, especially when they are there for passionate reasons.

    You know, “mob mentality” or how people do things they ordinarily wouldn’t dream of when they are part of a group (Manson family).

    All I saw in this video (I’m on this channel for the same reason as most) was cops doing their job and most people getting exactly what they asked for by getting in the cops’ faces.

  14. loriemeacham1 says:

    This video is incredibly moving..of course, I’ve been through some beatings myself, so it really gives me chills..Very professional..I post it often.Thankyou!

  15. liderlider says:

    Another great video..The best channel on youtube.. These all videos are awesome ..Love the music on the video too

  16. WillTrollForTatertot says:

    Yeah, I love cops. Watch my video sometime lil buddy.

  17. soia421 says:

    I couldnt give a shit about alex jones you are obviously on the side of the cops right? The ones in the video all jacked up on roids and coke? If your not a cop you should be

  18. WillTrollForTatertot says:

    lol ‘psy-ops’. You get that from AJ?

    When is the last time the military showed up in your town? Not once have I seen them here in Cincinnati. News would have a field day with it.

    Would call you people retarded, but that would be an insult to handicap people.

  19. WillTrollForTatertot says:

    Of course I am a cop. I work for illumination, builderbergers happy meals, and new world supporters. After all, I disagree with mentally retarded people that wear tin foil hats, listen to folks like Art Bell, and regurgitate absurd ignorance espoused by Alex Jones.

    You got.

  20. WillTrollForTatertot says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. We all work for ‘da man’, we all ‘sheeple’, we all ‘need to wake up’.

    I use to be retarded like you folks. Everything is a conspiracy, Alex Jones is the only person that gets it, on and on. One day, while listening to Mr Jones ramble on, shouting over his guest (which agreed with him btw), I realized how retarded he and people that think like him are. At which point, I realized that ‘prison planet dot com, prison planet dot come!!’ was nothing more than a Jew selling his wares.

  21. jenovaprodigal says:

    And one day when the bootheels are on the back of your neck, I hope you remember all the time you wasted trolling/shilling for the machine and have a moment of intense regret, followed by actually doing something useful with the last remainder of your life. Pissant.

  22. JayyKehd says:

    Their job is to serve and protect not prevoke and arrest whats with those pigs!

  23. soia421 says:

    ur a cop

  24. gramrastag says:

    They’re not technically “military” – they are militarized police units, dressed and equipped like the military. It’s a true psy-op as they are attempting to intimidate and scare people who would dare protest against this corrupt system.

  25. mackimme says:

    fucking hate this fucking pigs if i hade millons of an army they would be so hard beaten so they almost die and have fucking respect to us thats why i cant trust this fucking pigs they think they can treat all the same as a teterror


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