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OCCUPY MIAMI – This is what a POLICE STATE looks like.

OCCUPY MIAMI – This is what a POLICE STATE looks like. tags: war with iran, ww3, wwIII, china, pakistan, russia, alex jones, info wars, clinton, obama, ron paul, illuminati, bilderberg, group, elite, bankers, gold, silver, inflation, food prices, oil price, oil, petrol, food shortage, freemason, fema camp, fema, usa, britain, england, royal family, nwo, new world order, 2012, end of days, end of time, card game, david icke, prison planet, we are change, occupy, occupy wall st, middle east, london, olympics, truth, , martial law, vote ron paul, ron paul mw3, call of duty, lindsey williams, de population, water filtration, survive, g4t, nukes, nuclear, army, military, rt, russia today, alternative media, war, world war 3, subliminal messages, corruption, middle east, info wars, occupy world, clash, pepper spray, freedom, society, leaders, revolution, global, capitalism, anonymous, revolution, shock, free, speech, fed, Europe, usa, politics, message, dictators, rebel, protest, crisis, square, camp, world, wall street, st, change, America, 911, 9/11, new York, comet, cme, group, bullion, investment, stocks, shares, truther, tax, money, banks, nuclear, warship, Israel, youtube, freemasons, alex jones show, news,

25 Responses to “OCCUPY MIAMI – This is what a POLICE STATE looks like.”

  1. Maria Willoughby says:

    lol Smart man, but it’s all a farce anyway . . . anything based on money is, it’s all a method of control, but if this is the society that we live in, it’s hard for us to escape it. We “police” each other on a lower level as far as fitting into the mainstream.

  2. Maria Willoughby says:

    The battle has always been with power and principalities. Money was just created to give some a vantage point.

  3. HardRockManiac says:

    The only things that matter in life are the amounts of money you have and the power you possess over others. Yet the “99%” try to convince themselves that their goal is equality and peace, they are the liars. The truth is that they want money and power because they’re afraid of being weak and that they think they’re important when they are actually leeches who live off thier friends, family and the government.

  4. Wolfwolveswolf says:

    I was thinking man that’s a lot of police x each police’s income, add on overtime payment, that operation there must have cost big bucks. Who’s paying for it, gee I wonder?

  5. Alba12349 says:

    wtf parks have open hours in america??

  6. ewerwerwerwerwer says:

    No, the Bush tax cuts include a $1000 per child tax credit, plus tax credits for buying environmentally friendly appliances, plus tax credits for being married (elimination of marriage penalty tax). All of these taxes are HUGE to a middle class person, and mean nothing to a wealthy person. As I figure, most people have no idea what’s included in the Bush tax cuts.

  7. garsmullkard says:

    amazing this is what are tax dollars are being wasted on, what a joke this is whats wrong with this country. this is about protecting the rich and powerful. these people were peacfull they need all that crap to arrest a few people with flowers

  8. marcos623219 says:

    Megaphone was scared

  9. rmed30 says:

    The Bush Tax cuts were a way to make the few richest cocksuckers. And instead of even getting the crumbs from feast given to the 1%, the middle class got a nice shit sandwich to eat. The wealthy took all that money and divided it up amongst themselves. The Bush Tax cuts didn’t work by any indicator. The rich just got richer…business as usual. Todd. Nice name by the way….Todd. Nice name for a grown man to have. Sounds like a no-dick loser name.

  10. privategramcracker01 says:

    That park has open hours. Once the park is closed and you are still on the park you are trespassing


    “You can’t trespass in a public street!!!” Good point!

  12. sastath says:

    Doesn’t even need to be guns. Bottom line is the so called cops are a lost cause. They support the oligarchy that rules the country. And that oligarchy will not share power. The only way to send a message isn’t sitting around in streets shouting at police who don’t care.

  13. duchessaustria says:


  14. HCSOUTHPARK says:

    how cool it would be if they done it to politicians

  15. leefogle123 says:

    I bet if they used guns on the cops, then the cops will understand not to underestimate civilians

  16. AccaCore7z says:

    ” By 2017, the global economy has collapsed and American society has become a totalitarian police state, censoring all cultural activity.The government pacifies the populace by broadcasting a number of game shows in which convicted criminals fight for their lives…”

    Running Man (film) 1987

  17. Todd82TA says:

    It’s really sad how all the nonsense you talk about, and you really have no idea what you’re even saying. Ignorance is dangerous. The Bush tax cuts were the greatest tax break to the poor and middle class in the history of the US. It would behoove you greatly to know what you’re arguing about so that you can change the things you don’t like (35% upper tax bracket, and 15% capital gains taxes) and keep the things you do like. Right now, you stand to lose it all, and that affects all of us. Idiot

  18. Todd82TA says:

    Additionally, you proably don’t even have a clue what you’re even saying when you talk about taxes. People like you make claims but don’t even know what you’re suggesting. For the record, the Democrats who actually know what they’re talking about (not you) are angry about the Capital Gains tax which is currently 15% (as apposed to matching the income bracket). Also, the tax breaks for the wealthy dropped from 39% to 35%. I’m sure you didn’t know this.

  19. Todd82TA says:

    First of all, the poor don’t pay any income taxes. Anyone making less than 35k a year do not pay ANY income taxes. As a matter of fact, they actually MAKE money with their tax return. Second, the tax cuts that Obama wants to expire include a $1000 back for every child, and a $500 tax break for being married. It also includes tax breaks for buying environmentally friendly products like high efficiency A/C and water heater systems.

  20. Foileedify says:

    Simple trick to alert the protesters to their presence and appear more threatening, In order for the police to control the protesters without the use of tear gas, they must appear bigger than them in all manner possible, that includes sound.

  21. lightboxzombie says:

    I respect the Constitution, however, it is a distant document that the 21st century gas mask, small brained-pinhead police let become destroyed when following orders like horny dogs. If only the police knew what their childrens future would look like after the Constitution is done away with. Everyone to pray for the people in uniform to understand that it is the common man and woman of this country that they need to respect and look out for not the 1% that wants to literally destroy the world.

  22. mikerj13 says:

    for the record any employed person follows orders…. What a stupid comment 

  23. xenochrist15 says:

    2:35 2nd shield from the left is upside down…. I guess they don’t hire the brightest bunch…

  24. bunchwestley says:

    LOL WTF are they banging on the sheilds with there ass whoopin sticks for? Its almost commical if it wasnt so serious.

  25. blackwolfsquadron says:

    fucking right man


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