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Orwellian Police State

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24 Responses to “Orwellian Police State”

  1. William LaSalle says:

    The United Nations Human Rights Council is a joke.

    United Nations Human Rights Council lately has included nations like these: China, Nigeria, Madagascar, Algeria, Egypt, Malaysia, Libya, Kenya, Qatar, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

    Countries have sought membership of the Commission not to strengthen human rights but to protect themselves against criticism or to criticize others

  2. Has Man says:

    We are preparing for a revolution against evil cops and soldiers and the New World Order members in Washington. blood for blood destroy the wicked and all forces of evil.. or your children will suffer slavery and even be put to death…. It’s war american wake your ass’s up and death to Obama he is a member of the NWO the Bushs the Clintons all those who are in power are the enemies of the ture sons and daughter of the Republic of the United States… Jesus is watching you.

  3. Has Man says:

    Time to start killing the enemy the dirty cops the servants of the NWO Arrm yourselfs people

  4. TheAntitanker says:

    Protect and serve????????

  5. Nazzarenom says:

    State police are American Nazi shits! Democratic America?

  6. guarino vitale says:

    this is the American dream

  7. guarino vitale says:


  8. guarino vitale says:


  9. ISENTRY says:

    Nicely done!

  10. smokebk says:

    eat a dick.

  11. T4rDKnoT666fun says:

    “RACE”, “RELIGION” all government-synthesized concepts to divide the populace to undermine their collective power. WE MUST UNITE AND DESTROY THE GOVERNMENT.

  12. TheCheesecar says:

    not all cops are bad, there human too and some have gone astray. In most of the videos you only see the “innocent” criminal get tackled and you never see what the person did to the officer first.

  13. MrAbradix says:

    the hierarchy goes government -> corporations -> banks -> global banking elite

    the people aren’t worth mentioning. and won’t be until we have a plan of action…. but that probably won’t be the case until they start leading people onto the trains.

  14. 8901234098 says:

    well i made it to 4;50 thats all i could stomach, yeah most cops are good but im old enough to remember when this would not be tolorated even by a few. we have slid so far down. it breaks my heart. alas the young are growing up in this. and it is normal we the older ones must educate them or we know where this is headed.

  15. IchigoDBZ35 says:

    ya see?
    the government of America is Worth as shit

  16. Mike Baker says:

    the media makes people belive its much worst then it is if we didnt have cops we would all be dead fuck you all do some reasearch there were what 12 cops tops on the video and some troed stoping thr cops who were beating the civilains there r millions of cops oviously some will be bad but its like saying a civilian killed a man so ever person should be punished ur all fuck 99.99% of cops are good

  17. Aoirthoir An Broc says:

    But excellent video.

  18. Aoirthoir An Broc says:

    Just a word..for those of us with disabilities, playing music over them talking makes it much more difficult for us to follow what is going on.

  19. stamstuff says:

    LETS FUCK THEM UP!!! no more paying tax! no more slavery. The government is the one who have to serve us instead of the opposite! and please, can someone please say what is the name of the second song from 4:58?

  20. szakiricky says:

    Ummmm… I never commited a crime, or went to any of these protests, and I never got beaten These protests are pointless, and brainless. This is just what they want. Everyone should stay put for the open revolution.

  21. winehousedrunk says:

    They will be made to regret their actions, eventually, by the inevitable reaction of the people to multiple acts of gross brutality against its members. I am not a cheerleader for an eye for an eye, but there are lines that can’t be crossed without certain grave repercussions, be they of a peaceful nature or a violent one. A human will be human, so this is explosive stuff. People have a tolerance limit. Hence the occurence of revolutions.

  22. villodj says:

    figli di puttana

  23. RavenMad101 says:

    If I was cop and I saw another cop do any of this stuff to a civilian especially a non violent citizen, I would TAZER THE OTHER COP IN THE ASSHOLE UNTIL HE WAS SEALED SHUT AND WOULD NEVER SHIT RIGHT AGAIN. I would then choke him out with my club and make sure to break his windpipe so he needs to be fed thru a tube for at least a year. I would then retire with pay and feel like I had served true justice to just one fucked up human being.

  24. kevinmorais says:

    It comes down to 12 easy steps…to bad I can’t fit the steps in this limited text box, oh well…


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