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POLICE STATE 2012: ‘Digital DNA’ May Soon Be Required To Take SAT & ACT Exams

25 Responses to “POLICE STATE 2012: ‘Digital DNA’ May Soon Be Required To Take SAT & ACT Exams”

  1. dressagedad says:

    The ultimate identity theft, committed by the ultimate thief.

    If the in-place system caught some thirty violators why not just use that?

  2. th86stone says:

    Ones DNA is unique and personal private property if ANYTHING, and should be protected at all cost and require a warrant with ANY dealings associated with it. DNA IS WHO YOU ARE, and its god’s (or the universe’s) unique gift to you and only you. Guard it with your life, hey it IS your life!

  3. Win Braswell says:

    conditioning for the nwo stuff to come…

  4. holywarbirhtday says:

    Why do people keep asking the government to fix our problems? Because people actually believe in technology CAN fix our problems, even though most are connected to technology in the first place. Government have become God in the eyes of humanity and like all gods, this one will destroy us.

  5. wiseBRILLIANTgenius says:

    The biggest abuse of having ringers take the SAT and ACT entrance tests are done by Div I football programs that need fast agile spooks for their programs.

    When the spooks spend several years in college, if they are good enough athletes, they get to the next level, and have their IQs tested again at combines (Wonderlic). Mario Mannigham, Terrelle Pryor, Carl Johnson et al are officially listed having IQs of around 72. Now what on earth are spooks with IQs below 80 doing in Div I colleges?

  6. ThePhilosophersTruth says:

    Notice though how the talking heads on the Media don’t ever get mad or mention this is out of control or stupid or violates human right, so simply go along with everything the government is doing, and they are getting paid millions of dollars per year to be a robot talking head. People are beginning to wake up, and now that the aliens are here making themselves known by the noises heard all around the world, people are going to wake up even more now. It’s the Jews doing this, Jews are EVIL.

  7. vtcpdx says:

    Did you see that freakish blonde propaganda bimbo at the end. WTF? Does she have MS or what? When I see these news freaks I really begin to wonder if the stories of alien invasion are true.

  8. theicediamond7 says:

    that wont stop ass holes like bush and obama from buying their diploma

  9. Mystery207 says:


  10. CuteCatFaith says:

    No comment as it would tend to incriminate me.

  11. th86stone says:

    good grief, & they wonder why people go nuts, with this stuff continually shoved down their throats? its no wonder more don’t flip out

  12. FreedumbFighter28 says:

    To beat a DNA test…CHEW GUM….lol….yup, its that simple. 

  13. philliptjr1 says:

    @cheska576 Amen!

  14. philliptjr1 says:

    My comment is Like Hell they will get my childs dna for a stupid test! This is going way too far!

  15. 1TexasPrepper says:

    No such thing as full proof. And any one that thinks there is one and promoting it. Is a fool.

  16. usexoticsltd says:

    Ugh… if you’re gonna get all “big brother” with this bullshit, why not just require a simple thumb print on the test as they turn it in?? Oh, that’s right… then you wouldn’t be able to allocate millions of taxpayer dollars away from ACTUAL education and put it in the pockets of some tech company that will hire you on as a “consultant” as soon as you leave the public sector.

  17. humandread says:

    uploaded on the cloud! This is bad.

  18. humandread says:

    uploaded on the cloud!!!!!! this is bad…

  19. cheska576 says:

    @ololabear and ur kids to HOMESCHOOL

  20. cheska576 says:

    Its the parents fault
    for pressuring thier kids this is just a reason to get these kids in the system

  21. Exaulted0ne says:

    WOW……… The sheeple are truly F&^%ing stupid!

    “Please let me hand over my DNA, I beg you” “You can scan my retinas too if you like.”

  22. JRMCNEA says:


  23. freedom4kaz says:

    At 0:56 of the video, the only fraud I know of comes direct from the White House!!

  24. laurieannek says:

    Yes they want to chip everyone for our safety..how nice of them

  25. NataiEndo says:

    “wireless connections called the cloud” hahahahahahaha sounds secure to me


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