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POLICE STATE – Cop Caught On Tape Threatening To Make Up Evidence Against Innocent Men

POLICE STATE - Cop Caught On Tape Threatening To Make Up Evidence Against Innocent Men

25 Responses to “POLICE STATE – Cop Caught On Tape Threatening To Make Up Evidence Against Innocent Men”

  1. aqwertgbvcxz says:

    I am not defending police here. All I am saying that if I was black I would dress up like a normal person. The ear rings and pants falling won’t do any good.

  2. garysephel says:

    apparently u missed the part informing viewers that those two r both students with jobs and no arrest record. not quite fitting into your stereotype of bone thugs.
    face it u r RACIST

  3. soefinwhat56 says:


  4. soefinwhat56 says:


  5. soefinwhat56 says:

    Seattle cops are the worst

  6. soefinwhat56 says:

    Cops are scum and one day the people will TURN ON THEM AND PAYBACK WILL BE BRUTAL

  7. aqwertgbvcxz says:

    Thanks for the intro. Well, I am only judging based on their actions. And I have seen enough of them around. I don’t think most of the black kids have been through a fraction of what I have been through in life. They can only blame themselves for their problems. That kind of life style won’t get anyone anywhere. I have been working since I was 10 years old. All they think and do are, girls, drugs, theft, violence, rap, complain, about how everything is f u in the ghetto. The create ghetto.

  8. brumtltriangle says:

    Those cops are a fucking disgrace

  9. garysephel says:

    the thugs in this video happen to be white and r wearing uniforms and badges but they r still thugs part of a nationwide street gang.

  10. garysephel says:

    i am fifty year old white guy married and father of two, who the fuck r you to judge people by their dress. unless u r a black teen u have no fucken clue what life is like for these kids. they don’t dress in clothes that meet your approval so that justifies treating them like sub humans? your ignorance is as endless as the universe. nobody like gangsters and it makes no diff if they r black or white.

  11. thwart13 says:

    cops will soon be hunted and killed because of there own actions.

  12. aqwertgbvcxz says:

    I find police officers extremely impatient and rude.

  13. aqwertgbvcxz says:

    I never understand why these black kids dress up like thugs in the first place? Pants are falling, they walk like they are going to rob or kill someones. Oh yeah, and now there seem to be having a pet bull in fashion too for these guys.

  14. mobewankenobee says:

    This is what the people of Seattle want. Why else would they not hold the politicians accountable for their oversight or lack of , of the police department. The biggest deterrent to working with the police is when a good cop sees something bad being done by a fellow officer, and says nothing. This makes the public wary of the police. This is sad.

  15. Chrisfragger1 says:

    They do have a criminal record, the crime of Being Black.

  16. epikphactor says:

    People need to enforce and put in place laws against abuse of authority!
    Execution should be the punishment to set a example for all people in positions of public trust!
    Any corruption, abuse, or involvement in covering up crimes of people in government or police need to be executed in public to set a example! Time to start a movement to put these laws on the books and make sure they are upheld if we want a safe society!
    It is time to lead by example.

  17. soihitit says:

    Umm if the caller said the two men were black then why would they stop and question a white person? Her comment makes no sense, pulling a race card for no real reason! Now how the officers handled the situation was fucked but really pulling a race card is stupid! Now had the caller said the men were white they wouldn’t have even looked at the two black guys, end of story!

  18. Vindictive4Ever says:

    The third, I might mail something to his home. I’ll have to sleep on it.

  19. Vindictive4Ever says:

    You see, what I’ve been going through training to do is to terminate 2 corrupt cops. You MUST be patient, maticilous, exact, vindictive, heartless.since they are, and guilt conscious free and think of it as wiping out a disease. Most of all. DON’T tell no one. KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT.

  20. Vindictive4Ever says:

    thinking they can play with peoples lives. Let’s play motherfucker. Starting by getting your address and mass mailing them to prisoners. That sounds good. I currently know EXACTLY where 3 cops live.

  21. Vindictive4Ever says:

    We need to start training how to terminate corrupt cops since they won’t be punished. Don’t give me that shit they are police. I don’t give a fuck. When a cop abuses authority like this, they committed the ultimate felony against the Bill of Rights. In my world. Thats punishable by death. I’m sick of this shit. Corrupt cops

  22. MrMarblemania says:

    I’d trust them as far as I could toss a loaded dump truck against a hurricane wind.
    STOP PAYING the police to abuse citizens.

    Covered up.

  23. skysky9898 says:

    Another police cover up.

  24. alwaysyouramanda says:

    fuck seattle cops! they picked on my bf and his buddy when they were working out there giving them j walking tickets when ppl were ALL OVER crossing the streets. it was cos they have long hair.. it was profiling. they are actually very good kids

  25. alwaysyouramanda says:

    imagine how often this happens and goes unknown


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