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POLICE STATE – Cops Arrest Boy For Standing Up Against His Bullies

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25 Responses to “POLICE STATE – Cops Arrest Boy For Standing Up Against His Bullies”

  1. IDreeaaM says:

    He wasnt getting bullied for no reason just saying

  2. robotictriceratops says:

    his guitar sucks but hes actually ok at playing

  3. larrydD says:

    he is pretty good playing

  4. cdesignz2k says:

    can you even read the your own post…YOU should have been paying attention in school there skippy…YOU were the lazy one there skippy…

  5. neonrider93 says:

    i didn’t mean the bullying i meant arresting for no reason. real sorry if anyone got the wrong impression. i saw all the negative votes

  6. Superdan187211 says:

    the kid looks cool to me …..one day he will be a star

  7. blazeblue1991 says:

    i say thats fucking stupid bull crap have not ear a word the teacher today are laze and do not want anything to do with cops and this shit

  8. gukswar says:

    i also forgot to say that’s why people rampage and kill ton’s of people who they never meet-
    like all the shooting from random people.

  9. gukswar says:

    that is why there is psychotic break-
    people can’t take it anymore and start rampaging-
    human are living being-
    just like animals, if you slap a dog the first time
    they love you you keep slaping them
    they still love you-
    the more you do it
    the higher your chances are to being biten by your own dog.

  10. gukswar says:

    bullies happens everywhere

  11. WOLFpackPAYAN says:

    If my son came home and told me he was being bullied I’d talk to the school. Without help from them I’d talk to the parents. Still to no progress? I’d let some Taco Bell Chalupas Rot for a week in the sun. Mask up, and drive by those punks on the way to school chucking rotten Chalupas at them with my son. The bullied become the bullies! MUWAHA! he might get beat up…. but we will just keep coming back until they give up.

  12. SolariosHD says:

    i will admit i have a few bullies but they don’t do much just take a few jabs at me calling me names and all that. In my head i just imagine a scenario of me just getting up from my desk and just start punching the kid square in the face.

  13. Sarah Hoch says:

    wtf he didnt do shit saying i wish you were dead is not something to get arrested for

  14. BABIAM says:

    The way that cop they interviewed was sweating and swaying back and forth, makes a person wonder what he does off camera…

    If he wasn’t so fat, I’d say he was coked up.

  15. basejumper3256 says:

    i bet the kid didnt want to bring his guitar. :/

  16. iluvshawndx says:

    Really there’s no way to deal with a bully. You can report them, but then you’re a tattle tale. You can fight them, but then the school suspends you. You can do nothing, but then you’re being bullied. And police are useless. You get attacked on the street, they show up 20 minutes afterwards. You fight back, they arrest you… both school and legal officials are blind. Allow for someone to handle their own situations or assist them when it’s right. One or the other…not the opposite of both.

  17. Scrapheap71 says:

    This must’ve happened in the Dirty South.

  18. 937738 says:

    dipshit cop cunt…

  19. boycottmc says:

    Five cops have put a dislike on this video

  20. neonrider93 says:

    no offence to everyone living there but watching these videos makes me glad i'[m not american

  21. James Sanford says:

    Arrested for standing against bullies?! MAN WHAT EARTH DO WE LIVE ON!

  22. nick smith says:

    Fuck people! Arrest the fucking bullys not the victums!

  23. chargers1337 says:

    I would think anytime if a bully give me a wrong like Retard, I would responded to him, “Oh my, look whose talking! If you’re a biggest whore known to man!”

  24. M424Filmcast says:

    This is what happens when we teach everyone to be victims instead of fighting back. This kid had every right to fight back and defend himself. In today’s society, that is looked down upon.

  25. suicidesnowman14 says:

    nah electric guitars are tuff but an acoustic that thing will be gone


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