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POLICE STATE: Cops vow to put citizens down (Milwaukee News)

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24 Responses to “POLICE STATE: Cops vow to put citizens down (Milwaukee News)”

  1. 2worldwidevideos says:

    they only guns a fear are the ones that “cops” have on their side.

  2. everydaylost says:

    You don’t want him to have this gun but you are fine with the cops that you know nothing about having their guns? Just because they are cops doesn’t mean that they have guns for your protection… They have guns to protect themselves from you.

  3. nostalgiamelancolia1 says:

    Guns don’t kill,people do.

  4. pmgodfrey says:

    None of the 25 guns that I own are registered. I can also open carry without a permit or license. I do have a conceal carry permit, and that is required when the weapon is not in plain sight, otherwise it would be a felony to carry it concealed without the license. My state does not require registration of any firearm nor do you have to be licensed to own one.

    But the cops want to “make sure the gun isn’t stollen” — bullshit, it’s to disarm you while they decide what to do. It is backwards.

  5. berdooflyer says:

    Could you be any more ignorant? Gun crimes are not being committed by those who exercise their open carry rights. BTW, nobody cares about you socialist sheeple canadians and what you “wonder” about.

  6. DogDaze66 says:

    only criminals illegally carry guns , unregistered illegal ones , how dare a real citizen with a real license to carry have a gun !!! WTF go search the kids and drug dealing scum , oh thats right , cops are afraid of the real criminals , they rather fuck lawful citizens , not the criminals . This shit is ASS Backwards !!!

  7. john holiday says:

    maybe there wouldn’t have been 200 homicides in that city last year had those 200 people been carrying handguns. Put that in your pipe and smoke it mr police cheif

  8. caprice022 says:


  9. knowsalot12 says:

    you are so stupid to say that, In gun states crime is down 30% all over. Before you open your big mouth do a little research and youll see how stupid your comment was.

  10. knowsalot12 says:

    well if you have a gun, dont let them bully you. if the cops try to take my gun for no good reason i will shoot. if they get mine my partner will shoot them in the face. If your laws state that you can carry , people pls carry, dont let them take your rights away. There is a process they must follow to remove a law, ignorance is not a way to deal with it. and they need to be reminded that if they wana be bullys we outnumber them 1000-1 FTP

  11. jack smith says:

    REMEMBER,, WE OUT NUMBER the COPS and they’re afraid of that.

  12. AZPaul48 says:

    So what you are saying you will have to defend yourself from Milwaukee police? In my book that is open season on them and it’s police chief. Sounds good to me.

  13. CyrustheVirus1234 says:

    Also from a Canadian perspective its fucking hilarious to see people are walking down the streets with holstered firearms at all. Gee whiz I wonder where all those gun related crimes and accidental shootings are comming from.

  14. CyrustheVirus1234 says:

    If you saw this dude rocking that fucking terminator walk at 0:58 with a weapon you would all call the cops too. Don’t even pretend you wouldn’t.

  15. Rednexas says:

    …Maybe a distinction without a difference here, but cops that illegally confiscate guns aren’t cops, they’re criminals or intruders. Shoot on site. There is no emergency status at the State or Federal level that nullifies Amendment 2. EVER.

  16. cesaros11 says:

    Self defense, if a cop or anyone tries to “put me down”, I’ll feel my life is threatened, and I guess we will be losing a cop that day.

  17. lokisgodhi says:

    You can easily put cops down permanently with a good scoped rifle from a couple hundred yards away, according to my cousin in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  18. manfangle1 says:

    i dont know…but it seems to me thatif someone was stupid enough to open fire in an area filled with open carriers the police would have no problem identifying the suspect because he would be the guy laying on the ground bleeding from several well placed holes from law abiding citizens who every right to protect themselves and others from harm. Where do you get the morbid line of thinking that the police are the only ones allowed to protect the community and themselves? you are a fucking sheep.

  19. HotRod40Deluxe says:

    That ain’t nothin’. Come to OREGON. It’s a mix of old school American cops and new world order punks. Sad thing is the old school cops are dieing-off. This is the new frontier. The last stand. I cannot believe the recent war veterans, now cops, are actually treating their brothers and sisters this way. During hurricane Katrina, they went door to door in LA. taking guns from tax payers. Totally against the US Constitution. One victim was robbed at gun point days after she was disarmed by cops.

  20. assdoooouuutttt says:

    this guy is lanky as fuck

  21. Samueloi says:

    oh well.. so much for the presumption of innocence.Seems THESE Americans don’t value the ideals of liberty and freedom. So sad.They probably wanted to be policemen to serve and protect people.But they end up being the enemy of the people and not respecting their rights.Comes down to this, people just get jaded and lose hope.To a pimp, every woman is a whore, to a religious fanatic, every outsider is an infidel. to a policeman, every person is a threat and a criminal.Time to clean house America.

  22. vigilante justice says:

    only in usa can law and government break laws… its amazing.

  23. HeraldBarreto17 says:

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  24. cyberdoc76 says:

    Senator Feinstein (D-CA) is proposing legislation NOW for immediate ban on assault rifles! Google “Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips” Not even 24 hours after the election and the Commie bastards are already trying to go for the throat! Pass along this information!


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