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Police State (Mastercard Parody)

There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else…
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25 Responses to “Police State (Mastercard Parody)”

  1. bulletproof2353 says:

    JEWS DID 911

  2. shaamanplatinum says:

    There needs to be a series made in the style of Noreagaa and Achernahr’s “The Arrivals” about our financial and social oppression in the modern world

  3. 31Centaur says:

    Do they earn flyer points with that?

  4. C1TYofFL1NT says:


  5. WinefrideofWales says:

    I really wish there was a step by step how to on tax evasion/revolt. I can’t figure out how to stop funding the gov’t via taxes without ending up in jail, or on the street.

  6. theylive23 says:


  7. JustTrustMe2 says:

    Not even technically. There is not enough money supply to pay off the debt. It is designed to be that way. The only President to do it was Andrew Jackson and that was because he changed the money.

  8. Robert Nugent says:

    Technically it could be done, but I agree with you that it’s unlikely. People who think that inflating the currency with debt is a good thing will keep driving that train right off a cliff to prove that they’re right. When the defaults begin to outpace collective optimism for the Fed’s policies, the whole thing will spiral downward in a domino deflation event. That debt will eventually be eliminated, one way or another.

  9. JustTrustMe2 says:

    You cannot pay off the debt with debt based currency. It just can’t happen. You could give them every dollar we have and it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the debt.

  10. BlueCollarMoto says:

    I’m refusing to pay traffic tickets. I will wind up in jail. Oh well.

  11. RhysClark97 says:

    damn right

  12. Da Jade says:


  13. mojosideburns says:

    Indeed, that was my point. That portion would be gone. It may not be a majority, but it’s a sizable chunk. And if we actually figured out away to do it, along with severe reduction in military and prison spending we can make some real progress. I didn’t mean to sound like I thought this would fix everything over night, or that it’ll be easy, hell we might not be able to fix it, and all be screwed-well most of us anyway. Which of the two options do you prefer? Peace.

  14. Robert Nugent says:

    In order to nationalize the debt, you would still have to get rid of the original debt by some sort of payment or default. You can’t owe money to yourself, because at that point it’s no longer debt. Besides, the majority of the debt is not held by the Fed anyway. The remaining creditors would either need to be defaulted against or paid back. There are only two options there (except for inflation, but that’s just a clever method of defaulting).

  15. mojosideburns says:

    If we nationalized the fed the debt of the US govt would be owed to itself. It should never have been privatized from the get-go, so there are no ethical reasons for complaint. It was and still is an insane set up. Even in it’s current situation, it is treasonous that they charge the US govt interest, but not foreign banks. The Fed board does not care abou America, they care about their class interests. I can see how this is would be difficult to implement, but is necessary. Peace.

  16. drsmith963 says:

    WATCH the 28 min version of – ROTHCHILD ZIONISM by david Icke on youtube – do it for your children !

    drsmith963 1 second ago

    ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM and the JEWS are in control of the US GOVERNMENT , MILITARY , and MEDIA – do the re search – follow the money and you will see why their are RUSSIAN SUBS , surrounding the US and PUT is moving NUKES to CUBA !

  17. Robert Nugent says:

    The interest payments will never be eliminated until the debt is eliminated. No sane person who lends money to another person is going to do so freely because they’ve foregone the opportunity cost of just spending the money for the hope of gaining a profit. There are only two ways to eliminate debt: 1. economic collapse (default and bankruptcy) and 2. paying it off (in this case, with tax revenue). There’s still no sign that our gov’t. will choose option 2.

  18. teomeimf says:

    This revolution is like no other we have ever imagined. To call it civil war is not enough.
    This is simply 50% of the citizens agreeing to enslave the other half. TRUST NO ONE since 10 out of 20 people our already on the other side!!!!!! Welcome to modern DEMOCRACY.
     ” I VOTE TO MAKE YOU MY BITCH” That how ALL this will all end, like the Roman Empire did.

  19. stamstuff says:

    Must watch!

    “they are us israel Revolution”


    And also check the links in the Show more bar

  20. TheKaffeeKlatsch says:

    SUbbed, RAted, SHared

  21. kaitlinpg2001 says:

    I was wondering the same thing..But then remembered that its summer time and they have little ones to take care of…:)

  22. UnoRaza says:

    Somehow I was UNsubscribed from your channel!

  23. SonjaSmith says:

    Theft is the Liberal Mindset. You HAVE to take other peoples wealth, because you just cant get it on your own. You patronize and condemn people to a life of poverty by being ARROGANT and placing yourself above them, reducing them to a life of dependency, acting like you are ‘Helping’. Oh, that makes you So GRAND! What you are is nothing more than slave traders. You enslave your fellow man across the board, by buying into the idea that people cannot care for themselves. It’s not true.

  24. SonjaSmith says:

    It’s fascinating that liberals always want to take away ‘other peoples money’ Until it’s Theirs in the millions! Then it’s not so much fun to be a liberal, Like the Facebook inventor who realized the US was going to smack him with big taxes and booked it to Singapore. All the multimillion dollar athletes have accounts in the Bahamas, Swiss, Caymans. I guess they ‘thought’ they would ‘give back’ to society, but forgot about it after they got ‘rich’. Liberals are only Liberals when they are POOR.

  25. pekinobo says:

    ” Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
    Japanese proverb “


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