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POLICE STATE UK – Post 2012 London Olympic Games, UK becomes Full Blow Police State

Please SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com POLICE STATE UK – Post 2012 London Olympic Games, UK becomes Full Blow Police State London that is widely known as a perfect example of surveillance society with its watchful CCTVs, is now a perfect example of a police state after the massive Olympics militarization, a fact even organizers implicitly acknowledge. Organizers decided earlier this year to dress the official mascot for the 2012 Olympics in London, where the security and surveillance cordon are nicknamed the Ring of Steel, in a Metropolitan police outfit. The mascots, “Wenlock” and “Mandeville”, feature a huge single eye that is actually a camera lens that organizers said can “record everything.” The dolls effectively create an explicit symbol of the pervasive surveillance state and suggest an unwelcome addition to British social life that is now subject to an even more intrusive surveillance system thanks to the biggest and most expensive British security operation in decades for the Olympics. The irony has been taken up by critics of the Games. “Water cannon and steel cordon sold separately. Baton rounds may be unsuitable for small children. A more perfect visual metaphor for 2012, I cannot imagine,” Games Monitor mocked. One can only appreciate what the Olympic mascots have been ironically symbolizing when a few figures on the military deployment during the Olympics are taken into consideration. The British government deployed more than three times as many regular troops as

14 Responses to “POLICE STATE UK – Post 2012 London Olympic Games, UK becomes Full Blow Police State”

  1. end888time says:

    MUSLIM-SUPREMACY-GANGS … BBC NEWS: .. Muslim supremacy gangs control the streets in . .United Kingdom, ..Sweden, .Norway,. ..Germany, …Netherlands, . .Finland, … Austria, …France, ..Spain, ….Portugal . and . . Italy. .. Muslim gangs code is Europe is only for Muslim . .and whites must be annihilated. . ..Muslim supremacy gangs kill 22 white Europeans per week and . .rape 2 white women per week. . {I.support EDL and BFP}. . {Paul Weston & T. Robinson & K. Carroll}

  2. end888time says:

    Dereliction of Duty —- POLICE – Not wanting to be called racist the police are not arresting Muslims: stone & bottle throwing & assaulting. …. Police not arresting Muslims for harassing non-Muslims in ” no go zones” / hate speech / encouraging killing of others — LAW BREAKING MUSLIMS — Which of the following words best describes the police and its leaders: collusive, treacherous, duplicitous, collaborating, treasonous. And “dereliction of duty”. Police resign now to avoid discipline.

  3. people4people says:

    not quite. It has a higher proportion of cctv cameras per person than other parts of the world.

  4. DarrenConnelly says:

    London police state

  5. PenguinMad101 says:

    Theyre supposed to be a neutral public service but without even realizing theyre being reorganized as a paramilitary force used as politicians muscle. Look at their gear and weaponry that they use against non-violent protesters They are better suited for Afghanistan with that kind of armor and weaponry If you want to dress up like Action Man and engage “combatants” theres plenty of wars in the Middle East you can fuck off and join. Stop thinking youre hard by oppressing on your own countrymen.

  6. roger860 says:

    It’s indeed a scary thing when a family must leave it’s home to save their lives. The Nazi regime had some interesting supporters … Prescott Bush, the British (? German bloodlines) Monarchy, IBM, Rockefeller’s etc. Interesting comment about Iran, we can use more demonizing from your friendly Zionists. Question … let’s assume that you are right and that the US/UK are not police states, in which direction is the trend, towards more freedom or towards a police state?

  7. fluxxus says:

    LOL the text is from PRESS TV an official outlet of the Iranian police state! Even IF all the claims in the article are true (it is anonymous and citations are scarce) the UK is not a police state, Iran on the other hand.

    My family had to flee Nazi Europe. I visited East Germany before the wall came down, I know people who arrested in Brazil when the military ran things, those were police states. Claiming that the US/UK are police states in an insult to those who suffered under such regimes.

  8. fullfacility says:


  9. coronobog says:

    time will tell. However they will use any excuse to take away our rights and liberty. britain is a police state.

  10. prtsmith77 says:

    England has never been a “relaxed” country. Tis shit ere!

  11. Adam Greene says:

    There is still the Paralympics and things go on behind the scenes that you don’t know so there may have been intel of attacks being planned, but would they release that to the public if that may cause them to not attend the Olympics? Furthermore; perhaps the security was so good it acted as a deterrent.

  12. danman911 says:

    I warned people about this a while back.

  13. joelarnda says:

    Are the missle systems still in place?

  14. ThatboyCubie says:

    olympics ffa was aborted as counter-programming so that the wide awake people be seen as insane..Just to attack when everyone is offguard..paralympics?


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