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POLICE STATE – Woman Arrested For Letting Her Children Play Outside

POLICE STATE - Woman Arrested For Letting Her Children Play Outside

A mother gets arrested and charged for letting her kids be kids.

24 Responses to “POLICE STATE – Woman Arrested For Letting Her Children Play Outside”

  1. txguynnh says:

    It didn’t say what state, but I would have to guess Texas, because I’m from there and know how chicken S@*% the cops are there. Am I right?

  2. Muzzy337 says:

    That neighbor is a STUPID FUCKING CUNT.

  3. rimetalnews says:

    wish they would do this to parents here in the city who have their children outside “playing” while the parents are 4-5 blocks away smoking crack living in their section 8 housing collecting food stamps. But that mother, should crack that neighbors skull for sure

  4. carolinelandon says:

    The neighbour from hell. What a trouble maker. 

  5. Amy Gordon says:

    Yes, we live in the Soviet USSA. Just like the communist Soviet Union, USSR. Why? Because the same people who ran the communist Soviet Union, run America. Jews run America. Jews like communism. We’re screwed, just like the Russians.

  6. 2worldwidevideos says:

    what a fucking cunt bitch neighbor calling the mob gangsters on you.

  7. 2worldwidevideos says:


  8. billiarboy says:



    the police state depends on neighbors spying on each other – well, until they get drones over every block..

  10. AlexJonesInfoWars1 says:

    Alex Jones & David Icke = Truth

    Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura

    Gary Johnson 2012

    Flu Shots/Vaccines are Poison!

    say No to GMOs

    the Illuminati/NWO will be Defeated!

  11. jck717 says:

    What a fucking asshole dipshit neighbor.

  12. iLiftThingsUp says:

    i would fuck that neighbor up!

  13. ForrestSCS says:

    That cop should be fired, as well as the neighbor fined for placing an illegitimate call. Sad.

  14. qortin says:

    the piece of shit cop endagered the kids by arresting their mum. I feel sorry for americans for accepting this treatment.

  15. rcm2680 says:

    It’s finally happening, the US is going to make exercise illegal

  16. flyerholland says:

    the us of the a can be a retarded country some times.. jezus fucking christ use some common sense people.

  17. simon6071 says:

    I found out that besides allowing some of my prioritized comments to be falsely marked as spams,the YouTube administrators are using a deceptive trick to hide my political comments that they don’t want people to see even though they are not spams.
    They would allow those comments to show only after I sign in, but they won’t show when I check the comments without signing in. That means those comments are kept away from public view with deception by YouTube to suppress freedom of speech.

  18. simon6071 says:


    6,000 Veterans Committed Suicide Last Year

    More U.S. Soldiers Killed themselves than Died in Combat in 2012

  19. simon6071 says:

    I sense that there could be an evil agenda up the political ladder to allow our veterans to be abandoned and our soldiers to be stressed out, doped or even persecuted at home. When the soldier Leon Batie, Jr. came home after serving in Afghanistan, he found that his two Subway franchises were illegally seized by the Subway franchisor and sold for profit while Mr. Batie incurred huge debt. Had he not had the courage to sue and won, he might be just another statistic. I say “Boycott Subway”.

  20. simon6071 says:

    If the mother Tammy Cooper had not acted appropriately in face of persecution and wasn’t smart enough to clear her name, her husband might come home finding his wife in jail as a felon and his children in foster care crying for mom, he too might also succumb to such persecution and become yet another statistic that Obama wants to hide from the Americans.

  21. simon6071 says:

    I found that my comments above were falsely flagged as spams and hidden by YouTube furtively as it is not hidden after I signed in.
    I challenge the lackeys of the abusive cop and YouTube to provide proof that my comments above are spams by showing where else they can find the same comment.
    Do they even know the meaning of the word “spam”? Since when does spam mean “a prioritized comment”?
    I protest against YouTube for hiding my comments furtively when they are not spams.

  22. simon6071 says:

    The abusive cop who made the false arrest, the City of La Porte P.D. and Shelley Fuller who made false accusations against this mother are the ones going to face trial in Tammy Cooper’s lawsuit, not Tammy herself who has already been proved innocent in court of the false charges. It’s a Contempt of Court for any of the defendants to talk as if Tammy Cooper is guilty in the coming trial. A judge who allows the defendants to do so will be in violation against the law forbidding Double Jeopardy.

  23. simon6071 says:

    Google: Police: 11-Year-Old Driver Cause of Fatal California Car Crash
    A mother allowed her 11-year -old son to drive the family car with her and the boys younger sister inside.He ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle, killing himself, his mother and the younger sister.
    What did the superintendent of the boy’s school say about the boy’s family?
    She said, ” He came from “a wonderful family” with a “supportive mother”.
    The mother was Hispanic.

  24. simon6071 says:

    Google: 12-year-old crashes after police pursuit in parents’ car
    A deputy in Los Angeles gave pursue after seeing a driver driving recklessly and failed to yield. The pursued vehicle cashed into a tree and went up in flame. The deputy then found that a 12 year-old-boy was behind the wheel.
    The 12 year old boy was RETURNED HOME TO HIS PARENTS who were not charged with any crime.
    Any surprise if the boy is Hispanic?


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