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Proof of Police State In America Now

I was a victim of police brutality. 6/16/2012 my neighbor an elderly women screamed outside my door for help. Her younger boyfriend who is an xcop was beating her. I opened my door to see what was the commotion and the xcop charged my door & stepped thru me and the door. The 300 lb 7′ xcop punched my nose I went down to the floor. He dropped his wallet on my floor and stuff spilled out of it. He finally left after picking up most of his fallen stuff but left behind his next dr’s appointment card with his full name on it and other evidence. I called police to help me and the women. They came out and discovered the guy was xcop and refused to allow either of us victims to file charges against him. Instead I was handcuffed behind my back and punched so hard in my gut that my spleen ruptured in 2 places. The dr’s marked on the hospital report that I arrived to them “10 min critical time”. That means in 10 min I would be dead in the actual sense. They came to this conclusion thru the internal blood loss which was greater then 2 liters or more then half all my blood bled in the hemeraging sense internally. I video taped as much as I could. As you see by one of the videos I was forced by police to shut camera off as they placed their hands over it. You can’t argue it its on video. From my hospital bed I posted the evidence. Upon arriving home from hospital I was was warned by cop to take down the evidence videos or else. The next day they came to my home but first they stopped
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12 Responses to “Proof of Police State In America Now”

  1. alienm34 says:

    He was a terrorist, and was caught trying to fly a 747 into the police station

  2. Stephanos Estevan says:

    He sounds fine to me.

  3. Tom Dobberpuhl says:

    ummmmmmm…. yeah im going to go now…

  4. thirdaxe says:

    I think that guy is suffering from extreme paranoia. Need more back story on this.

  5. Alexandre Ploye-Evans says:

    You did the right thing man. I am sorry this happened to you.

  6. pikatore says:

    This guy sounds like he may be mentally unstable.

  7. Notmy Realname says:

    Dude i don’t know the full story here, but I wish you all the best buddy.

  8. Nebzz says:

    Holy fuck, the police want you dead. There’s nothing you can do man, the police are above the law.

  9. NoBullet says:

    If this was a police state this video wouldnt be here

  10. SuperLuminousTV says:

    Pass on love light and peace if you want to save the world. You only have to change you. The rest is already following. Be well. Scary police will violate you, kill you, ruin you and your family for “playing hero in his town”. Exactly what they say to you for helping others. Lost my spleen nearly died. If you survive your way ahead as my 6 yo son says to me. Pass on love to save the world. Unite!

  11. Raato78 says:

    Wtf??? Thats messed up.

  12. Chad Lindsey says:

    Is that scar on your stomach from surgery for your ruptured spleen? Caused by the police? What happened to your neck and shoulder area and why is there blood on the sliding glass door? Or is it decoration? If what your saying is true I would get the fuck out of that town, far out of that town and find a lawyer. Cops will break the law to defend there own, everyone knows that does happen. Did they charge you with a crime or took you for an evaluation or what? post it on


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