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Rapper AKIR: US is definitely a police state

Description: Hip hop artist and political rapper AKIR sits down for an exclusive interview with RT’s Anastasia Churkina to discuss the abusive relationship between America’s government and its people.
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25 Responses to “Rapper AKIR: US is definitely a police state”

  1. TheIbby1994 says:

    Agree !

  2. illman300 says:

    these type of artists should be role models, not the puppets you see on tv who cant think for themselves either…can you really expect kids to grow up into good human beings if their role models are nicki minaj and lil wayne?

  3. TheMadChilidogger says:

    year old comment, my bad

  4. TheMadChilidogger says:

    most people in the US military are there out of a desperate need for a paycheck to provide for their families

  5. Daniel Garcia says:

    The content he speaks on is real and the truth. Wish more kids would listen to artists like him.

  6. getcruunkk says:

    Listen to how much more intelligent rappers like AKIR, Diabolic, and Immortal Technique are compared to other rappers. Imagine Lil Wayne being interviewed here, think of the stupid shit that he’d say…

  7. AnanasSankari says:

    Saw him today, sick indeed, man what a gig. O.o

  8. CanIHazElectro says:

    i saw akir live yesterday! sick!

  9. chaossmash64 says:

    you go to watch an interview of rappers like AKIR, and an ad for Nicki Minaj comes up which is the most retarded thing to do

  10. UniversEEEEE says:

    rofl why the fuck is college so important for americans…i know plenty of peeps who haven’t gone to college, some not even to high school and they make more money then people who waste 3-4 years in college. I know a guy with 9 grade education who makes 2,5 times the acg salary of my country per month so wtf does it matter. It doesn’t even say anything about ur IQ or intelligence or ur personality. Saying americans are poor = lol, go to ethiopia or smth.

  11. Test00000 says:

    A large point to be made is that when we talk about wealth and classes we don’t speak on it in a need by need basis.What this simply drives at is that whether upper middle class or higher,even if not outrageously rich, you have basic necessities and while you have your problems it’s largely not related to being able to feed and cloth your children or get them into the most basic college possible.And when we take it to a step above to the overarching rich what those tax dollars means become a lot

  12. Sevas666Tra says:

    We all are entitled to our own beliefs… and so is he.. He will not impose his personal beliefs on anyone. He is not for gay rights, black rights, woman rights, minority rights.. He’s for individual rights.. We’re all in it together.. No categories. He is a honorably brilliant man.He’s full of Integrity, and def. has some guts!

  13. Sevas666Tra says:

    I love that Ron Paul supporters know what they are talking about. I was explaining his views on abortion to someone- He is entitled to his opinions just as we are. He realizes that those opinions aren’t to be made the law of the land b/c they aren’t covered in the Constitution. He truly goes by the book. (The Constitution) Abortion will be a states rights, that way each individual state can do as they please- That way people would have options & their voices would actually be heard!

  14. Sevas666Tra says:

    you are right, but mention- He wont take social security from the older people who depend on it, or were promised it. Young people will have the option to OPT out & keep their money.The rest of the programs will be transitioned out slowly.. If he doesn’t make it into office those programs wont last anyways- We are bankrupt, there wil be no money to hand out. W/ him we’ll keep more of our $, We wont have to pay into SS, Medicare, or pay Income tax. Everything will work itself out

  15. Sevas666Tra says:

    He is actually into the Austrian school of Economics. He doesn’t want welfare- It’s not right for me to take money from you & give it to someone else. Keep in mind- He wont take social security from the older people who depend on it- and the rest of the programs will be transitioned. If he doesn’t make it into office those programs wont last- We are bankrupt. W/ him we’ll keep more of our $, We wont have to pay into SS, Medicare, or pay Income tax. Everything will work itself out

  16. Sevas666Tra says:

    I would love to see Dennis Kucinich as Ron Paul’s VP. A democrat and Republican together. No divide in the parties… that would be awesome, they work really well together

  17. pungsh13 says:

    What are talking about?

  18. LegSpreader69 says:

    dont feel sorry for willful idiots

  19. larsonb33 says:

    Look at the studies of Mitochondrial DNA it shows that all people came from Africa and were all once dark skinned. We need to realize that we are all equal and stop hating each other based on trivial matters such as skin color.

  20. Warlock952 says:


  21. larsonb33 says:

    Why do you call black people “African American” We are all from Africa it has been proven for fuck’s sake! We the people need to stand unite and take back our country!

  22. sciencemunk says:

    real laissez fare capitalism ended in the United States on 1913 when it adopted the private central bank called the Federal Reserve… Which is one of the planks of communism. that’s what ows needs to start reading about. wall street is guilty, the government is guilty, the federal reserve is more secretive and powerful than both, and they set the policy.

  23. sciencemunk says:

    in conclusion, you are wrong. Ron Paul would NOT cut welfare programs in his first term. As a matter of fact he has stated that he would INCREASE funding for those programs which he believes Americans have been accustomed to rely on. I VOTED FOR OBAMA. and Obama has turned out to be a continuation of GEORGE W BUSH. OBAMA extended and expanded the BUSH PATRIOT ACT, the COLONIZATION of the MIDDLE EAST. how did you like NATO killing lots of little middle eastern kids. nobel prize hm hm?

  24. sciencemunk says:

    I am an atheist who does not care that Ron Paul is christian and he sees America as a Christian nation. Ron Paul respects atheists and every other religion. He is not like the social conservative “compassionate conservatives” that are really big government republicans (and some democrats), that believe the government should legislate morality. Ron Paul is against such practices. name one democrat that is better on foreign policy than Ron Paul. Obama and Bush work for Goldman Saccs 😀

  25. sciencemunk says:

    Although Ron Paul is pro life, his view on abortion is the 10th amendment view that says you can move to a state where abortion is legal. Ron Paul also says abortion is an option when a person gets raped. Although Ron Paul personally does not believe in Gay marriage, he believes it should be legal in states where the people have mandated it. So Ron Paul is a true federalist president that would respect everyone’s rights. Ron Paul would end marijuana prohibition and END THE WARS


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