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RNC day 1: Police State or Hurricane Warnings Keeping Protesters Away?

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25 Responses to “RNC day 1: Police State or Hurricane Warnings Keeping Protesters Away?”

  1. GEERUP says:

    That is a police state !

  2. aaronpolitical says:

    Baa. That’s your answer. And it fucking sucks.

  3. wacportland says:


  4. t4705mb6 says:

    Have a difficult time dealing with what has happened to the U.S. in my lifetime:
    Idiotic traitorous politicians, sneaky greedy bankers/corporations, moronic power hungry “police”, drug dealing murderous CIA & FBI, a clergy that’s become fascist, impossibly ignorant/stupid citizens, kids who are whiny self-centered robots & a debt system that was DESIGNED to bring us straight back to the DARK AGES.
    Well, all I can say is “the people” dropped the ball.
    Maybe we deserve what we get.

  5. ian2813 says:

    Ah yes. The old “act as though the other guy ignored all the quality stuff I said so I can look like I won the argument without actually having to respond to any of his points” bit. I responded to the only thing you had resembling a proposal and you decided it was better to start dictating reality. Typical leftist. I’m not playing these games with you. I’m done here. Have fun pretending you’re changing the world.

  6. RBLA818 says:

    Yeap, just as I thought. Went in one ear and out the other.

  7. ian2813 says:

    What a surprise. The “Occupiers” can’t make any comment without foaming at the mouth and name-calling. Simply saying “end corporate corruption” isn’t a proposal, it’s a goal. The question is how you plan to accomplish it.

    The statement that “corporations don’t pay taxes” is misleading, too. With many corporations the taxes are paid by the shareholders rather than the corporation itself. As for the ones that get tax breaks by lobbying, maybe it’s a sign that the government is too powerful?

  8. RBLA818 says:

    To end corporate corruption of our governments and our lives!! Got it Bozo?

    Go to the Occupy Wall Street page and read the ABOUT page. Or was that not something that crossed you little mind?

    By the way, when we say, Corporations are not paying taxes, the solution to that is for them TO PAY TAXES. Get it? Maybe this stuff is just too much for your little dense head!

    But you’re just gonna repeat your same like over and over again, no matter how many times the answer is given.

  9. DownLowProductions says:

    This is what facism looks like, sorry im off to puke my guts out..

  10. wacher8 says:

    fucking look’s like a police state to me.

  11. KidOmniMan says:

    Facism is often called National Socialism, that’s where the term Nazi originates and that is an awful big difference from public fire departments which is another form of socialism. But I guess you aren’t concerned with facts.

    And for the record, I’m not offended you don’t like Obama, he is a corporate shill but I am a Democratic Socialist which has nothing to do with laziness and has everything to do with creating an economy where there are good jobs and good public services.

  12. elmajfudd says:

    i watched the RNC rally on TV and all i saw was a bunch of immigrant politicians who parents came to America and worked hard so there children can become successful. Bob McDonald from Virginia a son of a Irish immigrant, Chris Christi from New Jersey a son of a Irish Italian immigrant. Even Romney and Paul Ryan come from a family of immigrants but they all are against Hispanic Immigrants, Puerto Ricans who had citizenry since 1918 are looked at as being immigrants. EUROPEAN HYPOCRITE BASTARDS

  13. enddebtslavery says:

    You keep swallowing the crap israel spoon feeds you through your media retard.

  14. ian2813 says:

    All right, then. Tell me what they are.

  15. thebronzetoo says:

    Leftist clowns…

  16. spanishforjames says:

    The police presence is there to keep the Liberal Obama Voters in check.  It would look very bad for Obama if the protestors destroyed the city just before the election.

  17. johnny718bravo says:

    Heavy armor and artillery to combat…peaceful and unarmed protesters.

    Yeah that makes sense.

  18. marniespeaks says:

    I think it’s mostly air fare and cause you can’t beat the corporations this way anymore.
    you need a new, but old stratagem
    you have to watch your enemy and use his techniques for good
    yelling into a camera or on a blog ain’t gonna work
    you got to tap into the untapped resources that are just waiting to be asked
    first order of business – pick your spot

  19. WakeUpWorld TV says:

    Don’t fight the current system. Create a new and better one that will render the old one obsolete.

    For Example: Open Source Ecology

  20. newart2004 says:

    The “Occupy Wall Street” movement doesn’t offer real change to the system. They simply want to use the system to fix the problems. The only problem with that is that the system itself is broken. We need a true rEVOLution if we are going to save this country.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson. We are due for a good refresh.

  21. Airphel says:

    yeah, cause lines of cops in battle gear with big ass guns seems real approachable to me

  22. oftencold says:

    The Grownups are busy just now. Maybe instead of pretending to be a revolutionary you could read a book or look for gainful employment? If you choose the former, I recommend something from the American Revolutionary period, that you might learn the vast difference between yourself, and true revolutionary patriots

    Carry on.

  23. RBLA818 says:

    It’s All Over. Whatever little Democracy we had is now gone. And we can thank Obama for that.

  24. RBLA818 says:

    Occupy has proposals, you just don’t wanna take the time to hear them.

  25. petrus4 says:

    Yep. That’s why everyone currently living in tent cities is doing so. They just didn’t try hard enough.

    There’s a lot about Occupy’s methods that I have issues with, but your argument here is a joke. I’ve seen a lot of people with your mentality; and the only thing that changes them, is when they’re the one who gets hit with the poison ball. Then suddenly their perspective become very different.

    You need to be foreclosed on yourself. Only then will you understand.


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