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Ron Paul for President 2012 – Police State America

Ron Paul for President 2012 - Police State America

Ron Paul for Prez 2012. Originally made for his 2008 run but every point in it is still relevant since Obama failed to repeal any of the draconian police state laws that Bush introduced in his term. In fact Obama has continued in the same Orwellian direction with the TSA searches, the Big Sister Janet Napolitano Telescreens, the ramping up of the fake homegrown terrorist threat and the internet kill switch. Republicrats, Demopublicans unite! Ron Paul is the only candidate who cares about your civil liberties and who will combat the encroachment of the Military Industrial Complex.

23 Responses to “Ron Paul for President 2012 – Police State America”

  1. kenny meyerowitz says:


  2. 1Nespc says:

    if Ron Paul gets assasinated. RUN To another country and apply for citizenship there. because barrack obama will fuck usa up. big time

  3. Rick Picone says:

    I would stuff the shit out of myself, then barf all over him. Ron Paul 2012, Help save America, from its own corrupt government

  4. uria702 says:

    mate you’re not getting change unless you have another civil war. 90% of your constitution has been over-written. You’re losing this one.

  5. MrEgyptian84 says:

    PPL of USA wake up they used u to fulfill their interests they used u to fight Israel war in the middle east under the name of fighting terrorism of Islam, Muslims existed for more than 1400 years we did not made any aggression to the west even 9/11 was inner operation wake up they r sending ur boys to be killed on our lands for the sake of Bankers & oil taykoons

  6. RonPaulClips says:

    great video!!

  7. rmhanzel says:

    To Obama supporters,

    Voting the lesser of two evils doesn’t change anything, it only sustains the evil. If you voted for Obama because of his stance on the war, remember, he plans to attack Iran. If you liked him because he wanted to crack down on corporate funding, remember the bailouts. If you thought he would take care of our economy, our credit rating has dropped for the first time in 50+ years. If you say he wants less government interference…

    Ask Austin, TX how they like their drones.

  8. rmhanzel says:

    I see an ad saying Win a dinner with OBAMA!!.
    Modern propaganda at it’s finest.
    Ever notice why Obama is frequently shown with his sleeves rolled up without a jacket? It’s to make him seem more blue collar. To make him seem genuine. If you don’t see the psyop you’re fucking B R A I N D E A D…

  9. Magidex says:

    Ron Paul will be assassinated if he gets anywhere near the possibility of being elected. When that happens, grab a gun, because Obama’s coming for you.

  10. laetrille says:

    If Ron Paul gets assasinated I will drop everything and run to washintong DC. I dont care if I have no money I will hitch hike and do whatever to protect liberty. Get ready to march onto washintong. Libety or Death. Id rather die fighing on my feet than live on my knees. The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patiriots and tyrants. Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither. RON PAUL R3VOLUTION!!!

  11. Wad Starian says:


  12. lcafilms1 says:

    watch my Ron Paul ad on youtube type in lcafilms1 its called 2012 vote. its funny.

  13. sarff01 says:

    yeah i want to change america too lets start by getting rid of the FEMA camps

  14. apetrowsky1 says:

    What we need 2 do is get with the so called police & get their side of the story about the terrorist acts against their own ppl & the constitution, & aire it on national tv. Communication. will help them & us in understanding their thoughts & what they”ve been told by their “superiors”. We need ppl that have the equiptment,experience & who are willing. It could be set up as a meeting anywhere they choose or it can be done at random @ any demonstration. What do they expect 2 gain?

  15. scribbie145 says:

    ron paul isnt winning, the elections are rigged, this countrys dieing of cancer, and im about to get drug into a sensless war. fuck this country im moving to italy. hell im 18 and i see the world for what it is. im not gonna get married and have kids in this country becaus they will suffer

  16. metalrocker627 says:

    Well I didn’t see any military personel the only type of people I have seen is just like 2-3 people all dressed up in black. And the thing that’s really sketchy is that why would there be heavy military armour in a heavily civilian populated area, idk if it’s because they just winded down the war in Iraq or if there getting ready for the military/police state. But that seems highly likely, which is why I plan on joining the american militia.

  17. metalrocker627 says:

    I live in the northwestern part of Las Vegas

  18. VctrTheGreat says:

    hahahaha You guys are sweethearts hahahah

  19. hamberg42 says:

    How the fuck did this happen

  20. metalrocker627 says:

    YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS FUCKING SCARY!! There is a bunch of humvees and abrams tanks over at a vacant dodge car dealer ship not to far from where I live!!!

  21. SkysLimitz says:

    that has been proven false, the Mayans have a long and short calender. 2012 was the year they were supposed to switch back to the short one… >.> don’t believe stupid conspiracies.

  22. kevboslice112 says:

    the world might end in a year anyway so don’t get your hopes up

  23. TheQuibert says:

    Truly…. is the answer not obvious??! Just look at how the corporate, controlled media censors Ron Paul: watch?v=8mNaz4KdDxw

    RON PAUL 2012!!!


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